Blood on Snow White's Lips

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lost innocence again...

Submitted: February 11, 2008

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Submitted: February 11, 2008



Part I
Oh, what have you done?
Her beauty is gone
The wings of sorrow,
There’s no tomorrow
Earth shall quake its dusty bricks
Look, there’s blood on Snow White’s lips!
My world shall bear
An end so deep
No dreams, no fate,
Nothing to keep
Oh, what have you done? Her life is gone
A Sleeping Beauty she has become
She was found by trees and stones
She was lifted to the air
She was torn, her whitest bones
So radiant and fair
Mountains broke, all colors fled
Hear you, people, she is dead!
She has left, the stars will shine
Just to tell this shameful crime
Part II
The birds, they sing
The mourner’s song
The purest thing
Is lost
My child, my love
My everything
Has turned into
A ghost
And if there’s something after death
Land or cloud or angels’ bed
She may rest in peace and have
A world without the color red
Part III
Look the blood is darker now
Shadows know the secret vow
When it’s time for her to go
There appears the blackest crow
And we, her lovers, left behind
A scarlet rhyme is all we find
Saying ‘no more tears to cry’

‘Snow White, she was meant to die’

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