moonlight in modern times.Chapter5

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Chapter 5

When school was over Edward waited for Willow outside while he finished Jim class.
He knew he enjoyed himself and Willow was the best athlete there ever was.He could jump higher„ run longer swim faster than any normal human! As he sat there he was concise of two people behind him. He turned and there was Aleasha and Anne standing behind him. His heart started pounding he took a deep breath then said “can I help you”? It was Anne who spoke first “well I wanted to know what is your relationship with Tim”?” Like are you brothers”? “Because you don’t look very alike”

“No” he said it was easier to talk to Anne she didn’t make his heart go thump! “We are cousins” he said matter-of-fact.

“Oh” said Anne “well that explains a lot “

“Was there something you wanted from him”? Edward asked

“Uh” Anne said “I just wondered if he would like to come to the spring dance because you see it is a girl’s choice”!

“Oh I see” He smiled “well I think you’re going to have to ask him yourself he will be out in a few minutes if you care to wait”?

“OK” she said and they stood like that for some time!

Then Willow came out of the school house smiling his happy smile. His hair was wet giving him a more handsome appearance. He saw Edward and raised an eyebrow then came up and said “what’s going on here”?

Edward said Tim Anne hear would like to ask you something he said grinning .Willow looked at Anne and she blushed a deep crimson then she composed herself and still a bit flushed said “Tim would you go to the spring dance with me”?

Willow looked surprised and speechless Anne continued “I know it is a bite forward but you see none of the boys here will take me and since you are new and also you are Edwards cousin who himself is a sweet boy but awful shy.” “You on the other hand are not that shy and since you are new and cannot judge me to harshly. I ask you will you turn me away just like the other boys or will you be different and see me for who I really am on the inside. By this time she was crying.

Willow could not stand to see this pretty girl that he had already fallen in love with cry so he went up to her and without saying anything put his arms around the tiny frame and whisper gently in her ear “yes”!

She looked up and smiled as he smiled at her “you will come with me”! “oh my god this is more then I dreamed” and she hugged him again!

He hugged her then patted her on the shoulder and said “I didn’t expect you to want to ask me and you just caught me by surprise that’s all!”

“Oh” she laughed “I see well thank you for accepting” and with that she turned but before she went she coughed and nudged Aleasha In the ribs. He knew what was coming he looked at Willow and he came closer to him touching his hand so to calm him as Aleasha looked at him and said “I wanted to ask you before Susan asked because I know she will”. “Has she asked you anything”?

“No” he said in the most normal voice He could manage .

“Good then she said would you go to the dance with me”? He scuttled over to Willow so that they were touching skin to skin. Willow griped his hand for comfort and assurance that it was fine to go ahead!

“Yes” said Edward in a calm voice surprising himself “I will go with you”!

Aleasha smiled a sweet smile that sent Edwards hart fluttering. Willow held him in place, “thank you” said Aleasha then turned and walked away with Anne at her side!

Edward and Willow stood staring after them then Willow said “wow that was just like out a movie or something”?  Edward nodded then he said “didn’t expect her to ask me but she did and even with me trying to keep her out of danger she walks right up to it and asks it to dance what if it explodes on the dance floor the whole school will be freaked and I will be dead”! Willow said “don’t worry I wouldn’t have let you say yes if there was no other way but there is and I will tell you about it when we get home after exercise”!

So they went home went to the woods had their daily practice and went back to the apartment! Willow took of his wig and was transformed back to long blond hair in braids and pointed ears! “It feels good to be out of that” he said as he put the wig away in the trunk then he sat on the bed faced Edward and said “now the dance is just in a few days so we have little time to prepare.” “We will first start with the calming poem I gave you then go on to taking deep breaths breathing in and out in and out then you can only have this when you are totally calm or it will not work”.

He took out a small glass bottle from a drawer and said “while you have been going to school alone I have been busy working up a potion to help you keep calm”. “It will not totally slow your beat or it could kill you but it makes you calm down enough when your excitement gets high to keep you from changing form from excitement or anger but I cannot do anything about the full moon change I tried all I could but nothing works!

“That’s alright” said Edward “I only need it for the dance and I would much rather have you around to calm me if something went wrong besides the full moon change is not for another three months”!

“Yes” said Willow “but if the relationship gets serous then you would want to be alone and then you would need a potion of some kind to help you be under control”!

“Your right” said Edward “but while this is just a dance and we will be in the same room you can keep an eye on me while we dance”. “I will take some of it to keep my heart under control while we dance and take some more if we go out for air but I still depend on you old friend”!

“Thank you” Willow smiled” it is nice to have a friend like you”! “The same here” said Edward!

The rest of the night was spent talking about the girls and how amazing it was that the very girls they liked had asked them to the dance when they thought they would have to love them in secret! They laughed and cried tears of happiness and discussed what to wear at the dance! This went long into the night until they all drifted off to sleep!

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