Outlaws of Love PART 1

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Submitted: August 12, 2017

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Submitted: August 12, 2017



In a world of hate and racism, there's no easy way to stop the wars.

"Boss! There is an old couple outside want to see you." Jeremy told his boss Micheal.

"What? This NCSI not a school ! "

"They said they're here for an urgent case."

" What type of cases?"

"They ain't tell me, they want to see you in person.»

"Okay. Let them in!"

Some minutes later, the couple came into the office. Micheal greeted them with shaking hands:

«Take a seat please ! " Micheal motioned them to sit.

"Thank you sir!" the old man said. They looked in the forty or so.

"So Mr. and Mrs.?"

"I'm Anna Brandon and this is my husband Chris Brandon.» The wife replied.

"Okay nice to meet you! How can I help you? "

"My daughter, she need help." Chris said.

"What happened to her?"

"She's Eliza Brandon, she's a marine. " Anna said.

" Oh Eliza Brandon, I heard about her. She's a good marine."

" yes sir. But she's in danger. "Chris said.

" What type of danger?" Micheal asked.

" We have doubts. " Anna said.

"What doubts? Can you explain to me Mrs Brandon ? "

"Terrorism, she's dealing with terrorist thought. "

"This is a serious issue. Are you sure ? "Micheal asked.

"She left our house before 5 months. And we haven't  seen her since that." Chris replied.

"She didn't contact, did she?"

"She did, on phone. But she refused to go back home."

"So she's okay. Now what makes you doubt on terrorism ? "

"She left house after a fight between us because she knows a terrorist. " Anna responded.

"How you know that guy is terrorist ? "

"She's a lady actually. We just know. We think she kidnapped her. Can you please help us ? " Chris said.

" Okay Mr. Brandon, my team will check her. If you have nothing to add, You can leave and we will contact you if we find out any news."

"Thank you sir!". Chris thanked Micheal then he left with his wife.

Micheal got out from his office to see his team:

" We have a case here!" Micheal yelled.

"Yes sir!" Jeremy said.

"Find Eliza Brandon ! Do researches about the last five months. Tell me when you find her."

"Okay boss  ! " They replied.

After a while, they asked Micheal to see what they found out.

"Okay! What did you find?"

"She's renting a house here in new Jersey." Carl said.

"And she's going to work daily." Bishop said.

"Then what's wrong with her parents ? They said she may be kidnapped by a female terrorist." micheal interrupted.

"Maybe there's a void in the story." Jeremy said.

"What we will do sir?" Carl asked.

"Fill in the void." Micheal replied.

"I think we need to check out her place. "Bishop said.

"Yeah we may find evidence. " Jeremy said.

"So let's go." Micheal ordered his team. " Carl, stay here

We may need you".

"Okay boss."

Micheal, Bishop and Jeremy arrived at the place after fifteen minutes. They left the car close and pulled their guns to be ready for anything.

"Jeremy, ring the door bell ! " Micheal ordered the agent.

"Okay sir!" He replied and rung the bell. " We're NCSI ! Open the door ! "

Three minutes later, the door was opened. She was a young pretty lady who's wearing hijab.

"Hello! How can I help you ? " the girl asked.

They were surprised. Because she didn't look like a terrorist. Many questions were spinning on their heads.

They pulled back their guns. But she saw it anyway. She felt worried.

"Hello Mrs.?" Micheal was in front of her.

"Leila! My name's Leila ! Is there any problem?" she asked.

"Can you let us in?" Micheal asked gently.

"Yes sure!" she welcomed them into the house.

The house was a little bit dark because of the rugs colours. But it was pretty.

Bishop and Jeremy were amazed with decorative living room.

"You can sit if you want ! " Leila motioned them to sit on the couch.

Jeremy hurried to sit and smiled "Thank you!"

"Are you always acting stupidly ? " Bishop whispered.

"What ? I'm tired. " Jeremy responded.

"So where's Eliza Brandon ? " Micheal asked Leila.

"She's at work ! What's wrong ? " Leila replied.

"Do you live together ? " Bishop asked her.

"Yes!" she simply replied.

"We need to search the house for some things ! "Micheal said.

"Okay!" Leila accepted." But can you tell me what's going on?"

"We have report that Eliza dealing with terrorists. I think they meant you. "Micheal said.

"Do I look like a terrorist ? " Leila asked with humour.

"Well! This is confusing ! " Jeremy said with smile on his face.

"Bishop, Jeremy! Check the house!" Micheal ordered them.

Leila stayed in the same position. She was shocked.

After a while, " Boss ! We found nothing about terrorism." Bishop said.

"There are only pictures for Eliza and Leila. " Jeremy smiled and winkled Leila.

"Okay ! Leila! You will join us to the office!" Micheal ordered her.


Leila didn't try to say anything. She got out with them, piled into the car and went to the office.

When they arrived there, they let her in the investigation room.

They were watching her behind the glass.

"She doesn't look harmful ! " Bishop said.

"Yes you're right. " Micheal agreed.

"We dealt with many terrorists but she looks peaceful and lovely. Look at her face and her way of moving fingers." Jeremy analysed her body language.

"Why Eliza's parents say such a thing ? " Bishop was puzzled.

But Micheal didn't answer. He left them and entered the investigation room and sat in front of Leila.

"So Leila ! What's going on?" He asked.

"I'm supposed to ask this question. "

He laughed. "Eliza's parents came here today to report that their daughter has contact with terrorists and you're the suspect here." Micheal told her what happened quickly.

"This is not true. Am I a suspect because I'm religious ? Why I'm suffering from racism ? Because I'm different, isn't it?"

"Because her parents mentioned that the suspect is a female. And you may kidnapped her."

Leila laughed " Eliza isn't kidnapped,  I would never hurt her and she doesn't know any terrorist. "

"Why her parents said such a thing ? " He asked.

"Borrow me your cell phone ." she asked him for his cell.

"Okay ! " He handed her his mobile because he knew she was innocent.

She typed Eliza's number phone " Hello ,Eliza! This is me." "yeah Leila!" " I'm at the NCSI agency ! " "don't worry!" " Okay I'm waiting for you " " I won't leave anyway. " she talked to Eliza and hang up.

Micheal left the room to call Eliza's parents.

After a while, Eliza came in with her marine uniform. She went directly to Micheal's office, she unlocked the door without asking permission " where's Leila ? " she asked angrily. Jeremy and Bishop followed her curiously.

"I'm sure you're Eliza Brandon. " Micheal was cold.

"Yes I'm ! "

"A pretty marine here, hmm you're welcome ! I'm Jeremy!" He shook her hand.

"Okay ! Thanks!" she replied.

"Jeremy ! Go to your desk!" Micheal  sent him away.

"Okay boss!"

"Bishop ! Bring Leila here!" Micheal ordered her.

"Of course boss!"

"You can take a seat Mrs. Brandon ! " Micheal said politely.

"No thanks ! I used to stand up." she refused his request. She was worried about her lovely Leila.

At that time, Micheal told her the story.

"And did you believe my parents ? This is a lie." she was puzzled.

"I didn't believe it. I want you to solve your problems as a family because you're our colleague."

"It's complicated. "

When Leila came in, she hurried to hug her "Babe,are you okay? I'm sorry ! " Eliza said with tears inside her eyes.

"I'm okay ! But we need to talk!"

"Boss! Her parents are here ! " Bishop said.

"Let them in ! " Micheal replied.  

When they came in, they pulled Eliza close and hugged her. They told her how much they were missing her. But she refused to stay in their arms. 

She was strong and serious " Why did you do that ? "

"We wanted to see you ! " Anna said.

"By saying that Leila is a terrorist ? "

"We will never trust her ! " Chris said angrily.

"So it's just a family problem!" Jeremy commented.

"Mr. And Mrs. Brandon, you can't just came here to report a fake case." Micheal said.

"But she took our daughter ! " Anna said sadly.

" I'll marry her. When you will realize that I love her ? " Eliza talked to her parents.

"Wow!" Bishop said.

"Hmm that's why I found many photographs for them!" Jeremy said.

"OMG! What's going on with parents nowadays ? "Micheal asked.

"Now we understand ! " Bishop told her boss.

"I don't care about your racism, I'm happy with Leila so leave us alone!"

Her mother, Anna was crying " Come back with us! That's enough ! "

Her father begged Leila " let her go, please ! At least today!"

" I've never tried to take her from you!" Leila was sad.

When she saw their pain, she couldn't hold it. She walked away saying " Eliza ! They need you! Go with them today."

"But Leila ?! " she called her name.

"I'll wait for you ! " she smiled with tears into her eyes and left.

Eliza turned around to Micheal "Don't arrest her again ! You hurt her dignity without a reason ! "

"Don't worry ! This won't happen again! Try to fix your family issues ! "

"I'll make it up." Eliza replied and left with her parents.

"I like the fact that I'm always right ! " Jeremy said.

"Oh really ? " Bishop asked.

"Hmm self-confidence ! " Micheal commented.

"Yeah I'm not racist like you. They're a lovely couple. " Jeremy responded.

"Oh so we're racist now!" Bishop was puzzled.

Micheal smiled and left them in chaos as usual.

Leila went back home sad. She sat on the couch all alone. She was in pain. She had to face everyone. She had to face racism against her religious beliefs and her love. She didn't feel ready to face anyone especially Eliza's family. She didn't want to separate them. But she didn't know what to do.

At that time, Eliza was talking to her parents, blaming them about the situation and convincing them to accept the relationship.

The next day, Leila left work at the afternoon. While she was walking home in the neighbourhood, it was empty and  she felt that someone was following her. When she turned around she found him holding a gun :

"This is you ! " she said.

"I'm done with your shit!" He replied.

"Calm down, please! Don't make such a sin! Let's talk ! "

"I don't want to talk to you!" He said angrily and shot her.

She felt pain inside her heart. She looked down to her chest, she touched her own blood and fell down. She saw her whole life in a moment. She asked God to forgive her for everything. She expected that was the end.

That man left her bleeding and faded away.

After a while, a woman found her there on the ground. She hurried to check her pulse. And called the emergency to save her.

An hour later, Micheal recieved a call from the police, they told him about the lady who was arrested by him was at the hospital.

So he hurried to the hospital with Bishop. He asked about her in the reception. They used the elevator to attend her room. When they arrived at the door, they asked the doctor :

"Hello doc, I'm Micheal craft and this is agent Bishop from NCSI. "

"Hi ! How can I help you ? "

"What happened to her ? Leila, how's she ? "

"She got shot. The bullet is close to her heart, so we couldn't erase it. Unfortunately, she won't survive. "

"Can we talk to her?"

"Yeah ,probably she still has hours. "

"There's no way to save her ? " Bishop asked.

"Unfortunately no! I'm sorry. " The doctor replied and left.

Micheal and Bishop came inside the room. They were upset to see her that way.

"Leila! Do you hear me?" Bishop whispered.

"Hey! How are you ? " Leila asked.

Bishop smiled and replied " I'm the one who supposed to ask this question. "

"I'm okay ! " Leila laid.

"Leila, this is me :Micheal. What happened to you ? "

"Oh hi ! I don't know ! "

"You do Leila. Try to remember. "

"I was on my way home and someone shot me."

"Who did that ? "

"I don't know him. He was a stranger. "

"Are you sure ? "


"Okay, can you describe him?" Bishop asked.

Leila didn't expect that question " I don't know. He was wearing a mask. "

"How you know he was a stranger if you didn't see his face ? "Bishop was a little bit mad.

"I'm sorry, I'm not focus."

"You should tell us the truth. You're dying. Dammit ! " Micheal was angry.

"Boss!" Bishop said.

"She knows the truth. Why you're hiding it ? " Micheal asked.

"We have enough wars. Someone should stop it. " Leila replied.

"Bishop stay with her!" Micheal ordered Bishop and left.

He went to Eliza and her parents.

Anna let him inside.

He greeted them. And he refused to sit.

"What's wrong ? " Eliza asked.

"It's about Leila ! " Micheal replied.

"I told you to stop tracking her." Eliza said angrily.

"Actually I came to tell you that she need you."


Eliza's parents were confused. They didn't understand the situation.

"She's at the hospital. " Micheal responded.

"Leila at the hospital ! What happened to her." Eliza was shocked.

"She's still alive ? " her father Chris lost control.

"Do you have any idea about the case here?" Micheal asked Chris.

"No ! How would you know?"

Micheal has just found out a new key I I case.

"Which hospital ? " Eliza asked while she was picking up her phone and car' keys.

"We will go together. " Micheal replied. " What about Mr and Mrs Brandon ? " He added.

"We will join you. I won't let my daughter alone in this situation. " Anna said.

She looked at her husband to go with them.

And that what happened.  When they arrived to the hospital ,Eliza was completely broken. But she was trying to hold on.before she came into Leila 's room, Micheal had to tell her the whole story and her medical situation.

" Are you saying that she's dying ? " Eliza was barely breathing.

"I'm sorry soldier! " Micheal replied. And hugged her close. She was crying on his shoulder. But she held on and asked him " Why she didn't describe the criminal ? "

"I'll tell you inside !"

"Oh maybe she doesn't know him!" Chris commented.

"Are you happy Mr. Chris ? "

"Why I should be ? "

"Leila, your problem will fade forever. "

"Not like this. " He said. And came in all near Leila.

Eliza walked slowly to her bed. So Bishop stood up and stayed away next to her boss Micheal.

Eliza was on her knees near Leila " My love ! I'm here."

"Eliza ! I didn't want them to tell you that I'm here. "She looked at Micheal with tears into her eyes. She was blaming him for bringing her there.

"How could you stop me from coming to you ? "

"Don't cry Eliza!"

" you said you'll wait for me! Why you sent me away if you won't wait ? "

"I'm sorry Eliza ! It's destiny. "

"You can't leave me alone! We will get married. Don't go please. You're the only person that I trust. "

They couldn't hold her tears. Even Bishop.

"You can get over it, Eliza ! "

"I should have been around. I should have protected you. I'm sorry Leila. "

"stop crying !" she dried her tears " it's okay, I'm not afraid. "

"Who did this ? Tell me who's the heartless criminal ! How could he hurt a harmless person like you ? "

"There are things more important to care about my love ! "

"Leila ! Stop protecting the criminal ! " Micheal said.

"She's trying to protect a family member, Isn't she?" Bishop asked her boss.

He turned around to Chris.

"Do you know him? Tell me who's he ? " Eliza was angry. She was ready to kill the shooter.

"Enough hate, let's avoid this war. At least we can stop one war in this world. "

"Why you're doing this ? You're killing me. "

"I'm saving you Eliza. Give love and you'll get more. I want you to move on and live happily. "

"Leila ! You can't leave me!"


Unfortunately, it was the time for leaving. Leila passed away and left them puzzled.


"Leila ! " Eliza yelled.


"Why she hid the truth ? " Bishop asked her boss.

"It's clear Bishop ! She didn't want to create a war inside the family because of hate and revenge. "Micheal replied.

"Eliza ! You should be strong, especially now!" Micheal added while he was catching her shoulder.

"The bullet is still in her body, our doctor will pull the bullet. Then we will find out the type of the gun and we will arrest the killer. " Bishop was explaining to the family.

Chris Brandon expected such a thing. But he didn't expect Leila's reaction.

"No need to waste your time! I did that... I killed her."

Anna and Eliza were puzzled to hear such a thing.

"How can you do such a thing ? " Anna asked her husband.

"Father! " Eliza lost words.

"Well! We already know. Hate and love would drive people to make sins. " Micheal said.

"But how did you know ? " Chris asked.

"It was clear that she was protecting you. The rest of the story you will know it in court." Micheal replied.

"You're heartless liar! Despite you're devil, she didn't want to send you to jail." Eliza said.

"I found out why you loved her. But it's too late. I'm sorry Eliza. I was trying to protect you and keep you close. I felt that I would lose you."

"I'll never forgive you. You killed a saint like her just to satisfy your meaningless selfishness. You're worse than the people I deal with at work. "

"Let's go!" Micheal ordered Bishop.

"Yes boss!"

They left after arresting  Chris Brandon for murder.

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