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In Maldives we have many social problems. These problems are increasing day by day which will create many other problems in the future. In this assignment I have chosen an article from a famous local news paper `Haveeru Daily’ which was about child molestation.

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



In Maldives we have many social problems. These problems are increasing day by day which will create many other problems in the future. In this assignment I have chosen an article from a famous local news paper `Haveeru Daily’ which was about child molestation. Child molester is described as an older person, male or female, which Experiences any types of sexual act with another person who is a child.  Child molestation is a very serious social problem in the Maldives. Sometimes these problems are hidden by the families for fearing they may lose their dignity in the society as well as due to many other problems.  That’s the main reason why the people who are committing these kinds of crimes are increasing in our society so rapidly. 

In the news paper article the writer had focused on the issue of a 48 years old man who had been arrested on the charges of sexually molesting some children in Fuvahmulah Atoll. As well as about two other persons who had molested two girls at the age of 10 from the same island. The ages of those two men are above 65. In the article the writer had not disclosed the name and information of the Child molester & the children who had been molested. It’s because the investigation authorities had not publicize the information since the investigation in on the way. Though this is done to protect a personal dignity, it would be better if we had been given the proper information about these cases. Since it will help the public to safe guard their innocence children from these kinds of criminals. On the other hand writer had not described the names of those innocence children who had been the victim of this molestation. In my view that’s a very good thing the writer did. It`s because if its disclosed the children will have a very negative effect in their lives in the future.

The article high lights about a very serious issue & social problem in our nation. That’s child abuse through sexual molestation. This is a very serious issue in our society & these kinds of child abuse in increasing rapidly. Children are the most important part of any society. Children must be given proper love, care & full protection by the society. If not the nation must turn into a criminal institution, which means every industry of the nation will be affected in the future due to these kinds of social illnesses. The theme is about making awareness among the society about child molestation in our society. In my personal view it’s a very good concept & theme to high light in now days.  Since this problem is increasing day by day creating a fear in the general public about child safety & care.

I was really sorrowful to read this article since it was about child abuse through sexual molestation. This is of course a very serious social problem in our society. We must struggle so hard to find a proper solution for this social issue immediately. The main reason is no one will ever like their children to be caught in such a trap like this. It’s because all will love their children to the utmost level. On the other hand if a child suffers from such sexual abuse or molestation it will have huge effect on the children’s life forever. Sometimes it will make the children really hard to start a proper life due to these kinds of problems. As well as sometimes the children will realized that they have no value in the society & may go astray when they come in to the society as young people. This is the biggest fear I have in this child sexual molestation. I personally work against these kinds of problems. If I am, I will make this society free from all kinds of social problems. First and foremost as said earlier, children are a very special part of our society. Today’s children will be our tomorrow’s future. If we can’t give them full protection they deserve, all their lives will be in misery & we may have to face many consequences in the future. These consequences will be so worse that we may never ever have full guarantee on our own children’s safety since she or he may be a victim of such a person. That’s the main concern I am thinking about from this article.  Since every child is so special we must unite against to fight eradicate these social problems so that our children can live a joyful life.

In this article some points presented can be agreed but from the perspective view of the child molester I can’t agree with him. That’s because a person who is belonging to this society, being a Muslim must not do such a dirty crime. The men who did it may have many problems in their lives. It would be better if there were even few details about the past life style of these people. The main reason for that it will help us to recognize the reason behind these social problems. On the other hand from the investigation authority, it would have been really better if the names of these child abusers had been informed to the general public. So that the people can take precautions on these kinds of persons before it’s too late. But in my opinion they did their job fairly. From the perspective view of the children who had been molested, I think they don’t have any problem with this. I mean that we can’t blame the children for the crime committed by these people. Since children are innocence & parents must have to give them proper information of these kinds of acts in our society. In my view the parents of these children must take responsibility for that.

The arguments used in the article are good. Since this is a social problem the writer had found information from the official authority dealing with these kinds of crimes in Maldives. The arguments are also fair & free from any personal views & ideas. It stated the real problem & the people involving it though their real names are not stated in the article due to whatever reasons. The arguments are not supported by the relevant & reliable evidence. The main reason is the main is under custody for child molestation. Since the investigation of this problem in on the way, the writer is unable to present relevant evidence since it’s not yet revealed by the official departments.

The writer had used proper words in making this article. For example: “Child molester arrested in Fuvahmulah.” I was really shocked to hear it. As well as the following sentence shocked me much. “We arrested a 66 year-old mudhim in connection to one of the sexual molestation cases.” I was really ashamed to read this sentence since a person who is praying five times a day doing such kind of acts is unacceptable.

The article very much relates to the social services in the Maldives since it’s about child abuse through sexual molestation. This is a very serious social problem in our nation which is increasing alarmingly. From my personal view one of the most important areas we must concentrate in the social service is child protection. The main reason for this is children are the best assets of a nation. If their lives are ruined in their earlier stages, it means the whole nation will be ruined in the future. In this manner it is the most important responsibility of all the social workers to unite eradicate these kinds of social problems. Social workers can strive hard and bring a halt to these problems in our society. Like this we can work hard & find the root course of these problems, since it’s better to cut it from the crop before it’s too late. If we can do this that means we have contributed to the society best service any one can contribute in their lives. Then our children can, grow happily, peacefully & free from all the fears for which they will always try their best to maintain social values & norms of our society which will lead this nation to reach its final destiny.

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