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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
After so long being with a male geisha, the boy suddenly left him only to hide the fact that he was sick and could not be saved.

Submitted: July 21, 2015

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Submitted: July 21, 2015






Every night I would go to that room. In a huge house of corrupted flowers, I only choose room 88. A small room that kept the most beautiful, most corrupted flower of all. Each time I saw him, he looks like nothing but the rarest, most beatiful jade craft ever.

Sweet and tender voice, always healing all of my stress. Soft deep gaze of shining eyes, that always give me the calming gaze. Very sincere smile that gives me sweet dreams every night. I know that he gave those to all other men but.... I couldnt help the fact that I was captured by this magnificent raflesia.

Only after a month renting his body, I became his lover. Its now me who has captured him. I'm so gratefull. Its a shame he has to stay in that room forever. "If you ever need me, I'll always be here in this room" he would always said that to me with innocent laugh.

Knowing its forbidden, everytime I wanted to take him to see the outside world he always wished for, I would have to pay more. I dont mind it. I would spend all I have just for him even though all he wanted was to just go to the firework festival. And if I ran out of money, I will sneak him out. It's really fun teaching about the outside world. Seeing him asking questions like a little child and being excited over small things. He was so childish.

So many months has passed and its almost one year after we dated. Running around, looking for gifts to celebrate it, with his beautiful long hair this hair stick suits him perfectly. Excitedly I rushed over to see him but.... the door was closed. He doesnt want to see me. So suddenly... but why? He's tired of me?

Ai (love) : I hated that man so much
??? : eventhough he gave you everything?
Ai : everything but one.
??? : but one? What is it love?
Ai : freedom. You were one of them who promised it... you are the only one to fulfill that promise and for that... you are the only one i love.

Hearing those words, I now regret for coming that night. No.... I regret everything. Those words were never written in his script as a host. It was so real that I couldnt even think it as a prank or lie. How could he?

A month later, I saw him at the street in the middle of the day. He's free now with a new person holding his arm. Yet, he doesnt look so happy. He look so weak. I wanted to go and talk to him but he only glance at me. From that I can see that he was hiding something. He broke my heart on purpose and then, all I did was wait. He will surely call me. He will... he must!

It took him 6 months to finally ring my phone but when I answered it, all he said was "I'll always be in this room" Its an invitation for sure but why do I feel so worried right now?

Not wasting any time, I rushed over to his room. I opened the door of room 88 and there he lies still on the bed, wearing his best kimono and smiling towards me.

It was suppose to be a welcome smile but I see it as goodbye smile.

Me : why did you do this to me?
Ai : I dont want to watch you sad everyday being around me.
Me : how long?
Ai : since the fake cheating script I read with him.... yeah. I knew you were there and you heard us.
Me : please stop smiling like that. Please dont make it as if its okay.
Ai : Why? I want to see your smile before I go. That is my last wish. I know I've hurt so bad but... please, my love. This is my last wish. I promise.

He could still joke at his final times. To grant his final wish, I took out the hair stick I bought before and tied up his hair. He looks so beautiful that it made me smile. Slowly his eyes closing and his smile fading and then a whisper of a leaving soul "I'll always be in this room". My smile now slowly beginning to fade and tears streaming down, dripping to his face. Calling his name over and over again wont bring him back to life but why? Why cant I stop calling for him?

So many days passed. So many flowers planted in the empty room. Even though he was gone, I can still feel his presence in there. Even though he's gone, I never stop paying for each night for the room. He's still there. He never left. He'll always be in that room...



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