Avalon and Josie

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
A tomboy tries to bond two frenemies after witnessing their fight.

Submitted: June 27, 2012

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Submitted: June 27, 2012



On a hot day in June, where last day of school was ended, Avalon and BFF Tricia were talking on the school parking lot and they went to get Tricia's bike. Avalon saw the clouds darkening. She knew it was about to rain. 'Damn, if I only watched that show that goes on in the morning,' she thought. She turned and saw the emerald bike, which was Tricia's. Tricia was texting on her Blackberry. Avalon squinted and grinned. She had an idea. Behind Tricia's back, she unlocked the bike, knowing Tricia's combination, and rode all the way home, with Tricia panting and running after her.

With Tricia out of sight, Avalon rested her bike out in her backyard. She ignored her ten-year-old brother Connor who asked, \"Ava, why are you riding Tricia's bike?\"

Avalon ran not the house without her parents knowing. Five minutes later, there was knocking on the door. \"Hello-oh, Tricia,\" said Avalon's dad.

\"Hello, Mr. Byers, may I see Avalon?\" asked Tricia.

\"Why sure,\" said her dad. He called, \"Ava, Tricia's here!\"

Avalon ran downstairs and said, \"Hey Tricia! How ya doin?\"

\"Quit the act, you blondie,\" remarked Tricia, arms crossed. Avalon gave a confused look.

\"Oh don't pretend like you don't know, Byers, because you snuck behind my back and stole my ride home while I was texting my Ma, and do you know what I was texting her?\"

\"No, Tricia, tell me more,\" said Avalon. She really forgot what this was all about.

\"You want more? Let's see what the judge will say bout that,\" said Tricia, turning to leave.

Avalon looked stern and said, \"Excuse me, Tricia? How dare you come to my house and talk to me like that! You know what, I have a better idea! Let's not be friends!\"

\"That was my point, Byers,\" said Tricia, leaving.

\"Well, see you in hell, Rami,\" shouted Avalon. She glimpsed at Connor who witnessed the fight. \"What are you looking at, snoopy?\"

\"I'm telling Dad and Marissa!\" Connor ran into the house. Marissa is Avalon and Connor's dad's girlfriend.

\"Go ahead, see if I care!\" yelled Avalon. After she went inside, a girl with black hair, wearing a grey sweater, dark jeans, and navy high tops, came out of the blue.

She ran to Tricia, who was getting her bike from Avalon's backyard and was going tot he curb. \"Tricia, I need to find out something,\" the girl said.

\"Who are you?\"


\"Josie, as in Josephine Trevor?\"

\"Yeah, why?\"

\"I need you. I have a problem and I don't know what to do now.\"

\"Don't worry, I know. I saw it along with Connor.\"

\"You do?\"

\"Of course, isn't that why I'm famous on the block? Anyways, the first thing you need to do is express how you feel about Avalon as your friend.\"

\"Alright, I feel that Avalon is a dirty tramp and a user for a friend and shouldn't even be on this planet!\"

\"Okay, now do you feel like apologizing to her?\"

\"Of course, and then I'll go ride on my unicorn all the way to Lala Land!\" shouted Tricia, sarcastingly.

\"Well, you should've said no. Anyways, I'll talk to Avalon for ya and see what she saids.\"

\"Yeah, like she's gonna do it.\"

\"Trust me, no one leaves this Trevor empty and unhappy.\"

\"Okay, Josie. I trust you.\"

\"Thanks Tricia and by the way, it wasn't that much of a fight, more of like an argument. Oh, and here's the invitation to my little sister's b-day. She's turning ten.\" Josie gave Tricia the invite.

At Avalon's house, Josie asked Marissa for Avalon. \"Sure, Avery! Someone's here to see you!\"

\"It's Avalon,\" corrected Avalon as she got to the door. \"Whatevs,\" said Marissa.

\"Hey, Josie Trevor, problem solver on the block, and here's the invite to my sister's b-day,\" said Josie, giving Avalon the invite. \"And by the way, it was an argument, not a fight. And you should apologize to Tricia.\"

\"Thanks, Joanie the hypocrite,\" said Avalon, slamming the door on her face. \"There's no way I'm apologizing to that twerp of a beehive.\"

\"Ya still comin',\" asked Josie.

At Serena Trevor's party, Josie was the host and saw Tricia come out in her turquoise dress and cerulean flats. \"Hey Josie,\" said Tricia, meeting Josie. \"Wow, this party is way better than I thought.\"

\"I know right,\" said Josie, grinning. Behind Tricia is Avalon, who came in her golden floral gown and silver heels with golden rhinestones. \"I know just right,\" sighed Josie.

\"Hey Ava,\" said Connor behind Avalon. Tricia looked to see Avalon and gasped. She turned to Josie and back at Avalon. 'Damn, that Trevor got me and the snitch in a lock!' thought Tricia.

\"Tricia?\" asked Avalon, admiring her frenemy's dress. \"Nice gown for a nice party!\"

\"Don't try it by me, bike stealer,\" remarked Tricia.

\"Excuse me,\" said Avalon. Everything got quiet. 'Oh God', thought Josie, turning around. \"I only took that bike because I was just being my princess self and acted stupid! And I didn't mean to, Tricia! After you and Josie met me, I've realized the kinda jerk I was to you and so I'm sorry.\"

\"Avalon Kristine Byers,\" shouted Tricia. \"You've been my friend for five-years and after many mistakes and many apologies to you from me, you make one more mistake and you come back to apologize?\"

\"I'm sorry, for the all the mistakes I did and didn't make up for,\" said Avalon, scared.

\"Ava K. Byers, I accept it, sister,\" said Tricia, hugging Avalon. Josie smiled and clapped. \"Wow, my problem solver skills strikes again.\"

Everyone clapped for Josie and Avalon and Tricia, who all became best friends forever. The End...

© Copyright 2020 Alyroop98. All rights reserved.

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