Present day

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my views and opinions of the current world

Submitted: June 04, 2008

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Submitted: June 04, 2008



I am from…

The world that believes we are heading for answers.

Only to have me urge my parents to get a horse and buggy because of gas prices.

To have me betting that my grandchildren won’t last in this world that we’ve destroyed.

Me wanting to change everything, but only able to change something.

I am from…

The land where celebrities are everything.

Only to have me roll my eyes at the waste of money in their pockets.

To have me sigh at the thought of a new hundred thousand dollar wedding.

Me getting mad when the whole news story is about the latest break-up in Hollywood.

I am from…

The people who keep on expanding their boundaries with no thought.

Only to have me change minds with my pencil, not my mouth.

To have me feel like a hypocrite when I write about land clearing; on paper.

Me appreciating the towering strength of a tree.

I am from…

The nations that crumble from within then implode.

Only to have me feel bad for starving children when I throw away my leftovers.

To have me sighing about pointless wars.

Me cry for those who’ve suffered more than me.

I am from…

The important parts of life that are wasted on minds full of revenge and violence.

Only to have me get angry when people cheer for bloodshed.

To have me wish that I could live in the story of my favorite book.

Me wishing that hardships were not this hard.

I am from…

The beautiful moments being outnumbered by the hideous ones that we can’t forget.

Only to have me stress over something so simple.

To have me smiling back at the bloom of a flower.

Me shrinking away from something that has to be faced.

I am from…

The nation rumored to be the strongest.

Only to have me witness people living on the side of the road.

To have me hear about the threats of nuclear activity, thinking it’s monstrous.

Me hoping to entirely move to another location in the world some day.

I am from…

The same soil that was once in Europe and the same language that is spread widely around.

The same urge to do something right and the same fear that it will be wrong.

The same ears that hear of other problems and sufferings.

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