dont cry child

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Submitted: May 02, 2009

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Submitted: May 02, 2009



Don't cry child, I am hear no matter how bad you push me away I will stay. I know you need me i can see it in your eyes...the look as if your going to cry... but you don't cry but you don't keep it in. I love you even tho you havethose bloodie scars on your arms and your sad poems. I will stay even tho your killing yourself. Your heart feels like it can't take this terriable pain. The blood smears as you cut, butthe pain doesn't go away it stays. Your world keeps spinning and you keep falling down on the blades of sorrow pain. I don't cry when i see you blank white face. We want you, don't go! Tho you hate this boodie sick pain in your stomuch. You want to go. But when your gone i will only feel more empy and alone. Who will i turn to? I will only feel more alone as tho i am black chipping paint. Everyone loves you, i can see it in there eyes. I know your pain, you look in the mirror and you see nothing! You  feel like thin air. But once your gone the sky will always be gray. And i will weep for you! You were my bestfriend . And know you will always be loved. But i will never be the same if you do this. I will only feel more pain. I will always be there, i won't leave intel time stops. Nor will i judge.

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