Letter Fragment to Mornia Chasm

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an anonymous writer talks about ghosts appearing in a dream

Submitted: February 16, 2008

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Submitted: February 16, 2008



Letter Fragment to Mornia Chasm
…and they were just sitting there, you see. Mother and daughter, though I cannot tell you how I knew that. They were wearing old-fashioned clothes, from the nineteenth century, I guess. Their hair was dark, and so were their eyes, but their skin was pale. Almost grey, I think. And the room, it was so gloomy and dusty.It had only one window and the two of themwere sitting right next to it so that the light would shine on them. I think they wanted to be seen.
And you know what? It really wasn’t their sight that made me scared. It wasn’t their eyes, gazing right at me in such a shameless manner. Nor was it their posture, so straight, their colorlessness, their silence, their sad faces.
To be honest, there was nothing, absolutely nothing threatening in the way they sat. In fact, their presence appeared to be so peaceful and pleasing to the eye that it made me feel nostalgic. Like the kind of people you can see in old photographs.
And yet, I could sense that something about them. And I could easily tell that this something was wrong. And then, suddenly, out of nothing, the solution came to me. I realized that what terrified me at the very moment I saw them was the simple fact that they were dead. But again, I cannot tell you how I knew that. (…)
At first I thought they were ghosts. True ghosts, I mean. But now I am uncertain. It was a dream, I keep telling this to myself. It was only a dream. Yet, it was one of those dreams which have that uncanny feeling to them. You know, when you see something in a dream, something that you have never seen before.
I have never seen these people. I don’t know them. And they appeared to be so real. They were too real to be only my imagination. Could it be that I just invented them? I really don’t think so. Did they want to hurt me? Did they come to frighten me? I’m sure they didn’t. Their faces were angry and distressed, yes, but they didn’t speak a word. They didn’t want anything from me. They just…I believe they just wanted to be seen.
I was so puzzled by this dream. I spent the afternoon with thinking about what I had seen. And you know, the strangest thing is that after a while the question whether they were true ghosts or not began to lose its importance. After a while I realized that it didn’t matter at all. Or rather, that wasn’t the point.
There’s no way to find out whether they were ghosts or not. After all, they seem to exist only in my head. Only I can see them, sitting in that fictional room I have never known before. And I think I’ll never learn the truth. The point is that they were there. What matters, what really matters is that they wanted to appear to me. Do you understand what I mean? …

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