Bite Me, Baby

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Another love poem to Prince Black. This one's a bit more serious than the previous poem addressed to him, and maybe a bit less optimistic.

Submitted: June 04, 2008

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Submitted: June 04, 2008



Look, here we are,
Dressed as Death and Princess Death,
Skeleton-white faces, our eyes too black.
We are too black.
And look, there’s our bond,
Two hands clutching just like roots
Of trees so old and strong,
No storm ever could tear them out.
Our tears will never fall like blood.
But oh, that is just fantasy.
Do they know we are in love?
Does that gleam in my black eyes
Say something of our dark secret?
That when you cast your shade on me,
I die of love. I die of lust.
And I can tell the same is on your mind.
But oh, that is just fantasy.
For I was watching, searching for the one,
Someone with the same expression
Of bleak reality. A mate who bears
A vampire’s heart, but lives like a child
Lost in his time.
Now that I have found a swan,
Black as the night and fair as snow,
I know that he will fly away
Without me.
Look, here I am.
Dressed as the Longing Lady’s fake,
Swimming in my dreamy thoughts,
And I wish you knew I’m in love with you.

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