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Something random to see how you like the style :)

Submitted: May 03, 2012

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Submitted: May 03, 2012




She stole a quick glance over her shoulder. She looked at the man that had been following her for two days now. He was dressed in a simple black suit. He wore dark sunglasses and a red bag slung over his shoulder. His hair was a dark blonde but almost nonexistent. It wasn’t obvious that he was following her, any normal person passing by wouldn’t notice a thing. Brinley wasn’t exactly ordinary. She discarded her coffee and stood, knowing that he was watching her. She walked out onto the busy street, into a sea of people. She didn't look behind her to see if the man was following, she already knew. She picked up her pace, walking swiftly, trying to gain as much ground as possible. She knew these streets well, hopefully better than her pursuer. Brinley slipped down a side street.

He followed the girl through the crowd, keeping his eyes on nothing but her. He ran into something. “Hey! Watch it!” a small teenage boy yelled up at him. his eyes flickered to the boy and he mumbled sorry. When he looked back up, the girl had gone. He cursed silently and looked around. The entrance to a side street opened up ahead. There was no where else she could have gone. It was worth a shot.
He walked into the shadows of the alley. Brinley watched from her hiding place. His steps faltered as he approached cautiously.
Brinley didn't wait any longer. She leapt form her hiding spot, caught the man by surprise and rammed him up against the wall. They were far enough in the alley that people passing by wouldn’t notice them. She pinned his arm down with one hand and had her other arm pressed against his neck. He did not struggle. He was completely calm. The bag was in between them, pressing into her.
“What do you want?”
 The man didn't speak.
“I know you’ve been following me. Who are you? What do you want?” she growled.
again, he remained silent.
Brinley made a frustrated noise in the back of her throat. She grabbed the arm she was pinning and flipped it over. Inky black lines were carved into his skin, covering the inside of his wrist. There were lines, like vines, twisting together and a symbol nestled in the middle.
she smiled. “Youre with the authorities?” she asked. “What did I do this time?” she released her hold on the mans neck and took a step back. He straightened his suit. In a voice that rasped like a thousand bees, he said, “ You are a suspect In an ongoing investigation.”
Brinley laughed. “Right, right. I suppose victor put you up to this?” Brinley had known Victor for years and he had always hated her.
The man did not respond.
she sighed. “Follow me all you want but I didn't do anything.”
The man nodded slightly. “But you understand that three victims have gone missing so far, all with evidence of your area of magic.”
she raised an eyebrow. “I’m the only one in my area am I?”
“No but you are the most likely.” He said before pressing his hand into the wall and disappearing through it.
She wondered what he had in the bag.

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