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Kristin, a 14 year old runaway, is struggling to find places to stay, until she sees the old run down motel. Will, the owner of the hotel is her best friend, but could he be something more? After being forced to leave the motel and Will, Kristin meets Suzie and Delilah, and her life is turned upside down...

Submitted: July 15, 2007

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Submitted: July 15, 2007



Kristin threw herself down on her bed. She could hear the yelling, the cursing, and the breaking of pricey china. She rolled over and pulled out her notebook and pen and began venting.

 Scream and throw, Yell and cry,The only emotions that you know.Think about family, think about friends,Think about all the people hurt in the end.You say “its fine,” but I see the hurt,“It’ll get better,” but it only gets worse.Scream and throw, yell and cry,The only emotions that you know. 

Tonight was the night. She was finally going to get out of this living nightmare that she’d lived fourteen years through. Kristin threw her notebook on the floor and started packing some clothes. She put her toothbrush, hairbrush, and a bath towel in her backpack. Her stuffed animal from her father was placed very carefully on top of her pillow in her suitcase, and two extra coats were set on top of that. She put on three pairs of socks before tying up the laces of her high-top sneakers. Kristin slipped on her favorite hooded sweatshirt and zipped her coat overtop of it. She tied her hair up out of her face and put on earmuffs and two pairs of gloves. She got her bags and snuck past her knocked out stepfather, Johnnie on the couch before entering the kitchen. Kristin got yet another bag and stuffed it with peanut butter, bread, bottled water, and a few apples. The money, she knew, was hidden behind her Johnnie’s beer in the fridge. She took two hundred dollar bills. That would last her until she could find a job, she thought. After placing the money inside her sock, she carefully opened, then closed the front door and ran until she felt as if her legs couldn’t carry her any longer. She found a bench at a bus stop and sat down. She looked up for a street sign, and in white letters, she saw the name: Cherry Avenue. Kristin had run five blocks from her house. While she sat on the bench of the deserted street, she ran a checklist through her head of what all she needed to bring and what all she had remembered to bring. After going through the list in her head three times, Kristin realized that she had left the most important thing in her life behind, her notebook. That notebook contained every emotion she’d ever felt toward anyone. There was so much detail of how she felt, what she did, and why she hated her family so much. She could not, could not, leave that notebook lying on her floor.. She would sneak through the window if she had to, but she had to get the journal. Kristin gathered up all her bags and started a long walk back home, the whole time practicing being quiet so she’d be prepared to sneak back into the house and out again. When she reached the familiar one-story yellow house, she stopped and stared at it. She was finally free of the fighting, the hardship; did she really want to risk it all for a notebook? Don’t be stupid, Kristin, she thought, you need that notebook. She felt she’d go crazy if she left it there for the world to read. Then, she remembered that the night before, the house had gotten so smoke filled from Johnnie’s poker night, that she had left the window open a bit. Dropping all her bags in the middle of the sidewalk, Kristin bolted around the small house and reached her room in the back. She slid up the window with precise expertise and crawled through the small opening without making a sound. But as soon as her fingertips touched the green notebook lying on the floor, someone started pounding on the door. Kristin slammed the window shut and threw off her earmuffs. She crawled into bed and pulled the covers up to her ears. In her best, I-was-sleeping-and-you-woke-me-up voice, she told the now screaming person to come in. Kristin flinched when her door was violently pushed open and slammed into the wall. She could only make out a few words, but she knew it was her mother, and she wasn’t happy. Finally, the yelling was over and the door slammed shut again. Now all she could hear was an uncontrollable sobbing coming from her mother’s room next door. Kristin waited until all she heard was the mumbling of the television, and slipped out of her bed. This happened all the time. It was usually because Johnnie had left something lying around and blamed it on Kristin. She just listened to her mother’s hard-to-understand lecture, and nodded her head. Kristin remembered why she was in her room again, and nimbly grabbed her best pen and her notebook, slapped on her earmuffs, and reopened the window. Pausing, she turned around and made sure there was nothing in this house she would ever need again. Then, a picture on her dresser caught her eye; it was of Kristin, her mom, and her dad in the hospital on the day Kristin was born. She grabbed it and scanned the room once more before swiftly planting her feet on the frozen ground below her window. Carefully, she closed the window and ran back around to the sidewalk where her belongings awaited her. She decided that Cherry Avenue was her destination for now, and began walking another long, cold walk five blocks away. Scream and throw, yell and cry… Kristin was awakened with the honk of a horn and the screeching of tires. She bolted up from the bench and looked around. She noticed that some of the lights in the apartment building behind her were starting to turn on. Decidedly, she gathered her bags and began walking. Kristin didn’t have any idea where she was going; she was just letting her legs carry her to her next destination. While walking, Kristin noticed the pizza shop where she and her old friends used to hang out after school. Peering through the window she now saw that it was no longer a pizza shop. Someone had apparently bought it and turned it into a bookstore. Kristen didn’t remember when, but one day, her friends had decided that they were too good for her. They wouldn’t talk to her at school, they stopped calling her to go places, and they even ignored her if she waved to them on the streets. Desperate to make new friends, Kristen tried her hardest to be nice to everyone. Finally one girl, Rachel, started talking to her. They would have sleepovers on weekends and laugh themselves to sleep. They would go to the movies and watch to see the action packed ones just to laugh at all the ridiculously similar plot lines. Then one day, Rachel called Kristin and asked her to come over. Kristin immediately packed her bags and ran to Rachel’s house, assuming she was coming over for nothing more than an innocent sleepover. Once she got there though, Rachel invited Kristin into her bedroom, and instantly the sickening smell of cigarette smoke filled Kristin’s lungs. She held in her cough so it would seem like it didn’t bother her; she didn’t want her best friend to think she was scared or grossed out. Sitting on Rachel’s bed, holding a can of beer, was Kristin’s crush Jake. He was the roughest guy in school; he did drugs, got drunk, and slept around with every girl that was willing. Rachel’s boyfriend, and Jake’s best friend, Carl was sitting on Rachel’s chair on the other side of the room. Carl held out a cigarette and Rachel stuck it in her mouth as she sat down on his lap. Jake offered Kristin a can of beer, and to impress her new “friends,” she popped open the top and took a big gulp. The taste was horrible, Kristin thought. Jake pulled her down on the bed beside him and started kissing her neck. Kristin was thrilled, but also scared. Jake finally accepted her, but the most she had ever done with a boy was hold hands. His hands rested lightly on her hips as his kisses worked their way up to her lips. Now, Kristin was tensing up. Jake must have felt it because he pulled away and stared her straight in the eyes. He told her not to be afraid, that he wouldn’t hurt her. He leaned in to kiss her again, and she didn’t resist. After a few minutes, his hands started to work their way down her body. Instead of resting on her hips, his hands were sliding down to her belt. Kristin was so overwhelmed that she was with Jake, that she didn’t even notice him unzipping her pants. Then his cold hands touched her stomach. She jumped back and he laughed. He made fun of her for being afraid, trying to convince her that everyone did it, and she began to cry. Rachel and Carl teased her as she threw the beer can in Jake’s face and ran out of the house… “Hello, read the sign, ‘Don’t touch the windows!’” An old man with big glasses was yelling at Kristin. She shook her head and ran off, away from the old pizza shop, away from horrible memories. The next time she looked up, she was standing in front of her school. Rachel, Carl, and Jake would be at the park in town, skipping school to smoke marijuana with some of the local drug dealers. Her elementary friends would be sitting in honors classes, dissecting cats, or gossiping about new perfume or clothing items. Kristin stood outside of the school for a long time wishing she could go inside and get her old life back, her old friends. Shaking that ridiculous thought from her mind, she walked in the direction she came from, back toward downtown. She was looking for a bus stop when she heard a whistle come from behind her. She didn’t dare turn around; her mother had warned her about the pigs on the street that tried to seduce you, to become your friend, and then take advantage of you. That was back before her stepfather, before the drinking and the drugs, when her mother cared about Kristin. The two were inseparable back then. Kristin’s mom took her shopping every weekend, and on Thursday they went out to eat, just the two of them. The person was getting closer, Kristin could feel it. She started running; she knew that if she got into a more populated place, she could scream and someone would notice. Finally after what felt like days of running, she was downtown. People bustled about, hurrying to get to work or the new sales at Ringo’s, the most popular store in town. Cherry Avenue was only a few blocks away, and as Kristin remembered, there was a bus station on the corner where she had slept the night before. When she got there, five other people were waiting for the bus also. She saw a woman who looked fairly inviting and asked her what time the next bus came. The woman glanced over at Kristin, pursed her lips and stuck her nose in the air as she looked away. Rolling her eyes, Kristin turned to the business man to her left and asked him the same question. He told her that the bus would be pulling up any time now. Just as the business man had said, the big blue bus turned the corner less than a minute later. The other people waiting in line pushed Kristin out of the way to be first on the bus, and by the time Kristin got on, all the seats were taken. She was forced to stand until the snooty woman from the bus stop, sitting in the seat next to where Kristin was standing, exited. Kristin sat on the stuffy bus, wishing she could pull out her pen and notebook to write, but knowing that it was far too bumpy. Finally, sometime after sunset, and after everyone else was off the bus, the driver stopped and told Kristin that this was the end of his route. She politely thanked the plump man, gathered her bags, and made her way to the front of the bus. She stopped when he asked her curiously if she had a place to stay. Disgusted, she told him that she was going to visit her grandmother and that her family didn’t have enough money to get her any other way of transportation there. He told her to be careful and shut the bus door behind him as she started walking down the street. It was colder here, and Kristin still didn’t know where she was. Nothing looked in any way familiar, and it was getting later and later. Determined to find somewhere to sleep, she kept walking. Finally she saw a motel sign, although the place didn’t look very promising. One of the words in the sign was burnt out, so instead of saying motel, the florescent lights read, otel. Some of the windows appeared to be broken and boarded up with flimsy pieces of cardboard, and the brick foundation was crumbling. This was the only place Kristin could find where she could semi-safely stay the night, so she walked up the steps and opened the door. There was an African American man sitting at the front desk holding a beer and yelling into the telephone. When he noticed Kristin approaching the desk, he slammed down his beer and put up his index finger. Kristin looked around and noticed the stairs leading to the rooms and when she looked down, she saw a cockroach scurry across the splintery wood floor and disappear under the desk. Finally, the man cursed at the phone and threw it across the room, barely missing Kristin’s head. She flinched, and he laughed at her. He informed her of his name, Will, and told her that the cost for the night was twenty dollars. Leaning down, Kristin pulled two crumpled tens out of her shoe and handed them to Will. In turn, he handed her a room key and said that her room was first on the left at the top of the stairs. After gathering up her bags from the dirty floor, Kristin dragged herself up the stairs and set down her bags to unlock the door. She pulled the key out of her pocket and heard the lock scrape open. Hesitating, not knowing what to expect of the room, she turned the rusty doorknob, and walked in. Her hands searched the wall for a light switch, and finally the light turned on. The room was small; there was a bed in front of her, so close that if she would’ve taken one more step forward, she would’ve tumbled on top of it. There was a nightstand on the far side of the bed and an old rocking chair in front of the window. The comforter was old, the white sheets fading yellow. The whole room smelled musty, and the light in the ceiling was dim. It was better than the streets, Kristin thought. She piled her bags neatly in a corner and relocked the door. After pulling out her pen and notebook, she sat on the bed and began writing.

 All alone, you’d think it’s bad,But silence is good.No more fighting, No more tears,No more wishing to be out of here.All alone, it’s not so easy,But I’ll make it.No more fear,No more hurt,No more family to make it worse. 

Kristin closed her notebook and placed it on the nightstand beside her. She crawled out of bed and searched her bags for pajamas. The room was cold and there was a hole in the window, so she kept her three pairs of socks on. Then, after she got all her bathroom necessities together, she realized that there was no bathroom in her room. She slipped on her shoes and set her belongings on the bed. Making sure she had the room key, she locked the door and walked down the stairs to the lobby. Will was furiously writing something at his desk when she approached the desk. She asked him where the bathroom was and he told her that it was at the end of the hall. He walked up the stairs with her and opened the bathroom door to show her. She thanked him and he asked for her name as she walked back toward her room. She told him, and he laughed, and said his ex-girlfriend was named Kristin. She smiled and Will told her goodnight, and then walked back down the hall whistling. After Kristin was finished getting ready for bed, she sat down on the rocking chair, and realized that she was hungry. She hadn’t eaten anything all day. Searching through her bags once again, Kristin found the apple she had packed and sat back down on the rocking chair. Munching thoughtfully on the apple, Kristin realized that she still didn’t know where she was. After throwing the apple core in the waste can beside the door, she locked her door once again and walked back down the stairs. Will was looking out the window, singing. Kristin stood listening to him and realized that he had a beautiful voice. She asked him why he didn’t look for a career where he could use his talent and Will told her that after being rejected so many times, he had just given up. Will then asked Kristin what her secret hidden talent was. She told him that she loved to write. He asked if he could see something she wrote, but she told him that most of it was personal, and she’d rather not. Will walked over to his desk and sat on top of some miscellaneous papers. Remembering why she’d come downstairs, Kristin asked him what town they were in. He replied with a question: Was she a runaway? She didn’t know why, but Kristin trusted this Will character and so she told him the truth. He smiled and promised that he wouldn’t tell anyone. Kristin walked over to the desk and pushed some of the papers aside, and sat beside Will on the desk. She asked again what town she was in and he told her that it was called Graysville. Kristin had never even heard of Graysville and she asked what the closest big city was. Will claimed he didn’t know; he was born and raised in Graysville, and he’d never had the incentive to go out of town. He told her that he had heard some people talking about Reid Town a lot, and he said that that was probably the biggest town around. Surprisingly, Kristin knew where Reid Town was; it lay about three hundred miles from Claresville, her hometown. The two talked about their own childhoods in their very similar towns. Will had a neighbor in his apartment building that was a drug dealer, and his friends were always trying to convince Will to come over and smoke a joint. After an elaborate discussion over whose life had been worse up to that point, in which no body won, Kristin decided that she was ready for bed. She thanked Will for the upbeat conversation and told him goodnight. He offered to walk her to her room, and she shrugged and said she didn’t care. When they got to her door, she unlocked it, and Will touched her arm. Kristin looked into his deep brown eyes and walked back out of her room. For a moment, she felt as if she was going to laugh, but then Will leaned in and kissed her lightly on the cheek. He told her goodnight and walked back down to the lobby, whistling louder than last time. Grinning, Kristin locked her door, found Lola her stuffed pig, switched off the light, and curled up under the covers… “You don’t even know! Quit calling here woman! I don’t want to see your ugly face, I don’t want to waste my time and talk to you, and I don’t want to hear your nasty voice!” Will was yelling at the phone again when Kristin woke up. She lay there listening to his phone conversation until the yelling died down and all she could hear was the beauty of Will’s singing. Being here was almost like being at home with all the yelling Will did, but she felt like she belonged here, Kristin thought as she pulled off her pajama shirt. She was searching for a top to wear when a knock came at her door. “Kristin you up?” It was Will. She told him she’d be out in a minute and he asked her if she wanted to go to breakfast with him. She accepted and he told her that he’d be waiting downstairs whenever she was ready. After taking a shower, and getting on her nicest outfit, (a Wal-Mart tee and cut-off jean shorts) Kristin walked downstairs and found Will at his desk, eyes closed, and singing. The floorboard creaked, and Will opened his eyes and looked at her. Holy beautiful, he thought. He asked her if she was ready and she shook her head. Will hurried to the door and held it open for Kristin. They walked to the diner down the block and they both ordered pancakes and bacon with hot cocoa to drink. The two of them laughed and talked like they’d known each other for ages. Will told Kristin that she was the only one staying in the run down motel at the time, and when people did come, they only stayed for one night. He told her that she was also the only person he had gotten along with in a while. Will’s girlfriend had dumped him a month ago after cheating on him with her uncle, and now she wanted him back. Will said that she’s the one that has been calling the motel every day. He said that when he talks to her, he calls her incest and she curses at him; most of the time, that’s what starts the yelling. Kristin laughed the whole breakfast; she didn’t remember being this happy in a long time. When they got back to the motel, Kristin thanked him, and left Will in the lobby. She walked up to her room, sat on her bed, and thought for a long time. This place wasn’t that bad, minus the cockroaches. She was even getting used to the musty smell of her room. Kristin got up and walked a whole two steps across the floor to the corner where her luggage lay. Unpacking her backpack first, she placed her toothbrush, hairbrush, and towel in a pile on her bed. She also got out the picture of her parents and herself when she was young. The picture went in a pile of its own. Then she opened her suitcase; the two coats came out first. She remembered seeing a coat rack in the hallway and she walked out to hang her coats up. After she was done unpacking her belongings and finding the perfect place for everything, she stood back against the wall and smiled at her new room. She was very pleased and she just stood, staring. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. Kristin jumped, startled, and answered the door. It was obviously Will, and she asked him if she liked the redecorating she’d done. He looked curiously at Lola, who lay on the middle of the bed, at the picture on the nightstand, and at her limp, empty suitcases lying in the corner. He looked at her, stunned. He asked her if she was staying, and she shook her head. He embraced her and spun around in a circle. Kristin was suddenly happy; everything in her life was going great. She had a new beginning, a clean slate. Kristin and Will started doing everything together, from eating meals, to doing laundry. They’d stay up late and discuss their futures. Both wanted to get out of Graysville, and find somewhere exciting, with more opportunities. Kristin wanted to be a writer, publish books, and maybe become famous. She convinced Will to follow his dreams and become a musical artist. They even thought maybe they could be a team, with Kristin writing, and Will singing. Days wore on, and they grew closer and closer. The trust they had was amazing and they talked about everything. Kristin had been staying in the motel with Will for three months now, and they had built a strong relationship. They knew all there was to know about one another. Will could tell Kristin’s life story without any hesitation, and Kristin knew everything about each one of his previous relationships. He told her that he wanted a baby girl when he got settled down, and her name would be Lilly Mae. The man at the grocery store didn’t know them as Kristin and Will; he knew them only as ‘The Couple.’ They were always busy, but no matter what, they did what they had to do together. Sometimes they would fall asleep together on the balcony of room 5, after looking at the stars for hours. They were so close even, that they began sleeping together. Then one day, when Kristin and Will were at the diner eating their normal breakfast, the newspaper caught Kristin’s eye. The front page article was about runaways. She snatched it off the counter and began reading it. There was a list of names and supposedly there were photos on page four b. Kristin scanned the list of names, but didn’t see hers, so she sighed in relief and in curiosity, turned to page four b. The third picture made her gasp; it was hanging in her living room at her home in Claresville. She was looking at a picture of herself. The newspaper company must’ve forgot to put her name on the cover, but that picture was like looking in a mirror. Kristin started crying, she knew that there would be people searching for her unmistakable, unique face. She didn’t want to be taken away from her new life, from Will. When Will saw the picture, he looked instantly frightened. He paid the bill, and told Kristin that they needed to go back to the motel. The couple walked home, Will hugging her, singing softly, until they reached the motel. They went inside and talked for hours. Finally, Kristin agreed with Will’s proposal; Kristin needed to stay in the motel as much as possible. No one would look there, especially for teenage girls. Will did all the shopping for the next month, alone. The people in the grocery store gave him sad looks every time he’d go in without Kristin by his side. Kristin stayed in her room, her notebook filled with writings, journal entries, poems, short stories. There was one page left and she had used all her money. Since she couldn’t go outside of the motel, she couldn’t get a job to earn money to buy a new notebook. So, for another month, Kristin sat in the motel room all day with nothing to do. Sometimes she’d stare out the window and think about her past. Other times, she’d find the almost empty bottles of cleaner in the bathroom cupboard and clean the motel, one room at a time. Every once in a while, someone would stay overnight, and in the mornings she’d offer to help them pack their belongings. When Will got home, the two of them still have their long talks late into the night, staring into each others eyes, until one got too tired to stay up. Will always brought Kristin something home. Sometimes it was a flower from the park, sometimes it was a hair pin, once he even bought her a necklace. Kristin wore the beautiful necklace all the time, and the only time she took it off was when she bathed. Then suddenly, Will started getting home later and later. He’d always say he was too tired to talk, and he’d kiss her and go straight to bed. A few weeks later, he stopped bringing gifts home for Kristin. She didn’t know what was going on, but she had an idea. He’s probably getting bored with me, she thought. Before he went to bed that night, Kristin asked him if he wanted to go to breakfast in the morning, but he refused, saying that it was too risky for her to be outside. Disregarding Will’s refusal, the next day, she woke up before him and went down to the lobby. She was dressed nicely, and her hair was put up with her silver butterfly clip from Will. Kristin’s plan was to wake him up, and go to breakfast with him, even if she had to drag him the whole way there. Kristin knocked on his door, and there was no answer, so, like many times before, she let herself in. But when she opened the door, she smelled an unfamiliar perfume, a woman’s perfume. Sure enough, there on the bed, curled up next to Will, Kristin recognized his ex-girlfriend Chantel. Kristin held back her tears, quietly closed the door to Will’s room, and ran up the stairs to her room. She immediately started packing her things. All of her clothes were tossed carelessly into her suitcase along with Lola the pig and her two coats. It was warmer out so her gloves, earmuffs, and winter coat all went into the suitcase too. She stuffed her towel, toothbrush, and hairbrush into her backpack along with her notebook and pen. All the presents Kristin had received from Will were sitting in the drawer in her nightstand; she gathered them up, and went downstairs. Once she made sure no one was awake yet, Kristin placed each gift, one by one, perfectly organized on Will’s desk. When she was done, she took out a piece of paper and a pen from his desk drawer, and wrote him a note:

 Will,I don’t know why I ever thought I could be truly loved. Your gifts mean nothing to me, so you can have them back. Maybe you can be the true jerk you are and re-gift them to Chantel. If not, buy her something nice with the money you can pawn on these cheap treasures. I’m taking a few dollars from your desk so I can get away from here. Thanks for everything, and I truly hope you’re happier without me. Everyone else is. Follow your dreams, keep on singing,Kristin 

And with that done, Kristin went back upstairs and put on her sweatshirt, sneakers, and quickly tied her hair in a messy braid. After checking the bathroom and her whole motel room twice for any belongings she may have forgotten, she gathered her bags and walked out of the building with no intentions of ever coming back. For six months, she had lived a joke life; locked up in a run-down motel with some guy she barely knew telling her he loved her. Crying, Kristin walked up and down random streets looking for a bus stop so she could leave Graysville. She had finally thought that she had found what she was looking for, freedom, love, acceptance, and then it was all torn away from her. She still couldn’t believe that Will had taken Chantel back, after all the phone call fights, the cheating, and Kristin. It angered her to think about him lying to her, all the nights home late, he had spent with Chantel. Kristin turned a corner and saw a green bus stop sign at the end of the block. It didn’t look like anyone was waiting at it and she didn’t know the bus schedule or what direction the buses drove. She definitely didn’t want to go back in the direction of Claresville, but if that’s where she had to go in order to get away from Will, she’d do it. Once she got out of Graysville, she could hop onto another bus that took her in another direction… Will awoke at nine o’ clock and rolled over to Chantel. She opened her eyes and he kissed her. The two of them walked out into the lobby, and she noticed the cluttered desk first. When Will saw all of the flowers and trinkets he had bought Kristin laying on the desk, he immediately ran over to the desk and found the note she had left him. Once he read it, he ran up to her room, not believing that she would actually leave him. Meanwhile, Chantel read the note, and laughed. She found a ring Will had bought Kristin for Valentines Day and put it on. When he came back downstairs she made fun of it. Will ran out of the motel, ignoring Chantel. All he cared about now was stopping Kristin. He went to the diner, but they said they hadn’t seen her; it was the same answer with every place he went, until lunch time. He suddenly remembered that she had gotten to town on a bus, so he ran to the bus stop, but as soon as he turned onto the block, the bus started pulling away… It came at noon, after Kristin had been sitting on the bench waiting for three hours. The driver told her that he went as far as Mariah and then turned around and came back through. Kristin had never heard of Mariah, but she knew it wasn’t near Graysville or Claresville, so she didn’t care. Kristin sat on the bus for about half an hour, and her stomach started to growl. Since she hadn’t known what time the bus came, she didn’t want to go to the store for food and miss it. The young woman in the seat across from Kristin sat holding her sleeping baby, and when she heard Kristin’s stomach, she reached into her purse. Pulling out a granola bar, the woman apologized for not having anything more filling to eat, and tossed the food to Kristin. Thanking the woman, Kristin opened the package and slowly ate half of the chocolaty energy bar. The other half, Kristin placed in her backpack to save for later. The woman started to talk with Kristin, first asking for her name, then her age. Kristin asked the same questions and got detailed answers. Suzie was her name, she was nineteen. Her baby was four months and her name was Delilah. They were on their way to Goldburg to find a place to live; Suzie had heard that it was a peaceful small town, with polite, welcoming people. Kristin asked Suzie why she was moving, and Suzie said it was because her ex was trying to steal Delilah from her. Suzie in return asked where Kristin was going, and why she was alone. Not knowing to tell Suzie the truth or not, Kristin made her promise to keep it a secret. Then, she told Suzie the story of running away to the old motel in Graysville, then the story of falling in love with Will, and finally, the story of betrayal that lead her back on a bus, running away from her problems once again. Suzie felt bad for Kristin, this hurt, lost, fifteen year old girl. She had nowhere to go, and no one to talk to. Finally about five minutes before Suzie had to get off the bus at Goldburg, she invited Kristin to come with her. She promised to help her find a job, and as long as she helped pay rent, Kristin could stay in the apartment with Suzie and Delilah. Kristin accepted, overjoyed that Suzie had offered; she finally had a girl friend, her first, since Rachel. When the bus stopped, and the driver announced that they had arrived at the Goldburg bus stop, the two girls gathered up their small amount of belongings and stepped onto the crumbling sidewalk. They walked down the street in search of an apartment building, and finally, after two blocks of Delilah crying, they found it. Once inside, Suzie handed Delilah to Kristin and pulled out her wallet. The man said that it would cost them three hundred dollars a month to stay and that included heat and water. They’d have to pay electric with their own pocket change, and there was no furniture in the small apartment. Suzie looked sad, she was going to have to find care for Delilah, and get herself, and now Kristin a job. As they walked up the two flights of stairs to their one bedroom apartment, Delilah, still in Kristin’s arms, began to giggle and smile. “She likes you,” Suzie laughed. Then, all of a sudden, Kristin longed to have a child of her own. She didn’t know why, and she didn’t care, she just wanted a baby. Once the three of them got their belongings set up in their apartment, Kristin told Suzie that she was going to go look for a job. Suzie was stunned; she didn’t expect this young girl to be so eager to help out, and she watched her leave. Kristin walked down the street to the clothing store. She stood outside of the window and pulled the money from her shoe that she had stolen from Will. With a total of twenty dollars, this store would be far too expensive, so Kristin kept on walking. Another block down the street, Kristin spotted a thrift store and entered. She walked to the jeans isle and found the tightest hip-huggers she could find. Then she found the shirts and picked a blue glittery ‘shirt’ with strings hanging from everywhere on it. She walked over to the shoes and found a pair of sexy stiletto heels, and finally went to the underwear section. She looked through the box of panties and found a lacy black thong. After asking for the dressing rooms from the attendant, Kristin undressed and slipped on the thong. Then, she squeezed herself into the size 1 jeans that were tight, but just long enough for her athletic legs. Then, after about five minutes of fighting with the skimpy top she had chosen, she finally got it tied perfectly. Her entire back and stomach were exposed and her breasts were barely covered. This “shirt” was more like a couple pieces of fabric sewn together to cover the bare essentials, and would only fit correctly on someone with a smaller bust. Kristin turned around in the mirror and looked at her bottom. She pulled up the thong and made it stick out of her pants. She strapped on the three inch stiletto heels and stood up wobbling. She’d need some practice, but these heels looked stunning and so she decided she would buy them. The whole outfit ended up only costing her seven dollars and change, and the woman at the register gave Kristin disgusted looks as she folded the revealing outfit and placed it in a bag. Now, with about twelve dollars left, Kristin walked to the grocery store and looked for a cosmetics isle. Once she found it she picked up a black eyeliner pencil, glittery eye shadow, black mascara and waterproof red lipstick, and walked up to the counter. With a total of four dollars, Kristin decided to go back to the apartment. Suzie and Delilah were in their bedroom asleep when Kristin walked in the door. It was only seven o’ clock at night, but Suzie had said that the two of them had been on the bus since five that morning. Kristin went to the bathroom and washed her hair with only water. While she was waiting for her hair to dry, she opened her new makeup and started with her eye shadow. Then, after applying mascara, Kristin caked on black eyeliner and brushed her teeth. She glided on her red lipstick until it was as dark as she could make it, and then brushed her long brown hair until it was shiny and smooth. After getting dressed, Kristin made sure her thong was noticeable, her top was on correctly, and her heels were strapped tight. I look like a real hooker, she thought, and smiled. This was how she was going to get her baby, and she didn’t care what the consequences were. She practiced walking in her heels for about ten minutes and finally got the hang of it. She quietly closed the door to the apartment before walking down the stairs and into the lobby. Carl, the fat guy that owned the buildings whistled and stood up when she entered the room. She turned, smiled, and walked over to him. He grinned widely and sat down as she made her way slowly to where he was sitting. She stopped about a foot away from him, and he waited. She kicked him between the legs with her stiletto and as he was moaning, she called him a pervert. Then she said that she was way too young for him, and that even if she wasn’t, he was too ugly anyway. She walked out the door smiling and stopped at the bottom of the steps. She stood on the sidewalk trying to decide which way to go. Then, she saw a girl in a miniskirt and a tube top walk out of the house across the street. She ran over to her and asked her for her name. The girl looked her up and down and said that it was Renee. In turn, Kristin told Renee her name and asked where she was going. Renee laughed and said she was probably going the same place Kristin was. While they were walking, Renee asked how long Kristin had been a scarlet woman. Kristin told her that it was her first night out and Renee didn’t believe her. Kristin insisted that it was, and Renee offered to help her find a guy. She told Kristin that she never accepted less than eighty dollars a night and she always chose where they would go. When the two got to the street corner, there were a few girls already there. Renee introduced Kristin to them; Chasity, Passion, Lysandra, and Jillian. Renee was fifteen, Chasity was seventeen, Passion was twenty, Lysandra was sixteen, and Jillian was twenty-eight. Lysandra asked Kristin why she decided to be a chippie, because she seemed way too innocent. Kristin told them that it was mostly for the money to help pay rent, but that she really wanted a baby. Jillian laughed, “Honey, you don’t have a clue. A baby is way more work than you need at your age. Use protection, and don’t get pregnant.” Passion glared at Jillian and walked over to Kristin. She leaned over to Kristin’s ear and told her that Jillian was crazy, that she got pregnant and got an abortion just so she could still be a hooker. They all stood on the corner and talked about makeup, clothes, and men. Passion was expecting a twenty-one year old drummer from a local band to stop and pick her up, and Jillian was waiting for any chance she could get. Renee always chose her men wisely, she was waiting for someone who’d pay good and let her pick the location. Chasity and Lysandra rarely stayed overnight with a guy, the girls mostly just went places to hang all over the guys for a little pocket change. Renee kept to her promise when a black car pulled up and two Mexican men hopped out of the car. One looked Kristin over and walked to her, taking her hand. Renee jumped between them and asked how much he paid. He said no less than one hundred, depending on the girl, and she smiled. The other man walked over to Lysandra and asked her to go back to some hotel with him. When Lysandra refused, Renee told him she was willing, as long as she could pick the place. Kristin and Renee climbed into the back of the black car and talked with the men, Darien was with Kristin, and Marco was with Renee. Renee had chosen a hotel about an hour away in Porta. They checked in to different rooms and Darien led Kristin upstairs. He was very tall and very cute, Kristin thought. She had expected the men to be jerks, and ugly, but Darien was neither. He opened the door to the room and held it for her as she turned on the light and walked in. He found some candles and lit them randomly around the room while she freshened up in the bathroom. Kristin stood in front of the mirror, wondering what she was getting herself into. Then, Darien knocked on the door making her jump in surprise. He asked her if she was ready yet, and she said she’d be out in a minute. She loosened the ties on her top, slipped off her heels, and let her hair fall out of its clip. Kristin opened the door and saw Darien lying on the bed. Her heart skipped a beat; he looked so welcoming. She crawled up to him and met his lips with her own… “Kristin, wake up! Kristin!” Renee was outside of the hotel room door. Light was pouring in through the blinds, and Darien had his hands wrapped around her. Kristin sat up and ran to answer the door. Renee told her to get her things so that they could catch the bus. After pulling on her stilettos, and searching the covers for her top for five minutes, Kristin ran down the hall to the elevator where Renee was waiting. Once they caught the bus, Kristin gasped. She looked at Renee and said that Darien hadn’t paid her. Renee laughed, and then she asked her if she had checked her panties. Kristin gave Renee a funny look and stuck her hand into the front of her thong. Sure enough, there was her money; two one hundred dollar bills. Renee saw the money and glared at Kristin. Renee complained that she had only made one-fifty, and Kristin giggled. The two of them bragged about their night the whole bus ride home, and Kristin finally remembered something: Suzie. She hadn’t told her where she was going and Suzie was probably worried. Then, a laughing, happy Delilah popped into her head. A baby; she turned to Renee and asked her if she could be pregnant. Renee told her to wait a few weeks, to see if she felt any different. Then if she did, she should take a pregnancy test. Renee told Kristin not to get her hopes up because Renee barely used protection and she hadn’t gotten pregnant in two years. Kristin, disappointed, stared out the window imagining what it would be like to have her own Delilah… “Where the hell have you been? I was going out of my mind! Don’t you ever, EVER do that to me again!” Delilah was crying in the other room, but Suzie seemed oblivious. She looked Kristin up and down and her eyes grew wider still at the clothes Kristin was sporting. She gave her a huge lecture on how she was going to be raped and then hugged her. Kristin was so confused. She didn’t know whether she should apologize for worrying Suzie or apologize for her clothes. Suzie obviously hadn’t put two and two together and figured out what Kristin had been doing the night before, so she just apologized for any trouble she had caused. Suzie smiled and told Kristin that she was sorry for yelling so much. Kristin changed her clothes and happily skipped back into the kitchen to tell Suzie the lie that she had gotten a job at the diner waitressing. Suzie was overjoyed and jumped up and down with Kristin, celebrating. The two had lunch: peanut butter energy bars, and Suzie breastfed Delilah. She decided that she was going to let Kristin watch the baby for a while as she searched for a job. As soon as Suzie shut the door, Kristin picked up Delilah and began telling her about the night she’d had. Since Delilah was too little to understand, it didn’t matter what Kristin told the baby, so she explained everything. From the clothing shopping to lying to Suzie, Delilah had a full color experience of Kristin’s night. The baby stared into Kristin’s eyes cooing and pulling her hair. Kristin and Delilah played with the few toys Suzie owned for her child and then Kristin put Delilah down for a nap. At around four o’clock, Suzie arrived at the apartment looking depressed. Job hunting had gone terrible; she’d gone to eight different places and none of them were offering jobs. Kristin offered to watch Delilah while Suzie rested, but Suzie refused. She said that she just needed time with her baby to cheer her up. It was starting to get dark, and Kristin had planned to meet Renee at her house across the street. Kristin lied to Suzie: she needed to get to work, the diner was expecting her at five and she’d be working until nine o’clock in the morning. Suzie gave her a hug and went to the kitchen to begin making dinner for herself. Kristin went to her bags in the corner of what would be the living room. She pulled out her outfit and put it into her backpack, emptying all the other contents. She figured that she could leave her normal clothes and her backpack at Renee’s for the night. Before heading for the door, Kristin peeked into Suzie and Delilah’s room and whispered a goodnight to the sleeping infant... “Child, are you gonna wear that same outfit every night?” Renee’s apartment smelled horrible, it was a mixture of stale beer and scented cigars. Apparently Renee’s mother Charla was a raging alcoholic with mood swings, and her father, Ralph, was a bipolar, abusive smoker. That explains the dark scars on the right side of Renee’s face, Kristin thought. With that thought, she shook her head and asked Renee when they were going to leave. Renee said that they’d have to sneak down the fire escape tonight; she hadn’t told her parents she was going out, and they wouldn’t let her since it was Lynne’s birthday. Lynne was Renee’s three year old sister. She was the product of her mother’s excessive cheating, and Ralph hated the child. Every chance he got, he’d make her clean something and if she even dared to say a word to him, he’d slap her across the face. Finally, Renee was done fooling around with her eyeliner, “trying something new,” she called it; the two girls stared at themselves in Renee’s mirror. They gave each other the okay, and swiftly planted themselves outside the one window in Renee’s room. Once down the fire escape, Kristin and Renee began the walk to the corner. It wasn’t a long walk, but Kristin still wasn’t completely used to the stilettos, so it seemed like infinity. When they finally got to the burned out stop light at the corner of Maple Avenue and Charlotte Street, the same girls from the night before were there, along with a very young girl that Kristin had never seen before. The girl looked to be about thirteen; she was wearing a miniskirt that exposed her bottom and a transparent tube top with a lacy black bra underneath. She had blonde hair, and was very skinny for her height. Her eyeliner was so dark that Kristin couldn’t even see what color her eyes were, and her lipstick was deep red. The girl stood away from the other girls and smoked her cigarette. Kristin whispered, and asked Renee what the girls name was. Renee looked over at her and told Kristin that Eternity (the girls’ name) was anti-social and not someone to get involved with. Apparently, Eternity smoked, did drugs, and was always looking to start fights. Renee pulled Kristin over to the other girls while Kristin turned her head to look at Eternity. Kristin thought the girl looked interesting, like she had many secrets… “So, you smoke?” Eternity offered Kristin a drag from her cigarette and Kristin refused. The two were sitting on the concrete under the streetlight; the other girls had all gotten picked up or walked home. Eternity sat with her legs gaping open and Kristin could tell that this was a girl who didn’t care what anyone else thought. Kristin asked Eternity why she didn’t talk to the other girls and she said it was because they were all in the ‘business’ for the wrong reason. Eternity claimed that she stood on the corner because she had to, to get the money, not because she wanted to. The two sat and talked until the sun came up. Kristin told Eternity about Delilah and Suzie, and how she wanted a baby of her own. Finally, when the street light turned off and people started wandering the streets, the two got up and began walking home. When the girls got to Kristin’s apartment building, Eternity gave Kristin directions to a meeting place. They were going to pair up tonight; Eternity said that guys usually paid more for two girls instead of one, and they both needed the money. The two said goodbye and Kristin opened the big black door to the smelly apartment lobby. Carl was sitting in his chair, mouth agape, snoring like a train engine. Kristin flicked him on the nose and began climbing the stairs to see Suzie and Delilah. Quietly, Kristin opened the door with her key and grabbed her things from the living room corner. Once in the bathroom, Kristin stared in the mirror. Two nights with little sleep, her eyes had dark half-circles under them. I look completely horrible, she thought to herself. Just as she began untying her shirt, Kristin had an overwhelming heat come over her. She threw open the toilet lid just in time for the vomit to land in the commode instead of in a mess on the floor. Feeling miserable, Kristin raised her head and wondered what had caused the sudden sickness. She decided that it was probably because she hadn’t eaten anything since lunch the day before, so after changing and washing her face, Kristin grabbed a banana from the kitchen. “Hey honey.” Suzie was mixing a can of baby food for Delilah, who was cooing and rolling on the floor in the living room. Suzie told Kristin that she was feeling lucky today. She asked Kristin if she’d watch Delilah while she went out for a job again. So, after feeding the baby, Suzie slipped on her clogs and left. Delilah looked up at Kristin and held out her chubby hands. Kristin picked her up and bounced the baby on her hip. The two played pat-a-cake for a while, but Kristin was bored and Delilah was getting restless. Kristin packed Delilah’s diaper bag and got both of their shoes. Scooping up Delilah, Kristin walked out the door and down the stairs. Carl looked at Kristin. “That’s your baby? Garsh, I thought it was the older ones kid.” Ignoring the fat, smelly man, Kristin opened the door to the street with her back and let it slam shut behind her. The wind blew and it took Delilah’s breath away. Kristin carried the child down the street to the park and put Delilah in a baby swing. Delilah looked into Kristin’s eyes and giggled as Kristin pushed the swing gently back and forth. She took Delilah on the sliding board and then on the toy horse with a spring on the bottom. Down the block, Kristin could see a basketball court where some young guys were playing street ball with their shirts off. Kristin smiled and thought of watching them like Rachel and she used to. On their walk home, Kristin passed a candy store and Delilah stared at all the colors inside. Kristin promised Delilah that whenever she was old enough, she’d take Delilah there once a week to pick out a piece of candy. When the girls entered the apartment, Suzie was in the kitchen making dinner for the three of them. Tonight’s special was Oodles of Noodles; it was something that tasted good, was cheap, and Delilah could eat along with them. When the noodles were done cooking, and the aroma of fake chicken broth had filled the apartment, Suzie placed Delilah on a blanket in the living room. Kristin dished each of them out a bowl of soup, and carefully carried the dinner into the living room, placing each bowl on the floor. The three young girls sat in their 8x8 living room, on their rough, stained carpet, and ate their fifty-cent dinner of Oodles of Noodles… “Honey, it’ll be okay. Shhh. Gosh, we really need to figure out what’s going on with you.” Kristin was staring at her reflection in the toilet bowl water. This was the fourth day that she’d woken up and had to run into the bathroom to vomit. Kristin was sobbing; her tears splashing in the toilet water, with Suzie knelt down beside her, rubbing her back, calming her down. Kristin hadn’t gone out for the past few nights from fear of puking with her client, so they were running low on food. Suzie had found a job cleaning an old woman’s house, but she didn’t get paid very much. They had been eating peanut butter sandwiches at every meal for the past three days. Kristin stood up and grabbed her toothbrush off the bathroom counter. Suzie heard Delilah stirring, so she exited to their bedroom while Kristin brushed her teeth. Staring at herself in the dirty mirror, Kristin was disgusted. She had started to gain weight, though she hadn’t been eating much, and she was extremely pale. Suzie left ten minutes later and Delilah crawled around the apartment, chewing on her pacifier. Kristin sat on her blanket in the living room and hit her head against the wall a few times. She would’ve sat and done that all day, but the neighbor slammed his fist against the wall and swore at her. After digging out her pen and notebook, Kristin crossed her legs and began to write.

 Wanting and longingFor someone to love,Wishing and praying forA gift from above.Someone that’s mineTo cuddle all day,To give lots of kisses,And never betray.”

Someone slamming on the door startled Kristin out of writing. She ran and scooped up Delilah before shutting her in the bedroom and then walked cautiously over to the door. Not knowing what to expect, Kristin slowly opened the door and peeked outside. “Aren’t ya gonna lemme in?” Eternity shoved Kristin out of the way with the door and waltzed into the tiny apartment. Eternity looked around the small accommodation and then turned to Kristin. She asked her why hadn’t met her three nights before. Kristin explained how she had to watch the baby now, and how she’d been getting sick. With that, she opened the bedroom door and an excited baby Delilah crawled out giggling. Eternity knelt down and reached out her hands to Delilah; the baby crawled faster, wanting to be held. Kristin began to feel dizzy and she sat down on the floor holding her head. Eternity sat down beside her, petting Kristin’s hair. Delilah started to flail her arms and grabbed hold of Kristin’s hair, pulling it as she cried obnoxiously. Kristin yelped and slapped Delilah’s arm; when she realized what she’d done, Kristin broke down and cried. Eternity stood up and bounced the baby trying to calm her down, and finally, after she found Delilah’s pacifier in the bedroom, the panic in the apartment ceased… “Well at least we know it’s not cancer or sumthin,” said Eternity as she and Kristin exited the clinic. They’d gone to see what was wrong with Kristin; the morning sickness hadn’t ceased in an entire month, and Kristin was still gaining weight. Even before they went to the free teen-clinic on the corner, the two girls had an idea of what was wrong. Suzie was starting to point out the weight gain too; she’d ask Kristin where she was going every time she left the apartment building. Today, like many other days before, the excuse was that she was going to Eternity’s house. When they reached the clinic, Kristin was hesitant to enter. She knew what was wrong with her: she was pregnant, plain and simple. Even though it was what she’d wanted for the longest time, it was going to be hard to handle the fact that it was actually true. Finally, Eternity coaxed Kristin into the waiting area. Since they were the only ones there, the colored woman at the counter sent them to the examining room right away. When the doctor walked into the room, Kristin’s stomach turned and she swallowed hard; the doctor must have taken notice of this because he immediately asked her if she was okay. She nodded her head and proceeded to explain her symptoms, and then she asked the doctor what he thought. Dr. Simmons looked Kristin up and down for a moment and told her flat out that she was going to have a baby. Kristin held her breath; she didn’t know why it was so hard to hear, but the tears began to roll down her cheeks. Then, Doctor Simmons silently rolled a small computer-like machine, resting on a cart, over to the examining table.  He pressed some buttons and walked over to a cupboard, pulling out a bottle of clear gel. Dr. Simmons told Kristin to lift her shirt above her belly and lay back on the table. As she did so, the doctor plugged something into the back of the machine. He told her that the machine was called the CPU and the plug was connected to the transducer probe. After her was finished typing and turning everything on, Dr. Simmons squirted some of the cold gel onto Kristin’s stomach. He followed this by placing the transducer probe onto her belly and began moving it around. Kristin looked over at the display on the CPU and saw it. It didn’t look like much more than a blob to her, but she knew it was her baby. The doctor saw it too and he pressed some buttons to print out the ultrasound. While the machine was processing, Dr. Simmons cleaned the gel off of Kristin’s stomach and Eternity immediately began talking, “Oh my god! Did you see it’s head? It was too cute!” The sonogram was finally done printing, and Dr. Simmons walked over to the two girls with it in his hands. He asked Kristin if she was planning on having an abortion or if she was keeping the baby. She didn’t even have to think about it, this was what she’d been waiting for; she was definitely keeping the baby. After Dr. Simmons pointed the baby out to Kristin and Eternity on the picture, he handed it to Kristin along with a check up slip. She was already six weeks along, and she had to come back in another six months so Dr. Simmons could check on the baby. While Kristin and Eternity were walking down the street, Eternity asked what Kristin was going to name the baby. Kristin hadn’t thought about naming the baby; just the thought of having her own child was exciting enough. Smiling, she remembered the name Will had wanted for his baby: Lilly Mae. Kristin had liked the name too, so if the baby was a girl, Lilly Mae would be the name on the birth certificate. If the baby happened to be a boy, his name would be Carey, after Kristin’s birth father. Eternity agreed that these would both be fantastic names, and the two walked silently back to the apartment…Because my story is unfinished, I'll keep updating it as I continue writing it, but please leave me some comments. Thanks for reading.

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