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A poem about my defeat.

Submitted: November 25, 2007

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Submitted: November 25, 2007



I feel the love diminishing

as the putrid scent of hate

rises from within me.

How dare you accuse me

of such a crime?

You scream in my face,

your eyes searing deep

into my head.

As hard as I try to

keep from exploding,

a single tear rools down

my cheek.

I have lost the battle,

you've found my weakness

once again and you

turn your head.

As my breathing becomes

shaky, my face wet,

my eyes red, I watch

you walk away.

I know that there's

laughter of evil roaring

from within you as

you leave, ecstatic

with my loss.

My defeat roars

from inside; uncontrollably,

my body shakes, my

eyes fill, empty, fill,


the pages of my life

grow fuller with each

diminishing amount

of love, my story elongating,

and worsening.

I hate the feelings

that come alive,

the pure

hatred that gets

stronger and stronger

every time.

The satisfaction you

recieve from the

suffering I possess

sickens me.

The fact that there's

no escaping from my

living Hell only makes

it harder to be


I can hear the echo

of your laughter as

you report your winning

to her.

The lump rises once again,

hate surging through

my body as your voices

raise, and lower.

It's a continuous

process of hate and

mourning that I may

not ever escape.

A never-ending cycle

of defeat.

© Copyright 2018 Aly Brown. All rights reserved.

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