Fairy Tale- A Love story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Poem beautifully telling the love story of a girl, her journey of love and intimates with her lover but life is not always a failry tale.....

Submitted: December 25, 2011

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Submitted: December 25, 2011



He touched me with his words and entered in my heart,

The one with whom I could share and feel that magical spark……

They say love is nothing but mere a infatuation which goes off with time,

But I lived days and nights with u and knew this was not the case of mine…..

Passing by days with the sleepless nights, and the time just flew,

The time you eat, walk and even breathe all I knew…..

With you I realized it’s not the kiss but moments before it which fascinates,

Way you look deep in my eyes n hold my face made that second jubilant……

Getting fitted in your arms as if I was made to be in them,

Being in a world with you and forgetting all the other names….

Talking or being with you use to be the best time of the day,

Honesty in your words made me believe that you’ll be there even if the time is grey…..


Getting a true buddy in her Man is what every girl dreams off,

Giving her own space and still being beside her when the evil cross….

Apart from the distance in miles I could always feel your whisper in my ears,

With your songs, messages, talks and letters I always felt you near…….

How can I forget walking with you on crowded streets with your hand holding mine,

Look in your eyes when I was leaving, all those rides, flowers and the self made dine….


We talked everything about our future and the past,

It made our bond and faith such strong which could never last……

Complementing me on my smile, eyes , attire and even the way I winked,

Made me blush red in front of others and reasons they use to think…..

How can I forget resting on your shoulders and saying nothing but looking at you for hours,

Feeling of being secured even if hundred eyes staring at me in a bar……..


This was the better half of our story which I wish to tell,

But my dear friends life is not always been a fairy tale………

Staying away from you only I realize that enormous pain,

With a hope in heart that one day we’ll be together and my sacrifice doesn’t go in vain…..


© Copyright 2020 Aman Lodha. All rights reserved.

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