This is that last scene from ABC's Castle "Knockout". I originally put it up on a website called Stardoll (AlyssaEcho) and when I tried to put another story called Flashbacks on it, it said it was too long, so I just decided to put this one here for reference. Sorry if I got some of the dialouge wrong, I did it mostly from memory.

Richard Castle's P.O.V.
  "Roy Montgomery taught me what it meant to be a cop. He taught me that there are no victories, only battles. And if you are lucky, you find someone willing to stand with you."
Beckett looked over at me, a message hidden in her eyes. With her, it's hard to decipher these messages, but at the moment it was written clear on her face.  Thanks, Rick, it said, bright as day. I looked away. 
Captain Montgomery was gone, and soon he would join the forlorn gravestones in this cemetery. It seemed like a bleak fate. 
In the distance, I saw sunlight shine off of one of the headstones. I let out a small sigh. The day would've been perfect, except for death. Murder was probably happening somewhere in New York, and why didn't I care as much as I usually did, with the prospect of finding a story hidden in the depths of the mystery? I was always after the why, not the how or the who, like Beckett always was. The why wasthe nerve in my brain that had pushed me to become a writer, for the story, not just the fact that it had happened. But, when you knew the why, along with the how and who, and had been there for all three, then it suddenly seemed a lot less interesting.
The headstone glinted even more, now taking on a reddish tinge. I looked out at it, my brain not thinking as clearly as it usually did. But in an instant, I realized that gravestones don't glitter.
"Kate!" I shouted, and dove for her, a second too late as the shot banged throughout the graveyard. She jerked backwards as we collided, bringing us both to the ground. People started screaming, but it faded away as I focused on her face, panic rising inside of me like a flood, horror mounting in my chest. As it reached my heart, I felt a sickly pang. This couldn't be happening. 
"Kate, stay with me!" I pleaded, squeezing her bloodstained hand. She couldn't leave me, not after all we've been through. And the last words she said to me...Rick, we are over. No, it couldn't end like this.
"Kate, stay with me! Don't leave me!" I begged, frantic. She was fading fast, the stunned look on her face beginning to drift away into something that I'd prefer not to think about. I had to--she had to know.
"Kate, I love you. I love you, Kate!" I whispered, trying to bring her back, but at the same time I knew that it was over. All over. She looked directly at me, her eyes sending me another message. But before I could read it, her lids closed and her body grew limp. As her head rolled to the side I saw the streak of a tear where she had been crying.

Submitted: June 08, 2011

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