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In the Maldives till very recent times we have gender differences at large. Even today we are seeing the same picture sometimes in our society. The main reason for this is the tradition that our ancestors & for fathers are following for the past years.

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



In the Maldives till very recent times we have gender differences at large. Even today we are seeing the same picture sometimes in our society. The main reason for this is the tradition that our ancestors & for fathers are following for the past years. Its common belief in our society, women must stay below the men. Till recent days men are thinking negatively about women. In their point of view women are weak, women cannot go for higher studies abroad, and women must stay at home looking for their children. After all in the Maldives women are labeled as house wives & their duty is to be house wives & take care of the children only. This had been like a national theme in the Maldives for the past history.

It’s the men who must do all the work in the society in the aspect of gender roles. Men have all the freedom to do whatever they want in the society. There was huge difference between men & women in the Maldives. This starts form a very early stage of the life. For instance, boys can enjoy the freedom to spend all the times they require with friends. They can stay outside at night as long as they wish enjoying with their friends. They are able to go on picnic with the friends even for overnight trips.

From the side of the girls, they all are unable to do even a single thing like this in their lives. Girls cannot go & enjoy with their friends. They don’t have the permission to go outings with their friends. They don’t have the right to go out at night without parents or family members. Even if they go also they must come home very soon. From this it seems boys are treated like princes while girl are treated like very low class people where they have no right or anything.

In the aspects of the education & other development activities boys are given all the preferences while the girls have no chances like that. It’s seemed that only boys have the right to get proper education while the girls remain like house wives without any education or development for the rest of their lives. Like these in the past days, in all the homes, due to the belief in the tradition boys are treated as special persons while the girls are given no much preference.

Many problems are created within the families because of this gender differences. The biggest problem created because of this is family violence within the family. When there is a huge difference between boys & girls in the family lead to family violence & other problems. On the other hand the same differences between men & women lead to more critical family problems. For example girls have to wait to eat till the boys finish their meals even the girl is sick or really hungry. These remarkable differences will create hatred against the boys in the hearts of girls. Sometimes this violence creates family conflicts where it make difficult to live boys & girls under one roof.

There are some others factors influencing family violence in the society. Early marriage had been the first problem & the main reason for family violence in the Maldives according to my view. Young adolescence girls are normally forced to marry at their very early & productive age due to the tradition in this nation. These young girls don’t have any information about family planning & experience in bringing up their children properly. That’s because they don’t have any awareness about the value of proper living & education about family living simultaneously.

In our society, the problem of conjunctions or over crowdedness is also a factor leading to family violence in the society. People are forced to live in conjunction or in overcrowded places due to many various reasons. In the Maldives the capital city is the only place where all the facilities are available. In order to get the easy and other benefits like good profession, education people are moving to male since they sometimes don’t have any other alternative. This is a major problem in our society today which not leads only to family violence but leads to create many other social problems too. On the hand financial problems, lack of awareness about family planning & proper living create the same problems.

In the present stage the problems regarding gender role is decreasing due to the development of the nation. This is because no nation can escape from the development trends which occur in the world. In my personal view it is not proper to have any gender inequality in a nation like this. Even in our religion there is no gender inequality. All are equal. Whether is a boy, girl, men or women he or she must be given the proper position from the society. This means all the opportunities regarding the education, development & other things related to life must be given equally to both genders.

It is with happiness, I mark today we have some women more qualified & professional than men in their related fields. This is a good sign of the change on the society regarding the role of the gender. Today high government posts are full filled by educated women. In the present even many women are taking part in the development activities of the nation. Some women are going to get education from aboard & getting popular names for the nation.

Today everything is changing in the society regarding the gender role. In the presence so called house wives are a remarkable part in the development in this nation. It is a very kind wish of mine that this trend will remain like this in the future. Then only we, the women can really show to our men, that there are some women who can really compete with them in all the aspects of this life.

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