Traitorous Love

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This is based after a dream I once had. Since I got bored and decided to write a small part of a story idea I had, I'll tell you the background on Danielle and Patrick. They dated back in high school and Patrick cheated on her, breaking her heart completely. When Danielle turned 17, she disappeared. Now, nine years later, she appears and she looks different, but it's her. Her blonde-golden hair is white, her tan skin is ivory, her grey eyes are forest green, and her American accent is now a very thick British. Why, it is all explained in this short piece.

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011




“What are you?” I asked, eying Danielle out of the side of my eyes. She shook her head, but kept her eyes straight forward.
“That information is confidential.” She told me. I pursed my lips, looking back at the ground below my feet before asking, “What is a Time Lord?” She chuckled.
“That information if confidential as well.” I rolled my eyes, struggling slightly against the cuffs which, in turn, tightened her grip on my arm.
“Is there anything about your life that isn’t confidential?” I asked, slightly angry. Danielle raised her eyes for a second, as if thinking about it, but added more of a curve to her smile and replied, “No,” very simply.
We continued walking for a while, weaving in and out between alley ways, before she scoffed, lowering her eyes to the ground and saying, “My life is so confidential, the police don’t even know we’re real. We are completely off the grid.” She whispered.

Snapping her neck, she flipped a lock of hair over her shoulder and looked up at me. For a second, as I looked into her eyes, there wasn’t that sharp look, but there was a flash of the old Danielle I had known; the naïve girl with a tendency to be hot-tempered.
Danielle looked forward again, clearing her throat, and I turned my gaze away too. As we were walking, she suddenly stopped and stepped behind me. Reaching into her coat, she pulled out the silver key to my handcuffs and pushed it into the key hole. There was a snap and the handcuffs loosened.
Raising my wrists in front of my face, I furrowed my eyebrows together and asked, “Why?” She shrugged, dropping the cuffs into her pocket, along with the key. She walked forward and, to my surprise, I followed her willingly.
“Is there anything you can tell me about your job?” I asked, jogging to keep up with her log strides. Danielle stopped and turned to look at me. Her eyes were narrowed and that look was there again; that dangerous and warning look.
After staring at me for a while, she sighed and tipped her head. “Do you really want to know?” She asked, her voice quite. I bit my lip, wondering if I might not like what I hear, but I finally nodded slowly.

Reaching into the pocket on the inside of her coat, she said, “Give me your arm.” I pulled back slightly and turned my head, eyeing her out of the side of my face.
“No, just tell me.” I replied, but I stopped as Danielle’s eyes snapped towards mine and she gave me her icy look.
“Give me. Your arm.” Hesitantly, I moved my arm forward, but she gripped my wrist, flipped it over, and jammed a needle into it. Before I could pull my arm away, she injected a clear liquid into my arm. 
“Ow!” I shouted at her. She only pursed her lips and set the needle back into her jacket. “What was that for?” I yelled, gripping my wrist and hugging it to my chest.

“It’s a sedative. In five minutes, you will forget everything I told you.” Danielle pulled her hand out of her pocket and looked down at her wrist, “Which doesn’t give us much time.” She muttered to herself.

I stepped back, clutching my forehead, but my feet tried to fall out from under me. I stumbled slightly, but by reaching out behind my, I set my hand against the brick wall and steadied myself. My vision blurred and Danielle’s form went in and out. I shook my head, blinking rapidly, and when I opened my eyes, my vision was still blurry.
“Listen carefully because I only have a short time to tell you everything.” Danielle stepped towards me, still looking as if this was an every day thing, “A week before your seventeenth birthday, those who are specially selected from a town or city to join the CA, go to the CA Headquarters, in Britain. When we turn eighteen, we are given a choice to be a CA or we have our mind wiped and we’re sent back home. Those who say yes, undergo an operation were you are given another heart.” Reaching forward, Danielle grabbed one of my hands, flattening my palm, and set it against her chest. Under her left breast, I felt the beat of a heart, but when she moved it over, I felt another beat from a heart.
My eyes widened in shock and I dropped my hand, blinking at her. “We’re called Time Lords because – if you’ve ever seen Doctor Who – we have two hearts. We are given an injection once a week which gives us the ability to regenerate ourselves, as you saw last night. We go to school and when we turn twenty one, we are given another choice to have an operation which will give us super strength, speed, dexterity, you name it. Those that deny it go into a different field. Those that accept it, become the assassins.”

Standing up, I walked down the alley way a way, tripping over my feet and trying to hold onto the wall to keep myself up. I gasped for breath and my breath began to sound raspy. I could feel it constricting inside my neck. I collapsed against the wall next to me.

“I… I can’t see anything.” I whispered hoarsely, looking towards Danielle. She looked down at her watch again and nodded.
“It’s the sedative kicking in. In about twenty seconds, you’ll be unconscious and you’ll forget everything I just told you.” As I glanced over at Danielle, her eyes locked on mine and for a second, I saw something in them; sadness. She quickly avoided my gaze and looked down.
“Two hearts… regenerate…” I muttered as I stepped sideways, but my feet caught on the bags of trash and I fell over. Danielle casually sauntered towards me and knelt down. She looked at me and I felt the ability to breath get harder and harder.
Above me, Danielle set her fingertips on my throat and she knitted her eyebrows together. Suddenly, she gasped and raised her wrist, looking down at her watch.
“Avin!” She shouted frantically. My breath began to wheeze in my ear. Bending down, Danielle placed her hand on the back of my head and raised me up slightly. “No, no! Stay with my, Patrick! Don’t you dare die on me!” As I watched Danielle, before darkness began to crawl in my vision, I thought I saw her eyes begin to redden around the iris’s.
“Avin!” She shouted again, pulling her wrist in front of her face. A projection of a girl appeared. She looked young, too young to be sitting in front of a computer. Her childish eyes were big and brown and her thick brown hair was hanging down around her face in thick curls.
“Who are you?” Danielle shouted harshly. The young girl jumped and glanced around her.
“I-I’m Payton.” She stuttered. Danielle huffed, glancing back at me. “Where’s Avin?” Danielle yelled at her. The girl began to shake nervously and she replied, “H-he’s at lunch right now. I can page him if—” Danielle shook her head, interrupting the girl.
“No, there’s no time. I need you to help me with something.” Payton gaped at the screen and began hysterically typing at the computer in front of her.
“I-I can’t… I don’t know. I-I only just graduated. I c-can’t help you.” Danielle shook her head and grunted.
“Payton, you are not aloud to be freaking out right now! I have a man dying right now in front of me and he is the only connection to my current mission objective. If he dies, I will hunt you down. Now, I need you to tell me how to reverse the sedative.” If I could have, I would have chuckled at Danielle, but I felt the fear emanating off her. 
“O-okay.” I heard the tiny sound of keys typing rapidly before Payton nodded and bit her trembling lip. “Okay, u-uh. W-what does he l-look like?” Danielle shook her head.
“Pale, pasty. His breathing is really raspy.” She replied, soothing the brown hair on my head back. For the first time in a long time, I felt something like affection towards me from Danielle.
“O-okay.” Payton stuttered. “Well, okay, his body is rejecting the sedative as a poison and it’s traveling to his brain. You need to make a small incision and suck the poison from his jugular vein like a snake bit.” Payton said quickly, but she hadn’t even finished before Danielle pulled a flip-knife out of her pocket and poked the very tip into my neck. If I hadn’t been weak, I would have pushed her away, but I made no attempt to even move the muscles in my arm.
Danielle lowered her face and I felt her lips against my throat as she sucked a small amount of blood from the wound. She sat up slightly and spit the blood onto the ground. This process continued until I felt my breathing begin to turn back to normal.

“Patrick?” Danielle murmured, setting both her hands behind my head and lifting me up. Her face was only inches from mine.
“What’s going on here?” I heard a voice shout. Looking over, I saw Avin storm into the projection, looking quit angry. I gave a small smirk about the fact that my vision was returning.
“Dani? What happened?” Avin shouted as Payton sprang up from his chair and rushed back to her seat. Without look at the image, Danielle replied, “I gave him the sedative and his body rejected it as a poison. I had to bypass the injection.” Avin nodded grimly, looking down at Patrick.
“Tell the kid she did good.” Danielle replied over her shoulder. Avin paused, but slowly nodded at her order.
“Patrick?” She whispered again, looking at me with worried green eyes. I coughed and nodded. She chuckled. “Your color’s returning. That’s good.” She smiled and for the first time, I felt a connection between us; a connection that had been severed a long time ago.
“You…” I coughed again, causing Danielle to knit her eyebrows at my unfinished sentence, “You so owe me dinner.” Danielle stared at me for second before laughing. She gazed into my eyes with those deep green eyes of hers, twinkling slightly, and I smiled back at her weakly.
“Dani,” Avin said. I turned over, forgetting he was there still, “Since you reversed the injection and now we know he had a reaction to it, he’s going to remember everything. He’ll need a full memory wipe after the mission.” Danielle nodded grimly.
“Thanks Avin.” She said before hitting the button on her wrist watch and Avin’s face disappeared. She turned back to me, grabbing my arm and pulling me onto my feet as if I weighed nothing.
“I hate you.” I muttered as I swayed from dizziness. Danielle draped my arm over her neck and grabbed my hand in hers tightly.
“I know.” She smiled, stepping forward and walking back towards her apartment, her hand holding mine the entire way back.



I groaned and rolled over on the bed, my stomach quenched as I rolled onto my side. Clutching it, I sat up and blinked the dizziness away. The after effects of the sedative had taken their toll on me when I got back to the apartment. Danielle had brought me to her room and I had immediately fallen asleep on the bed. Now, my button-up grey shirt was sitting on the other side of the room on her dresser. My shoes were off and I was only wearing my black jeans.
Standing up and glancing around, I grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my shoulders, not bothering to button it up before I swung the door open and walked out into the living room.
As I looked around, I noticed Danielle draped over the couch. She wasn’t wearing her usual full body leather suit, but instead, she had a wife beater on and purple boxers. She was stretched out on her back and the blanket she had on her earlier had slipped off and was lying in a heap on the floor. Her white blonde hair was tangled and curling around her face. For once, she looked peaceful.
At the sound of me entering the room, she opened her eyes and jumped up. She blinked the sleep from her eyes and stared at me, stretching her arms. For a split second, I thought I saw her flush, but the pale white in her cheeks returned.
“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up.” I muttered. “I was just… getting a drink.” She nodded brushing her hair away from her face and yawning widely.
“It’s okay.” She replied silently. As I entered the kitchen, I looked towards the microwave and saw that is said 1:34 a.m. I chuckled and reached into the refrigerator and pulled an un-open V8 from it’s contents.
“How did you sleep?” She asked me, drowsiness still hanging in her voice. I nodded as I sat down in the chair by the couch.
“Pretty good.” I said before popping the cap of the juice and tipping it back across my lips. The cold liquid felt good against my dry throat. From my peripheral vision, I noticed Danielle had already lain back down on the couch. Her eyes were open and she was staring into nothing.

After a long silence, she swung her legs off the side of the couch and stood to walk into the kitchen. As she was walking past me, I absently reached up and grabbed her wrist. As soon as I touched her skin, I noticed how cold it was, but I only stared ahead and rubbed the pad of my thumb across her skin.
Surprisingly, she didn’t pull away, but only stood silently. Feeling a sudden courage, I set the V8 on the table next to me and pulled Danielle out in front of me. She blinked at me and I saw her two hearts pounding heavily under her chest. When I looked at her, she was the girl I had fallen in love with years ago. The eyes might have been darker, but that same look was there now. Her skin looked darker, even though it was still pale and the light from the lamp across the room reflected off her hair, making a tinge of gold fall across the back of her head.
My hand slithered up Danielle’s arm as I pulled myself up until it was on the back of her shoulder. Her body was trembling beneath my gaze and, hoping she didn’t have a knife hidden on her, I leaned forward, falling into her eyes.
When my lips met hers, a shudder coursed through her body, but she stood there, silent. I pulled away slowly, opening my eyes a sliver and looked intently into her eyes. We only stood there, breathing heavily. Almost as suddenly as she had injected me with that sedative, she threw her arms up around my neck, on hand falling on my neck, and pulled me towards her. My hand moved from her shoulder and down to the middle of her back, where it met my other hand. As I pressed her against my body, I felt her hearts pounding wildly under her chest.
After my tongue split through her lips, she gasped quietly and wrapped both her arms around my neck. My hands moved from her back and down to her thighs. She pushed off the ground and her legs swung up, wrapping around my waist. White-blonde hair fell across her face and beside mine as I gripped her thighs.
Pulling away and breathing heavily, I opened my eyes and looked at Danielle. She smirked, her eyes still closed and murmured, “You bastard,” against my cheek. I chuckled before turning and pressing my lips against hers eagerly.
I stepped back, careful not to trip over anything and moved towards Danielle’s room, pushing against the door to open it. As we entered her room, I turned around and walked towards the bed. When I reached it, I fell forward on the bed.
Still keeping her lips against mine, Danielle’s hands moved up to my shoulders and grabbed the edges of my shirt. She slid it off my body and, as it fell against the ground, her hands moved back up to my neck. I felt a shiver through her body as my fingertips brushed her waist and grabbed the bottom of her thin tank top.

As I was lifting her shirt over her head, she grabbed my wrists and stopped. I pulled back and looked at her curiously as she rolled out from under my chest. Her legs swung over the side of the bed and she bent down, holding her head in her hands.
I lay there, staring at Danielle’s back and the white hair cascading down her shoulders before I slid backward off the bed and bent to grab my shirt off the ground. As I was pulling it on, I sat down on the bed next to her.

“I can’t.” She whispered quietly, her hair falling around her hands keeping me from seeing her face. I pursed my lips and turned to look back at the ground. “If I do,” She paused, spinning to look at me, her eyes holding pure sadness, “I will fall back in love with you and if that happens,” Danielle moved her hands to my face, setting them against my cheeks, “Someone will kill you.” I blinked at her.
“If dying means to be with you again, even if it’s only for one night, I would be fine with that.” I said, reaching my hand out and pushing her hair back. She bit her lip, to keep it from trembling, and breathed heavily as a single tear slid down her ivory skin. My thumb moved over and brushed it away. “I love you.” I whispered, thinking back to that day that I had told her and she had said she never wanted to see me again.
Danielle licked her dry lips and scanned my eyes, as if looking to make sure I was speaking the truth, before whispering, “I love you, too.” I had a hard time containing my smile.
The two of us collided against each other fervently, my hands not waiting to grab her shirt and lift it over her head. She fell back against the pillows, pulling me with her, and ran her fingers through my hair as I tugged at the purple boxers on her waist. As I threw them to the floor, Danielle’s smiled under our kiss before rubbing my shoulders, my shirt falling down my back, and moved them to my chest, where they trailed over my abs.

When her fingers reached my pants, she quickly undid the belt, as if was not a bother, and slid if off with a sliding sound. Before she could move to my pants again, I pulled away, breathing heavily, and winked at her shocked face.
“Be right back.” I muttered before jumping off the bed and running to my jacket in the hall. Digging through the pockets, I finally found my wallet, but in her trench coat. As I flipped it open, I smiled at the fact that there was only one condom left, thankfully.
Crashing into the room, I stopped in the doorway and gaped. Danielle had already pulled her underwear off and was lying on the bed seductively, the quilt draped over her, but her bare legs and shoulders were quite inviting.
“You Tasmanian devil, you.” I chuckled before walking to her. She threw her head back and laughed as her arms reached towards me and slid down my back, gripping my black jeans by their sides and sliding them off. 
Tipping my head, I moved my lips from her mouth down to her neck and dangerously close to the edge of the bed. She smiled and grabbed my head, lifting it up to look me in the eyes.
“If tonight is all we have, let’s make it count.” Her face full of seriousness, she leaned forward and kissed my cheek, murmuring the words, “I love you,” against my cheek.
I pushed her back against the pillows, her white hair sprawling out behind her as I pushed my body against hers. “Well, then.” Was all I said before her hands slid down my sides, closing slowly towards my black-plaid boxers.

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