How I Love the Night

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Submitted: March 02, 2008

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Submitted: March 02, 2008



Oh how I love the night
The forest’s dark moon shining
Hiding secrets in the shadows of the trees
The moving branches and leaves
And the pond
Like a diamond show
Showing miracles
As if every single drop held a world in itself
I believe in fairies living in my garden
Laughing wild and joyful
That frenzy of the night I love
The owls, the guardians
Whispering the wisdom they keep
And when the peak of darkness comes
And the clock says sleep, darling,
Twelve times as deep as the birds
I love my dreams that speak of the future
Wonders of sense and nonsense lives
That shall never really be mine
Or talking to my lost ones
Who tell the fables of a land beyond the stars
Oh, how I love to listen to the night
That soundless moment
With a sleepwalker’s movement
Slow and scary, scary and slow
As the hours pass
Making me a romantic queen of fools
And waiting endlessly, half-awake, half-mad
For a new day to come

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