Hurtful memories

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A story of girl who had secret feeling for a man she loved. But one day, all of her dreams became a nightmare as the man left her without a word.

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



I wonder why
Why I fall in love
Why my heart beats faster
As I see you passing by each time
Why I feel my face is turning reddish fever
Am I sick
Why all the sudden my body feel warm
Is it because of you

I wonder why
Why I always see your eyes sparkling
Your green eyes
Your soft skin
Your soft and dry lips
Why do I see all of this
Am I falling in love with you

I wonder why
Years and months have gone by
We were like an unbreakable Ice
But time changes us all
We now head our own ways
Eventhough we might hurt each others in the future

I wonder why
I wonder why I regret...
Regret...Of...Falling in love with you my dear...
Tell me why....
Please tell me why...
I want to know why....

That I loved you for years and months
Every hour, every minute and every second
Of my life and breath that I felt
I suddenly felt that ..
We are getting apart...
Day by day...
Night by night...
I tried to stop it from making it more bigger
My effort were useless against it....
I have loss all of my will to protect our love
And it was too late to cure it...

I now know...
That...Love is painful
For me and you

We cannot be together until the very end
Of our last breath

I now know..
It hurts...
So much hurt...
So much pain that I felt
I am...Truly sorry...

Sorry for giving the love you always wanted
This late my dear...
I'm sorry..
I truely am...
I wish we could be together again like the old days
Back to our glory years of love
We dance and cuddle each other to warm ourselves
From the cold breeze that was blown on every night

I now...
Felt only cold...
Cold..Dark..Sorrowful..Lonely night
I...stare up above to the stary nights
And hope...
I will again felt the warmth that you gave to me
In my heart and to my soul also..

But now...
I'm only waiting for your return
To my open cold pale arms
That I always whispers in the wind
"Please..Come back my beloved..."
Every night before I go to bed
Eventhough sometimes I never slept for the whole night

Our memories...
It haunts me in my once peaceful slumber..
But now..
Every time I lay back and closes my eyes
The only thing that I see is...
Your face, your smile..
That used to cheer me up
But now only makes me wanted to sob and cry
"Why...Why you left.."
I mutter to myself every time
"Was I too childish...Am I too rough to you?
Please..I only did that so you can notice and love me more
I only wanted to be loved by you...
I wish for nothing else my love..
I only wish for your return...
To my empty once warm arms
Is my wish a big burden to you..
Do I not give you all of my attention to only you...
Am I....not..pretty..enough for you my beloved..
Did I hurt you..
..But the only on I see that is hurt is...Me...
Am I wrong..
If I am....
Please hit me...Please scold me...
Please tell me..."

I now...
See you with someone else..
The new replacement in my place...
That person looks more pretty and charming...
I though to myself and I look at myself with disgust in the mirror
"I...Wish you...A very..Happy life my love..
May...your life always be very cheerful and happiness
...I...Bid you..
My...saddest yet sorrowful fair well....
My beloved......I ....Love...You....Always...."

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