the morning drops

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inside everyone in his or her deep memory special love forever strong and warm growing in winter or summer war or peace days or month you can recall any time to use against sadness and storm

Submitted: September 29, 2011

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Submitted: September 29, 2011



Morning drop we live all our life searching for real love some can find and lose some can find and keep some never find and never give up some imagine and discover in his dream true love inside the memory kept it for ever when the days get hard when the world get dark he pull his memory he enjoy what he made to cover his needs he let it go inside his nerve and blood he make his own story and his own life running from sad present mad past cold future i remember love story i seen it it build inside war real war the love above all circumcisionpeople fall in real love never thinking of any other desire like sex and food love feel them inside you can feel the heat from the eyes hand together to feel heaven may body it self never met but you can feel the inspiration going together to fly up and high you feel the sex with no touch this real the situation itself amazing this only when two heart find each other most of stories i know has sad ending but people leaving their whole life after separating happy calling all memory to stay paper can burn but it will leave spot same thing time and memory you see tears in the eyes pain in heart you enjoy it year after year you cant go back to your love you may be heart people leaving around you using to leave with you you scarified your self to other and just use memory to make your warm the most hot and good huge and kiss the one never happen you dream with it as much as you suffering you lonely as much as the dark spot inside you helping to path to leave to smile to help to give it will never disappear it is all about you how you can reach with your imagination how to leave inside until death in winter time cover your self with it in summer let make the heat light and lovely in the sad time use it to cheer up don't ever about real thing can happen in our life you will never find what you was looking for in your mind you can have a love big tasty white clear wonderful take all your emotion and inspiration in the sky you feel light like bird happy like kid full of energy like football player any romantic movie effect you any love picture take your attention any where you go you will find something retaliated to your feeling you so kind and young like teenager this the love the magic word to leave more to give more to hope one day you will find it any where any time any place any country any one no matter space and situation no matter color or race no matter poor or rich above the land above the people above the world sometime above life it self keep it in your heart real or dream save it in your memory what ever happen you have the most power you can use to keep you go and go remember to live your own life own love your own dream until death

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