"Pregnancy ADD" OR "Pregnancy bi-polar-ness" -Funny take on my mood swings-

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While trying to make myself write after a good hiatus, I just started typing. I ended up writing about my pregnancy mood swings and possible ADD. A very irritating trip to McDonald's makes a drug dealer out of one guy and gave a mid-life crisis to another. All of this being VERY out of character for me. Hoping to write a fun little tid-bit at least a couple times a week, possibly more, possibly less. let me know if it is well put together or not. I am not used to writing this format, I suppose I should say.

Submitted: July 14, 2009

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Submitted: July 14, 2009



What to write? What to write? Geeze… I do not know. Once again I am having five million things to want to right about, but when I start to put it down. I get lost… But where would I put it anyway? Put it online where nobody would read it? Yeah.. That makes a lot of sense, right? I think that most of all, I would like for someone to read what I say. I think I just want to be heard more than anything. I want people to read and criticize me, love me, hate me. Anything! I post my writing online and I get a few wonderful comments. But nothing large. Nothing that impacts me a lot.

Please… DO NOT confuse that with being unappreciative. I am soooo appreciative of those wonderful comments. I want criticism. I want someone to tell me what is wrong with it to perfect it further. Well, when I do post, I get discouraged. Then I get embarrassed because writing is just so personal. There are so many emotions involved in writing. I get inspiration, I get the need to write. Then I sit down and get distracted. Maybe I just have ADD… There is something wrong with me… Just not sure what it is.

Perhaps I just need to sit down in write. My life is hectic. I have a 5 year old in preschool. I have a fiancé. I have a puppy. I have a job. I have, I have, I have, I have. It never ends. You just get distracted and want to forget sometimes. I need some pills for that ADD. Oops! It crept up on me again. I digressed! How to write “lol” without actually writing LOL. Maybe I could just write a little everyday about what has happened and perhaps somebody will find me amusing. I find myself amusing a lot of times through-out the day.

Perfect example: McDonald’s. Now, I really need to include here that I am 13 weeks pregnant at this time and my mood is up, then down, then in the middle. I need to include this, because I got a little moody with McDonald’s and it is abnormal. Anyway, its 12:38, just got my fiancé from work and we were heading home. He was hungry and asked to stop there. Pull up to the speaker. “Welcome to McDonald’s, We are only accepting cash at this time, is that ok?” I cringe. I NEVER carry cash with me. I did want some chicken nuggets. I can only find $6.00 to give them. I need to feed the man first because he hasn’t even for 12 hours. I say fine. I am at this point boiling because I am thinking all the times that I had trouble with “pleasing the customer”. So, I think, well we will order what he wants, if he have a little leftover, maybe I can get some chicken nuggets. I order his. “Please pull to the window for the total.” Ahhhhhhh! I tell them (yes, very rudely as well) I want the total now. “I need to add it up”. Well I try to generalize to not be so pissy with them. Well maybe, their computers are resetting, and it just happens to be at this time. Get to the window and I get a little nosey, the computer is functioning perfectly. I get more upset. I start going on and on to my fiancé about how no matter what at Wendy’s we always had to have everything no matter what time it was or how close we were to closing. And about how we kissed customers butt’s but nobody ever seems to do it when I go somewhere. Now, remember I am really going on about this. Doing the usual nagging, bitching, yelling, pissy, pregnant complaining. I was so irritated with the guy at the window I didn’t even look at him.

This may not seem to you like an amusing little story, but this is so far away from my regular personality. I just got home and started laughing. McDonald’s ticked me off so much that I started complaining about every car and everything that I could. I called one guy in a conversion van (with bright shiny stupid rims) a drug dealer, another guy I accused of cheating on his wife and having a midlife crisis. He was driving a supped-up ‘95 Mustang Cobra that muffler was louder than I could yell at him. “LOL” After I cooled down I started laughing at myself. My mood went right back to cheery.

Perhaps I am bi-polar. Ok, from now on, I am going to call it pregnancy bi-polar-ness. I am going to bed, probably bitch at dear old fiancé a little first, yell at the dog. Then doze away peacefully and dream one of those crazy dreams I have been having. Good night to all of you people up late at night and can handle the midnight hours better than I can.

Miss Amanda 07/14/09 2:03am

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