Who are you? (Slender)

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Drifting in a peaceful sleep, a little girl was taken by the darkness as she dreams deeper. She open her eyes to thought that it was morning. But she blinded by the darkness that surrounds her. Who..Or What took her to that place... Is she going to be okay?

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013




"It is so dark, where am I ? Mommy, daddy...Are you there?" I whimper softly as try to walk towards. It is cold than the usual. "Where am I..." I ask again as I try to reach something in the darkness to support myself.

I then shiver as I touch something cold as ice. "W...What was that!?" I jerk my hand away from it for just a precaution. I search in my pocket and suddenly feel something plastic, quickly I take it away thinking what it was.

"Oh please! Please, let myself be right in this torturing never ending darkness!" I whisper as I try to find the switch and flicks it on.

'Yes! A flashlight!' I thought happily as I hug the flashlight with delight. I look to the right and then to the left but I only see the darkness. That is somehow begining to take over my mind. But not to fear, I have a flashlight.

I quickly torch the left and the right side of me trying to see what was all that about. Somehow, I found out I'm not in my room anymore.

"Was I suppose to be sleeping right now!?" I scream to myself.

I flash the surrounding with my trusty light as I walk forward, slowly trying to see if the coast is clear.

I see a tree branch beneath my naked feet as I walk along the dead leaves, making sound that I almost creep myself out.

'Great, I don't have a shoe..' I grumble in my thought as I flash the nearest tree up and down.

"Nice tree." I comment as I smile and give the tree little hug.

"So warm...Haa....." saying it without a doubt.

When you are cold and you aren't wearing any shoes. Anything you hug will make you feel warm even a tree!

I let go of the tree gently, don't wanting to hurt its bark. I continue walking forward as I then see a really tall building that I never seen before in my life.

"Woah! What is that?" I ask myself as I torch it with my light.

The colour of the building is red and a little bit of rusty...Wait...Rusty? I don't remember a building can become rusty unless it is made out of metal!

I glance at the building again and finally I somehow found the answer.

"Hmm..A ..What you call that thing again..Uh..A pole? No...Oh! I remember now, a tower! A rusty and old big tower!" I said it out loud trying to make myself proud.

Waiting to leave the 'tower' alone, I then see an old torn up paper sticking on the wall of the tower.

"Huh? ...Is this a treasure hunt? Oh! If it is, it must be fun!" I yell in excitedly as I run to the paper and reads it.


"Huh? What does that mean? Is this the riddle? I just loveriddles...NOT!" I splat as I reach to the note and tries to tear it away from the wall.

Doing so, my action suddenly hassitates by itself.

I stand there for a moment like a statue as I read the note again, just in case!


Still the same words as before, but why do I feel so excited and scared at the same time?

I just put my useless feelings aside as I reach again at the note and rip it away from the wall.

Folding it into a tiny piece of paper, I then put it inside my pocket.

Suddenly feeling a cold breeze hitting my face as I blink and rub my cheeks from the stingging cold.

My hair neck raises as I can feeling something is not right.

I'm somehow being watch...But by who?

I jog away from the tower and get back to the road as I torch the ground, not wanting to get loss from the dirt road.

Then something hit me.

I fall down, sitting on my arse as I rub my stomach from the sudden impact.

"Ouch...Watch where are you going you--" I blink, it is only a truck! A red truck to be exact!

'Who would park their truck here? Wait, if there's a vehicle then it must mean there is someone here! But...Are they nice?...' I thought as I get up on my feet again and look around with the light flashing to where I am looking.

"None..." I whisper to myself as I walk forward to its back to see if there is something useful in there.

Maybe...Who knows, right?

I then spot another note! Another note!

I quickly kneel down and reads it.


"What? No no no no nononono--" I huff out of breath and just stay quiet for a moment.

Taking in another deep breath, I stare at the note and glare at it.

"What kind of riddle is this? I know this is not Chinese!" I complaint as I count the No's alphabets.

"12 all of them...Why..? Jeez, the riddle is getting foggy than before!" I complaint again and pout as I rip the note harshly from the truck's number plate.

Mumbling, I flip it quickly and put it inside in the same pocket.

Running away from the truck I walk again finding another vehicle.

It is another truck..Or is it a car or sort...It is blue in colour.

"Another one? What is this a party!?" I grumble as I can feel another presence around the area.

Feeling someone is watching me from afar.

But who is it?

I take a deep breath and turn my heels around as my body follows.

I shine the light to where I was turn and...

There is nothing expect for trees, grasses oh and dirt too...


I focus my visions and it begins to get a little blur, but seeing a white thing with a black cloth in the middle of it is not normal.

"What is that?" my head question as I unconciously walk towards it.

I flick it off as I hold out my hand trying to reach the thing.

I'm so curious that I would die from not knowing what it is.

Hearing my footsteps creeking on the dying leaves and healthy grasses, I halt for a moment and stare at the thing that is now only a few meters away from me.

I could hear my own heart pumping and my soft breathing.

Stepping a few baby steps forward, I stop again. Looking at the now unclear figure that is somehow looking back at me.

"Who are you?" I utter under my breath as I stare back at it with my dark brown eyes.

The figure only stand there like a tree as it stares back with darkness covering its face.

Breathing more deeper than before I walk towards to it slowly, as I try to reach out to its face.

The figure sudden arch towards my height making my heart skips its beat as I stand there, paralyzed. Its face is getting a bit closer than before making me taking a shallow breath as it stops and stare infront of my face.

I can see a little white and I wonder what is it...

I reach out again and touch its face, feeling like a bit of cold like an ice and it has a smooth surface. Amaze by the touch, I didn't concentrate on what was the figure doing out here or why is it taller than my height?

The figure arch back and stands tall until I have to look up to see him. I tilt my head and shout "Hey, who are you? What's your name?"

The figure looks down to me as I now am tiny to him.

He didn't open his mouth but I hear voices, thousands of voice echoing answering my childish questions.

"I am the one who people always feared because of the horrified legends and myths. To you people, you gave me so much name but one of it is Slender Man."

I only blink and stare at the figure face..No wait...Slender Man face..

"Wait, Slender Man? THE Slender Man? The dark creature who is popular for kidnapping young childrens and drive the adults madly insane? That Slender Man? Are you for real?" I ask without taking any breath as my face grow a bit blue.

The creature stay quiet for a moment and observe me like I never seen before.

Finally, he nod and still standing there like a tree for my reaction.

My eyes went wide as my mouth partly open, staring up to him.

'Wow, I...I can't believe it...I'm meeting him...' I thought as my mouth crave a big grin without my notice.

The creature kneels down again.

"Well child? Are you going to stand there paralyzed or are you going to scream and run so I could satisfy my hunger of chasing young childrens like you. What will it be?" ask the thousand voices as it echoes on every words that it says.

"Well...I...Um...I'm just speechless. I know I should run by now but...Seeing you infront of me is like...A dream come true...Wow!..." I said, admiring him like an idol. He is!

The creature fall silent for a moment and looks back at me from the ground.

Tenticles comes out from his back as it wiggles and slitters. My jaws drop, and I just stand there paralyzed again.

"Are you afraid now child?" says the thousand voices again but in a horrorful version echoes.

I fall and land on the dirt, sitting but still staring at him.

I quickly shakes my head and give the biggest smile that I have to him.

The 'Slender Man' somehow now looks confused from my unusual reaction. He never had the trouble to chat with childrens with my age before because he never will or can. Why? Because the children will run away and hide until he comes and take them away.

"You are a strange one indeed. Are you not afraid of my killer hands? Nor my blankness expression?" ask the creature again.

I quickly dig into my pocket and found a copper colour MP3. I switch it on as I search for my favourite song.

As the MP3 fuzzles a little, I still can hear the song but not so clear if I was tall like him.

I stop clicking on the button and wait for the song to start as I clear my throat a bit and closes my eyes for a moment.

I take a deep breath and let it out as the song plays. Singing along with the song, wanting the person to hear it out. I try my best to sound good.

"One AM, I toss and turn, awake in my own bed
I can’t sleep because of a creepypasta I read

Against my better judgment, I peek out of my window
And I find a frightening figure standing down below

A black suit, a black tie, and he seems to lack a face
I looked away for a moment, he was gone without a trace

And I thought
Even if he’s shy
What a charming guy

I don’t have to worry
‘Cuz I know Slendy’s watching me

No one else sees him, it seems
He follows me in my dreams

He doesn’t like to talk a lot but that’s okay with me
He’s really tall and good at blending in with all the trees

Some days when we’re all alone we play hide and seek
But he always finds me every time, I think he cheats

“He’s so mean” they say
But he just wants to play

I don’t have to worry
‘Cuz I know Slendy’s watching me "

I stop as I am now out of breath as the creature stare at me with no expression.

"Is that song for me?" ask the creature staring at me with its faceless face.

"Yeah, I got this from internet. You know, back then people scared of you. But now, some kids or adults like me respect you and really wanted to meet you." I reply to his question as I look at the grass, pulling it from the dirt as I pull it again until it somehow dies.

"Any other song? I love my real nature song instead." says the figure as it sits down beside me, looking down upon me from his height.

"Well..Um..There is one but...Okay, I'll sing it but don't do anything suspecious or I won't sing it you.." I reply as I try to calm down my heart beat.

'Why am I feeling nervous?' my mind ask my heart as I just stay quiet for a moment trying to find the song.

"Ah, here it is!" I smile as I take a deep breath and wait for the music to start.

"Finding yourself all alone with lack of memory

You are drawn to an empty house nearby, suspicouisly.

Collect the clues, he's watching you

Following is the key

Embrace your gun, this game is done

Finally you are free

Walk around the woods at night to see what you can find

A symphony of pages, don't look back, he's right behind

The more you know, the deeper in

The faster goes the chase

And in the end, you succumb to

The man who has no face

Slender Man, let's play again

The games that never ends

Slender Man, let's play again

The game that seeks revenge

Walking down the halls, darkness envelops like a sea

All the kids nowhere to be found in this elementary

You grab the bears, so do you dare

Regardless, danger lurks

Behide the blankness of his face

Lies a devious smirk

Wake up consumed by a familiar ambiance.

8 pages scattered 'round as if it were a second chance

Follow the lights, flee to the tree

But never turn around

Cause in a second you will hear

That oh so slender sound!

Do you want to play again?

Do you want to play again?

Do you want to play again?

Do you want to play again?"

I look down at the grass not wanting to look up again.

"What is the matter child?" ask the creature, sounding pity towards me.

"Nothing, it is just. It is nothing. Is there something else you want to hear me singing?" I ask giving a smile while closing my eyes like in the anime.

"Just one more song...Just like the second but more short.." replies the creature.

"Short eh? Okay..." I say as I give him a thumbs up from below.

"Let see...Oh..There you are!" I reply as I click the play button and wait for the music to play.

"Someone's always watching me.
Someone's always there.
When i'm sleeping he just waits
and, he stares.

Someone's always standing in
the darkest corner of my Room.
He's tall and wears a suit of black
Dressed like a perfect groom.

Where are you going?
Why won't you stay?
They might be scared of you,
But i just want to Play.

He has no Face.
He hides with the trees.
He Loves little children
When they Beg and Scream."

I whisper, making it sound like I was begging for my life.

The creature just stare at me.

"..Y...Yes?" I ask doubtly looking up slowly.

" You sound like you are enjoying but somehow trembling with fear child. Are you afraid?" ask 'Slender Man' as his tenticles wiggles along him.

" A little...I'm just a bit sleepy that's all..." I reply as I yawn tiredly and rub my eyes with both of hands.

" Do you want to stay?" ask 'him' again.

" For awhile. Yes, maybe..Of couse.." I reply blinking tiredly as I curve myself into a small ball to warm myself from the cold breeze that I've been feeling a moment ago.

"Very well then child. You have my permission to sleep here. May you rest...In peace...." says the figure as the one of the tenticles pat me gently on the head.

The last word that he said,

In Peace....Rest in peace...

It echoes as I closes my eyes slowly, reaching out for one of his tenticles and cuddles it like my own puppy toy.

The figure stare at me again, and decided to stay along...Just in case if anything happens to his now new friend that he had found in his own 'house'.

" Good night...Slend...y...." I yawn and snuggles as I drift into a slumber sleep.

" Good...Night child." he replies as the surrounding around us begin to turn dark and darker.

© Copyright 2017 Alyson Angel. All rights reserved.

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