Trap for Amaranta

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

rather weird story about a girl who "becomes a part of fiction". Sorry for possible grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Trap for Amaranta
One day, Amaranta will come and bring a new life for you. A better life in a better world. This story is really old. And don’t worry, because it’s not true. It’s about that man, Larkin Pain, who lives in a village, trying to write his own story.
Now look at his name! It has importance like everything else I say. And the way I say things, it might confuse you. But don’t let my voice disturb your understanding.
And my voice, yes, I know it’s strange.
It’s neither male nor female. Or rather, it’s both.
Still, it’s very important that you can imagine my face, my body, my everything. After all, you will see this story through my eyes.
You need a guide, don’t you?
And you may think that I want to leave you sometime.
But don’t worry, because I won’t.
So let me take you there, right to the very happenings. The village, well, it’s not that important. It’s a far-away place. No one knows where exactly it is or what its name.
Maybe it doesn’t have a name at all. Maybe it doesn’t exist at all. It really doesn’t matter.
But it’s there, and this man is there as well. And what matters is that it is always raining. We don’t know why, and we don’t care. The streets are dark, empty and…well, grey.
Ahh… it’s so strange. You see I have never done such a thing before.
But forget about me.
The people of this village, they hate the place like everyone else would. They believe that there must have been a curse on the village, sometime in the past, and this may be true. And there are secrets, yeah.
There are many secrets in this story.
But now, look at the man! He’s sitting at his desk in his house. It’s a small house, nothing special. But the man, he has a book in front of him and he’s writing the story of this village. He has a wife called Cordelia. She looks after him, because he is unable to take care of himself. He doesn’t care about anything except for his book.
I really want you to imagine the situation now. He is at his desk, he is writing. It’s raining outside. Oh, and the mask! It has true importance.
He’s wearing a black mask made out of wood.
It’s covering his face and it makes him look like a monster.
The people who live in the village think that he doesn’t want to take it off, but the truth is that he cannot.
So he’s sitting there, with this mask on his face.
And then, suddenly Cordelia comes in, and says, “People are talking about you. Amaranta will not come unless you take off the mask. You have to take off that mask!”
She is referring to the prophecy, for there’s a prophecy in the village which says that one day Amaranta will come and bring a better life in a better world.
And the villagers, who hate this place, they truly crave for such a world, so they believe in the prophecy. Unfortunately, however, the prophecy also says that Amaranta may come only if Larkin takes off his mask, that dark mask he is wearing all the time.
Also, it’s really strange that the prophecy is in connection with Larkin and his mask. And no one knows why that is. And Amaranta, they don’t know anything about Amaranta. But they do imagine her as an angel-like figure, a kind of redeemer who will come and stay with them to lead them and protect them.
She has become a real obsession of the villagers, but especially that of Bryce Cole. He’s the leader of the village. He isn’t old or wise, in fact he’s quite young, but he is the one who found the prophecy a long time ago. He said he found it on a slip of paper, and yes, it was in Larkin’s house.
But now, back to Larkin! When Cordelia comes into the room, he stops writing. They start arguing and she asks, “Why don’t you take off the mask?”, and Larkin replies “Because Amy Fantawsia wants me to wear it.”
And from this we learn that he has an imaginary friend, someone invisible called Amy Fantawsia. The villagers know about her, but they have no clue about who she is. They have never seen her. But they hate her, because they think that it is for her that Larkin keeps the mask on his face. And it seems that the mask is the only thing that prevents Amaranta from coming to the place.
So Amy Fantawsia has become an enemy of the villagers, like an evil demon. But she may be also just a demon of Larkin’s mind. Many assume that he is crazy. In fact, he might be crazy, but it’s no surprise. Everyone would go mad in a place like this.
And so when Larkin says he will not take off the mask, Cordelia asks, “Who is Amy Fantawsia?”, but of course Larkin doesn’t say anything about her.
Yet, Larkin knows everything about Amy Fantawsia, actually more than what she knows about herself. And he knows that the prophecy was misinterpreted, but no one believes him. And this is understandable. People don’t like their hopes being taken away from them.
So then, he says he wants Cordelia to leave, because he has to write his book, and she asks him about the book. And he says, “This book is about the village”, but nothing more, which makes her truly angry. And they start shouting with each other.
Don’t worry about such sounds in this story. They may appear other times as well. It happens because of the frustration of people. This village is full of noises which give delight and hurt not.* But they have importance. So at the end, Cordelia gets mad at Larkin and leaves the room.
He continues writing. And Amy Fantawsia asks him about Amaranta. She asks him about who Amaranta is.
And he says, “One day you will understand everything.”
Now, this is the first scene of the story. Do you like it so far? Don’t worry if the picture is not clear. I told you the story is full of secrets. Yeah, I know I’m difficult to figure out. And forgive me if my language is not good at times. The truth is that I am no writer. And I’m in a hurry. The thoughts come so fast and my hands are too slow to capture them.
And please tell me if you don’t like something in the plot. I’m ready to improve. I’m ready to change. I really want you to enjoy the story. I need you. You wouldn’t believe how much I am in need of you.
I am writing in an attempt to escape. So please, keep on reading. Keep on. You will understand everything, I promise.
Now we are outdoors, standing on the main street of the village. Many people are there, except Larkin who would never leave his house for such a meeting. And Bryce Cole is there, and his brother, Skye, and many others.
And someone says, “What if we hid him somewhere so that Amaranta wouldn’t see him wearing the mask?” Bryce replies that it is impossible, for Amaranta is greater than any of them. She would certainly know about that. People are truly upset to hear that and they are trying to find another solution. They are shouting, and some of them get really violent.
And then it turns out that they have one more option left. And yeah, it’s to kill Larkin. To get rid of him would be the same as to get rid of their misery. For misery is a key word. The village is like hell, and these people would do anything to bring salvation. And they ask each other about Amy Fantawsia, the woman who prevents Larkin from taking off the mask, but no one knows anything about her.
And then, Cordelia arrives to the meeting and Bryce asks her about the things Larkin said.
“He won’t take off that mask. Not until Amy Fantawsia allows him to do so” she says.
That of course makes the villagers truly angry and they want to kill Amy Fantawsia as well.
So Bryce Cole says to Cordelia, “I am sorry, dear, but we have no choice.” Cordelia nods, but she is really sad about this.
And so people of the village decide to kill Larkin if he doesn’t take off the mask.
Now look at the villagers. Their character has big importance in the story. They have their excuses. But they’re cruel and they blame Larkin for everything. And their belief in this new, beautiful world cannot be broken. And they suffer so much.
And look at Cordelia’s character. You may think that she has no importance, but that’s not the case. She loves Larkin, but she wants salvation. And she is ready to sacrifice Larkin for this new, beautiful world. Sounds quite selfish, don’t you think?
So then, the meeting is finished, and they go home, thinking that they have resolved something. And now we have to go back to Larkin.
He is in his room, and he is trying to write his own story. He is writing about the village, about misery and stuff like that. He talks about people, about how bad they are, writes down words like pain and jealousy and anger. Doesn’t sound like a happy story, does it? But he has to write it and he is thinking about the prophecy and Amaranta.
The prophecy is true. Yes, it is. Amaranta will come one day and bring a new life. And when she comes, she will realize what a terrible place this is. She can see it now, if she wants to.
But the prophecy was misunderstood. Bryce Cole never knew what he found. How could he understand it? And when Amaranta comes, she will have to tell the truth to these people. Won’t be a nice task.
So here we have Larkin writing his story. He is thinking about the mask. People think he is crazy because he is wearing the mask, but this is the only way for him to keep contact with Amy Fantawsia.
It is the mask through which she can see his world, the only way for her to understand the secrets of the village. And he really needed Amy Fantawsia. She didn’t even know how much Larkin needed her.
And she said to him, “Don’t take off the mask, Larkin”.
And he said, “Don’t worry, I won’t”.
Of course, he was lying. And Amy Fantawsia knew this, for she was thinking too, and realized that according to the things that had been said, Amaranta might come only if Larkin takes off the mask. And Amaranta will come one day, which means that Larkin will have to take off the mask.
But it was a true dilemma for Amy Fantawsia. Just think about it and you’ll understand. There is a secret here, or at least something is wrong with the story. I mean, someone is not telling the whole truth, or there is something more to it. Something is missing. Can you feel it?
And the question is which story we are talking about. And Amy Fantawsia saw this, but she also wanted to reveal the truth.
The two brothers, Bryce and Skye Cole are talking to each other. It is their house, their dining room, though this has no importance at all. This scene too doesn’t have true importance, but please read on. The two of them are sitting at a table, eating, and of course it is raining outside, and you can actually hear the knocks made by the raindrops on the windows.
But forget about such details! There is one really crucial point made here. It may help you. So they’re talking and Bryce is asked about the prophecy.
Because I did not tell you the whole prophecy so far, did I? And I might have misled you, though not intentionally, of course. And so Bryce says it went like this:
“When the story reaches its end and the mask is taken off, Amaranta will come and bring a new life for you. A better life in a better world. You have to listen to her wishes. Do what she asks. She has power over you.”
Yeah, that is it. That is really the whole prophecy, and Bryce Cole tells it to his brother, but he, of course, does not understand it. So Skye asks him if he believes the prophecy to be true, and he says “Is there anything else I could believe in?” And this is so true and not just about him, but about the rest of the villagers as well.
And the reason why Skye didn’t understand the prophecy has something to do with that story mentioned in it, and about Amaranta’s wishes, for she had never really talked to the villagers. In fact, they never saw her.
And that is important, for there is something enigmatic about the prophecy, and that is no good sign.
So let’s see what we have here so far. There’s this village, and the man called Larkin Pain who is trying to write his own story. And we have a bunch of angry villagers and this strange prophecy with the promises of a better life. Can you see the picture as a whole? We are basically halfway of constructing something meaningful out of these events.
I know there are still secrets, things that might not fit into the whole, but don’t worry about them. We need secrets.
So we have Amy Fantawsia whom you will learn more about soon, in fact really soon. Yet, there is one more thing to be done before we get to that point. And that has to do with the prophecy.
For the nature of prophecies like this is such that they have to be fulfilled. And one day this must happen, which means that one day Amaranta has to come to the village. And so she does.
The day itself is nothing special. It doesn’t differ from the days before it. It’s raining outside and Cordelia is in the kitchen. The question of where she is and what she does has really no importance at all. But she is in the kitchen, and she is washing dishes.
And there is a noise. I already told you about these noises. She can hear it and it comes from above, and she can hear that it is Larkin shouting. So she comes out of the kitchen and there appears Larkin at the bottom of the stairs and says, “I have finished my book”. And he looks really joyful, but there is also a kind of frenzy taking over him. And he keeps on shouting, “I have finished my book. This is Amaranta’s Day.”
He runs out of the house, right to the street, and Cordelia believes that he went completely mad, although this is not the case. You have to know that she never believed that this could be Amaranta’s day, for she always imagined it as a very special day, a day on which, for example, the rain would stop and she could see the sun. So she was truly frightened now, and couldn’t do anything but following Larkin.
And he runs to the main street and to the place where the meeting was held before. And he shouts that Amaranta will come and that his story is finished. The villagers all come out and they call for Bryce Cole, who comes and says to Larkin that he is crazy and that they should have killed him much earlier. But Larkin doesn’t care about him anymore.
And then, something really strange happens. Villagers come and want to kill Larkin, but they are stopped by Bryce Cole. Larkin raises his hands to his head and reaches for the mask. Remember the mask? I told you it had importance.
So he reaches for it and wants to take it off.
And I told you that he could never take it off.
Still, now he reaches for it and he manages to take it off.
And the villagers, they all stop and look at that and some of them really begin to think that this might be Amaranta’s day. And they are so very right.
Larkin gets rid of the mask, and he is standing there with his bare face for the first time since he has arrived to this place. But the people around him cannot see him anymore.
He disappears at the very moment when the mask is removed. His whole body disappears and there remains nothing after him, nothing but the rain.
This is so strange and no one understands what happened and even Bryce Cole seems to recognize that he was wrong.
But then, something else happens. The place where Larkin stood before is not empty anymore. There is a woman standing on the ground and the raindrops are falling on her hair. She seems to be really confused and so on, and she doesn’t seem to know where she is. But suddenly, she can hear Bryce Cole saying her name, and he calls her Amaranta. And at that moment she understands so many things that she cannot bear it.
So she faints.
Wow, there were truly many things happening here, don’t you think? That was a difficult part, I know, but now we are getting really close to the key of everything. So Amaranta has come to the village and the villagers could see her and could see how fragile and helpless she was. Still, they are full of hopes now, more than ever, and this makes the whole story so ambiguous.
And Larkin, he disappeared, which is a very strange event here, seems like something supernatural. But then, Amaranta’s arrival was supernatural as well.
So now you might have learnt something truly important about Larkin and about the prophecy. Still, don’t worry if you didn’t. I am here to tell you more about it. Because there is more to it. There is much more to it. Let’s turn to Amy Fantawsia. Her character has some secrets that have to be revealed.
We don’t know much about Amy Fantawsia, but it shouldn’t bother you. In fact, we know nothing about her. We don’t know her age, her looks and so on. But that is really not important. What matters, however, is that she bought that book.
Yeah, she did and this changed everything. That’s a truly important part of the story. I mean the book she buys. She goes to a store, buys the book and starts to read it at home.
And the book is about a village and a man called Larkin Pain who is trying to write his own story. The village, it is so dark and grey and the atmosphere of the book is so depressing. But she likes these kinds of stories.
Oh, and this narrator, this Larkin has such a strange style. And it’s so difficult to imagine him, for his face is covered by a mask.
The people of the village are truly superstitious and they want to kill Larkin because of the mask, and because he seems to be in their way.
And his role in the story is to tell it to her, to make her see the village and to help her reveal secrets. Yeah, there are many secrets in the story. So then, she keeps on reading, page after page.
And one day, she begins to hear noises. Actually it is the voice of someone that she can hear and she truly believes that she went mad.
(The whole situation is like another supernatural element in our story, but of course she doesn’t know anything about this.) So the point is that it seems to her as if the book was talking to her. Oh, no. Not the book. It’s Larkin.
One day she realizes that she can hear the thoughts of this man whose words she has to rely on to understand the plot. And this makes her frightened and confused.
So she throws the book away and doesn’t touch it for weeks, and the voices go silent.
But then, she is really curious. For there are those secrets in the story and she truly wants to know the key and if she doesn’t read it.. well.. she will never know the truth.
So she reads on. And after a while, the voices return. It is again Larkin talking to her and he says, “Please don’t do this again, because I need you”.
So Amy Fantawsia asks him about the mask and he replies that she is able to see his world only through this mask, and therefore, the mask is really important. And then, he also says to her that if he took off the mask, Amy Fantawsia could not know more about the village, because it would mean the end of his story.
At this Amy Fantawsia gets frightened and asks him to keep the mask on his face, which Larkin says he will do as long as it is needed.
But he also says, “Please, keep on reading because I need you.”
And Amy Fantawsia continues reading the story, and she and Larkin become like friends and he always asks her how much she likes the story. And when Amy Fantawsia says that she doesn’t like this or that part, Larkin says that he is ready to improve them or change them if she really wants him to do so. And he really does this.
Amy Fantawsia finds it truly strange that such a thing is possible, and asks Larkin about it, but he never tells her anything about these abilities he seems to possess.
He, as the narrator, appears to be both inside and outside of his own story, being a participant as well as a writer at the same time.
Yet, the strangest is when Amy Fantawsia reads the book aloud. Then, she can hear her voice mingle with the voice of the man, and it really sounds as if they were one person. And this person has a voice which is neither male nor female.
Or rather, it is both.
But sometimes, though just very sometimes it also happens that Larkin gets very mad at Amy Fantawsia. He starts shouting with her and threatens her by saying that he will take off the mask and then she will never be able to learn the truth. They will lose contact and that’s all.
Such things occur whenever she stops reading. He doesn’t like her putting down the book, no, not for a moment and this makes Amy Fantawsia quite suspicious.
After all, why does he need her so much? And why does he plead her so much, asking her to read on?
“You cannot hurt me, Larkin. You are just fiction!” That is what she says all the time.
Of course, Amy Fantawsia does not know that Larkin cannot take off the mask, and so she keeps on reading. And as she is listening to the story of the village, she begins to realize how difficult it is for Larkin to accomplish his task of revealing the secrets of the place.
For they actually seem to be the secrets of his mind, like simple things that worry him.
And he has to fight with so many people there. The villagers hate him, yeah, they do. And the place, oh it’s truly terrible. And then there is this problem, as people want him to take off the mask, though he doesn’t want to do that.
So there’s an old saying which claims that we cannot avoid changes, and this is exactly what happens to Amy Fantawsia. One day the story takes a turn that makes her become truly afraid of the book.
She can actually read her name, Amy Fantawsia, on the pages.
Now, that is a scary moment and an important one as well. And that takes place when Larkin is sitting in his room, trying to write his own story, and Cordelia comes in and asks him about the mask. And he says, “Amy Fantawsia wants me to wear it”.
And so villagers begin to talk about Amy Fantawsia and curse her and hate her. And she feels like an intruder and starts questioning things.
And while she is about to find out the secrets of the story, she herself becomes a secret for the characters.
And then, there’s this other thing, this huge dilemma. She learns about a prophecy. Yeah, people talk about it all the time. And that name, Amaranta, which she has never heard before.
And the prophecy says Amaranta will come to the village and bring a better life. But it also says that it can happen only if Larkin takes off the mask.
So will she, Amy Fantawsia, ever be able to see the arrival of Amaranta? So she gets truly confused and asks Larkin about this woman. And now pay attention to this scene, because this has true importance.
She asks Larkin, “Who’s Amaranta”, and she knows that he knows the answer.
And that is the first time when he doesn’t reply.
And she asks him why, and he says, “You’ll understand everything”.
So she gets curious and wants to know as much as possible about this woman, but that she can do only if Larkin keeps the mask on his face. But if he does that, Amaranta will never come to the village.
And it truly sounds as a selfish thing. Just think about it. There is this village that is like hell and people who live in the village want salvation. And Amy Fantawsia prevents them from salvation just because she wants to know the truth.
And are they, these villagers, really just fictional characters created by an author?
Or can they actually be alive?
And is she, Amy Fantawsia, fictional or real?
And so this is a true dilemma for her, the question of what to do. And then she realizes that the only thing she can do is to keep on reading. For she thinks that the key must be close.
And then, she reaches the point when Larkin finishes his book. And he’s really frantic.
He comes downstairs, shouting like a madman, and says to Cordelia that he is ready with the book. And Cordelia gets frightened, just like Amy Fantawsia.
She can see Larkin going out to the street and telling everyone that this is Amaranta’s day.
So Amy Fantawsia starts shouting, “Don’ take off the mask”, but Larkin doesn’t seem to hear her.
He is surrounded by people and they want to kill him.
But then, he puts his hands on the mask and tries to remove it.
And Amy Fantawsia realizes that she is at the end of the story and the last lines say, “And then I took off the mask.” So she closes her eyes.
What have you learnt, my friend?
What have you understood? Do you still like the story?
This is still not the whole picture so please keep on reading. Keep on. But I hope you see my point now.
You should have understood something and that’s truly important.
I hope you did. I hope my words were clear enough.
You know, this is a difficult task. And we still have secrets, yeah. The ending was still not revealed.
And look at what happened to Larkin.
That’s crucial. That’s really important.
He took off the mask, right? And Amy Fantawsia, she knows everything by now.
Don’t worry. I am going to tell you about Amaranta as well. We will return to the village once again, I promise.
But now we have to look at Larkin.
Read on, because I need you.
Larkin opens his eyes. He’s not in the village anymore. And there’s a room, so neat and nice and warm.
And look out of the windows! There’s no rain, yeah. It’s so sunny outside.
And that beautiful wallpaper and a mirror on the wall. Look into the mirror!
His body is young again. Just like thirty years ago. That’s really a new life. A better life. And a better world.
And look at his eyes! There’s no mask. No village. No story. Poor Amy Fantawsia. Poor dear Amaranta.
And he can see his book on the table.
For there is a table in the room, so neat and nice, and his book is lying on it, and it’s the story that he wrote. And he starts thinking about it and realizes that he has truly written it for thirty years.
Can you imagine this? And now he got a new life, yeah.
He knew that the prophecy was true, but he also knew that Bryce Cole was wrong to believe that it applied to the whole village. For no redeemer could ever make that place a paradise.
And the prophecy, well, it was about something else. It said he had to write his own story because that was the only way for him to escape from the village.
And so he tried. He didn’t want to spend his whole lifetime in a mask.
That was a truly terrible thing, the mask. But it was important, he knew because it helped him make contact with his heir.
He needed an heir. Someone had to tell the story again. And again. But this heir, this heir had to be someone familiar with the plot and the village and so on.
And so he was trying to write a book that was really intriguing so that his reader will keep on reading until the very end.
And this took him thirty years. Long time, don’t you think?
And so his was a story full of secrets.
Many secrets, yeah.
And in the end, his heir took his place. Amy Fantawsia has become part of the story without even recognizing it. And so she set him free. And the price, well, that’s really not important.
So this section was truly difficult for me to write. I had problems, I have to admit. And that is because I don’t know how much you understood from it.
For I might think that you know everything, while in fact you don’t. Or I might believe that you don’t get it while in fact I bore you to death.
So please talk to me now.
Tell me what you think. Do you like the story?
Are there still secrets that have to be revealed?
Let me help you now. I don’t want to lose you, not now, when we’re almost at the end. I need you so much.
Let’s try to make something out of this.
We have Larkin Pain, right? That’s nothing new. I told you about him in the beginning.
But there is something I haven’t told you and that is this thing about him. That he is actually a fictional character of a story.
And Amy Fantawsia, she is not invisible.
The reason why villagers cannot see her is simply that she’s not in their world. But she is reading about this village and about Larkin Pain and she learns so many things about his life.
And there are certain secrets that she does not understand. But in the end, everything is revealed to her.
But please forget about her now. Just for a second, because it’s Larkin who really matters now.
And so the story comes to its end and the mask is taken off and Larkin escapes from the village. And that is exactly what the prophecy said.
Larkin finds himself in another world that truly seems to be a better world. And he is given a new life, which is basically his old life. And this life is certainly better than the one he had in the village.
And from this you might have learnt that he wasn’t always just a fictional character. Yeah, there was a time when he was alive.
But for some reason, he was captured by this book and spent thirty years with escaping from the story he hated so much. Sounds strange, I know.
But maybe this is not impossible. No, not at all.
You may think about that as another supernatural element in our story. It might be the case and maybe it’s better if you think about it that way.
But you should not think about it as something impossible. For it happens quite often.
In fact, it happens all the time.
Now look at Larkin’s character.
Do you condemn him for what he did? He certainly has his excuses.
Wouldn’t you just do the same, my friend? Wouldn’t you just try to escape?
He wasn’t without emotions, you see. He knew about the consequences. Was he selfish to do such a thing? Think about Cordelia whom he left without a word.
And, of course, think about poor Amy Fantawsia.
Sounds like a true dilemma, but he had to make a decision. And so he is free now. His story is finished.
He made mistakes, though. I mean, thirty years! He was writing that book for thirty years.
He must have written down truly everything.
Not just things that had real importance. Anyway… Do you want to know what happened to Amy Fantawsia?
Amy Fantawsia opens her eyes. She is in a small room, nothing special. Details are really not important now.
The point is that she is there, lying on a bed and she can actually hear the knocks made by the raindrops on the window.
For there’s a window and it is raining outside.
She gets up and goes to the window.
When she looks out to the street she can see that it is empty and grey and the whole place is so dark.
And then she begins to remember. There was that book she bought and the story of the village with Larkin and Amaranta. And the story was finished and she just… where is she now?
Yes, she realizes that she is in the village which is the same village she was reading about five minutes ago.
And what happened to Larkin?
He took off the mask.
So where is the mask?
And that name, Amaranta.
She was standing on the street and that man, Bryce Cole, said her name. And he said Amaranta.
And she fainted, right? And now she is in this room, looking out to the street.
So this is the point when Amy Fantawsia realizes that she is in fact Amaranta.
For she did not know that, you see.
When she saw this name in the book she did not think that it could be her. Okay, well this is not true. She did recognize the similarity between the two names. She suspected something from the very beginning.
There might have been points in the story when she was almost entirely sure about it.
But then, Larkin never confirmed anything. So she got uncertain.
For why would Larkin talk about her and Amaranta as if they were two different persons?
But now, she could see everything.
Larkin was doing this all the time. He invented secrets, yeah. And some secrets remained unrevealed until the very end.
And now she is here, alright.
But what is she expected to do?
And she is trying to think about the prophecy and all the things it said, and she really believes that the prophecy was wrong, because she did not bring any change into the village, did she?
The rain is there, and it’s dark and grey and so on.
So she just turns away from the window and can see that there is a mirror on the wall.
And for a moment she can see something in the mirror that truly frightens her to death.
She goes to the mirror and she realizes that she is wearing a mask. And yeah, it’s black and it’s made of wood, and it is the mask that Larkin was wearing in his story.
I told you that the mask was important.
And that sight of her looking like a monster makes Amaranta truly scared.
So she starts screaming and breaks the mirror with her hands. And on the ground, among the shattered pieces she finds a small slip of paper.
She reads it out loud and this is what it says:
“When the story reaches its end and the mask is taken off, people will come and bring a new life for you. A better life in a better world. You have to listen to their wishes. Do what they ask. They have power over you.”
Cordelia can hear the noises and so she comes upstairs and opens the door. And she finds their redeemer, the savior of the village, screaming and bleeding because of the wounds that she caused to herself.
And somehow she feels as if she was in the very beginning of the events.
And yeah, Amaranta too writes her own story.
And she can see that better world again. For the prophecy is true.
But she is cursing Larkin throughout her life for what he did to her.
He deceived her. He misled her. The book trapped her.
But her reader will realize one day that it is the end of her story. And it happens when she writes down the words, “And then I took off the mask”.

Yet, the return to that better world does not bring her salvation. Slowly, Amy Fantawsia goes mad, because she can never accept the fact that she has become a part of fiction.

* from Shakespeare's The Tempest

Submitted: February 13, 2008

© Copyright 2020 Ama. All rights reserved.

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