As Mandy visits her favorite city, she meets a famous celebrity. As their relationship develops, love takes over.

The city is just somewhere I feel comfortable. Each time I visit, I know that someday I’ll be living here. Manhattan is just one of those places you either love or you hate. Being a Floridian, I suppose getting away from the sunshine and beaches explains my love for it. Either way, I am thoroughly enjoying myself here. I saw my first play yesterday at the Majestic Theater and, naturally, it was nothing short of breathtaking. All that was left for me to do was to make my visit the Empire Sate Building, which I’ve done many times before. Since I had to fly back home in a few days, I decided to do something eccentric! And that is to go to the Village and eat at the strangest looking restaurant I can find. Seeing how I had spent most of my money, I knew whatever place I decided on would have to be cheap. It wasn’t long before I found the perfect place. It was a little pub tucked deep underground and covered with flashing lights and beer brand signs. After reading the prices on the display menu, I was satisfied.

This was the first time I had gone to New York on my own. Since I usually go with my family, I figured it would be best to go it alone before college. Besides, I knew it would be a good learning experience since I would soon be in the “real world”, as I have so often been told by my elders. My mom gave me hell about going by myself, but I knew she’d eventually let me. In fact, I should probably call her.

After I had finished my clam chowder I noticed a large crowd beginning to form across the street. I could hear the high pitch screams of young girls calling out the name, “Tom! Over here! Tom!” I knew it must be some celebrity, so I stood up to see if I could get a better look. There was a flurry of people, cameras began flashing, and horns honking from behind the growing mass. Tom… Could they mean Tom the Bomb? As I listened to the fanatic crowd continuing to demand this person’s attention, I heard some young couple say as they flew passed me, “Did you see that? It’s Tom Butler.” Holy shit, it was him! I’d never met any famous people in during all my visits to New York, so this was exciting. And of all the celebrities, this guy was my favorite film actor. He’d won 2 Oscars and his most recent film has been the talk of America.

I asked for my check and raced across the street hoping get a glimpse of him.

“Is it Tom the Bomb? Tom Butler?” I asked a fan who was trying to make her way across he street.

“Yeah, he’s just leaving! Oh my God, I love him so much!” By the time I arrived in the crowd, the swarm had grown so large I couldn’t even see where he was. I guessed it was where all the lights were going off, but that was like, what, 30 feet away? Oh, well. I knew it would be pointless anyways. I really loved Tom the Bomb as an actor, not the way these squawking girls and middle-aged women did. It seriously makes me sick to think all they want is a picture with him so that they can drool over it for a month or so. Whatever, that’s what I say...

As I walked away from the mob, quite gloomy having just ruined my chances of meeting the amazing Tom the Bomb, I headed back to the restaurant from which I came. Since it was getting late I decided it would be best to just head back my hotel room the way I came. But just then, right before I could get across the street, some freak grabbed me by arm and started pulling me away from the crowd and into a dark alley. My heart was pounding and, as I tried to break away from him, he showed me his knife. I had hoped with all my heart that someone had seen this! He put the weapon to my face and pulled me in closer to him, his breath reeking of alcohol. I couldn’t take my eyes off the shinning double sided blade which hissed at me with terror. The man had managed to rip my shirt down the center and by then had his hands down my jeans. I wanted to kill him. I began squirming and screaming out frantically but then the man held up his knife and slashed at me. The blade reached my arm and after the stroke of his hand my arm was bleeding profusely. A long red line was starting to grow wider and wider. I dropped to my knees unintentionally and squeezed my arm with all my might. I sat crouched on the ground staring at my flesh wound and just as the man went to take another step toward me, some one had arrived. They punched the bastard in the face and he went diving into the cement, face first. I couldn’t make out the face of my rescuer but God, was I ever thankful.

“Hey!” My rescuer suddenly called out behind him. “Get the cop!” He then rushed back towards my attacker and held him to the ground. By that time, three huge police men had arrived. “He was attacking that girl!” continued my hero. But as he spoke I noticed he had an accent, a rather strong accent, a rather strong Scottish accent. One of the police came up to me, attempting to question what had just happened, but before I could answer him my rescuer came up to me, helping me to my feet. He stared down at my arm.

“You’re hurt,” he said.  It was Tom the Bomb Butler. I couldn’t believe it. I tried to respond.

“No... Yes…” 

“Ma’am,” the officer said. “Will you explain to us what happened?” I saw the other two cops put my attacker into their police car.

“Well, I was just walking and he grabbed me… I was actually trying to see this man,” I pointed to Tom the Bomb who still stood staring at me with troubled eyes. He seemed so concerned. “But, he saved me. He saved my life.” Just then a smile appeared on his face. He held out his hand.

“I’m Tom,” he said. “In case you didn’t already know.”

“I’m Mandy Casdel.” I shook his hand with my good arm.

“She needs to go to hospital,” he said again in his Scottish tongue. “Officer, will you get us a taxi?”

And that was it. Mr. Butler refused to leave me alone after I told him I had no one to go home to. I told him where I was staying and he insisted on accompanying me to the hospital. I had to get 6 stitches, which was going to cost me a fortune, but Tom insisted again that he pay for it.

“No, way,” I said. “You’ve done enough for me.”

“Not enough!” was his answer. It took an hour and a half and I was all taken care of.  Luckily I wasn’t injured anywhere else and the doctor said I could go home. But before I did I had to call my parents to tell then what had happened. Naturally, my mother almost had a heart-attack and my father was as furious as ever. Tom then spoke to my parents and explained to them in detail what had happened. They were so grateful to him and said if there was anything they could do for him, to just let them know. But being the man he was, Tom asserted the ordeal was entirely his fault and he felt this was the least he could do. My mom had half a mind to fly up that night to see me and thank Tom in person.

Later that night, Tom got me into a Taxi heading for my hotel. Our departure was rather gloomy; Tom seemed almost too concerned for my well-being. My God, he was so kind.

“I just wish there was more I could do,” he said.

“You have done more than I could ever ask for, Tom.” The cab pulled along side the road. I smiled at him one more time and just then we hugged each other.

“Well, it was nice meeting you,” I said. He bowed his head and placed his hand across his heart.

“And it was lovely meeting you as well. I wish the very best of luck to you in life and tell you mother I said hello, your father too.” We shook hands then I stepped inside the cab.

* * *

I hoped my disguise would prove credible, but I felt a baseball cap and a hoodie would hardly get the job done. Nelly’s Café was just two blocks away and oh, how I long for a cup of Joe! The place was pretty quiet which was odd considering what time of day it was. I walked to the bar and asked for a decaf cappuccino. Just as I went to pull out my smokes, out of the corner of my eye I recognized none other than the little Mandy Casdel, sitting all alone, her arm still bandaged from last night’s nightmare. She was at a small table tucked back in a dark corner, her nose stuck in a book. I called out her name in sheer amazement, walking toward her.

“Mandy?” She looked up and immediately recognized me. Her little face just lit up and that smile of hers filled the room.

“Hi!” She called out. “Oh my God! What a surprise! How are you?”

“Oh, I’m great, just great,” said I. “But how are you? Feeling any better? How’s the arm?” She just shrugged her shoulders in fun and smiled up at me.

“Oh, fine, I’m fine. Doing much better.”

“Might I join you?”

“Of course!” I pulled out a chair and joined her at the little table. She was reading a book about opera; she seemed so happy to see me. “This is so weird!”

“God, I know!” I slapped my head with my hand and sighed. “Didn’t think I’d ever see you again. But really, you’re doing better? The arm’s… okay?”

“Yeah, it’s totally fine. The cut wasn’t that deep, thankfully.” She smiled again looked down at her bandaged arm and began stroking it gently. “I’m lucky.”

We talked for the longest time; I learned so much about this girl. She was simply amazing. She seemed as though she were at least 30 years old; she knew so much and was so mature and stable for an 18 year old. Just amazing, amazing…

I would have never pictured Tom the Bomb Butler to be like this. He was so kind and so friendly and warm. It was more shocking than anything. Maybe he wasn’t like this with everyone, but he seemed to have a genuine concern and caring for me. He was interested in what my life was like and learning all about me…  I felt selfish talking so much about myself.
I couldn’t get enough of her. Because she was so damn sweet and mature, she literally refused to say another word about herself; she had to change the conversation to one all about myself. What was I doing in life, what was my childhood like, how was my family… We just got to know one another so well that morning.

“My base is in London, but I just bought a place here in New York. I’ve been living out of bag for about six weeks,” I said.

Unlike any of my fans, Mandy was so genuine in the sense that she loved me for me and not necessarily because of my looks or who I was. Whenever I would tell her about my life, and what I had gone through in my early years, her eyes just studied mine, completely focused on what I was saying. She was so interested and concerned. All I can define it as is…odd; odd and delightful. She was delightful. It was refreshing and unusual to speak to someone as young as she and essentially learn more about myself because of it. Not only that, but what I felt for this young woman was unlike any feeling I’d ever had in all my years.

Ah, hell. My agent just paged me; I had to leave. I felt bad just leaving her there, sitting all alone in the café’, even though I found her that way.

“Well, Tom, it was so nice seeing you again.” Mandy held out her hand and beamed. I smiled back at her and gave a proper little kiss on the cheek then shook her hand.

“And you too Mandy. I must say, this little talk was… delightful. Thank you. You take care now, especially with that arm of yours.” I could not leave knowing I might not ever see her sweet little face again. After all, maybe there was a reason why I ran into her. “Is there any way I might be able to reach you? Maybe sometime we can keep in touch; I’d like to know how you recover…” We exchanged numbers and I kissed her once more. She waved to me as I walked out of Nelly’s, still beaming with all her charm!

* * *

If I had a nickel for every time my mother has called me since my incident, I would be beyond rich. My phone bill is going to skyrocket. Well, it was time to say goodbye to New York City. I packed all my things and was headed for the JFK International. I was pretty sad having to leave the city, regardless of my terrifying experience. Besides, I made an amazing friend out of it! I was so pleased to have met him and twice. I really do hope we keep in touch; I want to know how he is…

Just as I walked to my wing of the air port, I saw that a lot of flights had been cancelled. A little worried I walked to one of the desks and asked the lady there exactly which flights were delayed just to double check that mine wasn’t one of them. She assured me my flight I was just fine. Relieved, I headed back to my wing to sit and wait for my boarding call. But just as I was walking back, I saw someone who very much resembled Tom the Bomb Butler sitting in the opposite wing; head down, legs crossed, and reading the paper. I studied him for a moment then knew for sure it was him. I could not contain my bewilderment. 

“Tom?” I asked. The man looked up and after seeing who I was, his mouth literally dropped open. He looked around for a second then shot up out if his seat.

“Mandy!” He raced to me and we embraced just as old friends would. “Oh my God!” He was laughing

“I can’t believe this!” I said.  

“We just keep running into one another! I didn’t know you were leaving the city today,” Tom said.

“Yeah, my mom wants me home.”

“Can you believe this?” He gave me another quick hug – it was so funny! 

He told me his agent had rescheduled his Jay Leno appearance for tomorrow night so he had to fly to LA asap. We sat down together for a few minutes and chatted; both of us still quite in complete shock.

“Again, I’m so sorry about all that happened,” Tom later said.

“Stop it. It wasn’t your fault, Tom. You saved me. If it wasn’t for you…”

“God, I know,” he said shaking his head. “Manhattan certainly has its drawbacks.” I smiled and just then, I heard my flight call.

“Well, I guess this is it… For real this time.” He stood up and took my hand in his.

“This must be a sign of something.” His face was full of amusement and yet I leaned in to give him a quick little kiss on the cheek. As I did this he let out a joyous chuckle. “Thought you were coming in for a snog!” He said.


“That’s a proper kiss!” I laughed heartily.

“Well, I gotta go. I’ll call you and I hope you do the same!”

“Definitely! We’ve got to keep in touch, especially after this!

“Let me know how Jay Leno goes,” I said.

“Definitely! Well I’ll see you off. Here let me carry those for you. Be careful with your arm.” He took the heaviest of my bags and then some, walking me all the way to my boarding entrance. We said our last goodbye and promised each other we wouldn’t be strangers.

* * *

Three days had passed and I was back home in Florida. My parents and my friends could not believe what had happened to me, and that I not only met a ‘famous person’ but was rescued by one and was now a good friend of his!

“That’s the last time I let you go anywhere alone like that again!” declared my mother. But I almost felt like I didn’t want to talk about my “Tom experience” to anyone. It was as though I wanted to keep what we had secret; either because I was afraid people might judge our relationship as something immoral or because I was nervous someone might take him from me. I couldn’t stop thinking about him; about the talks we had and the life stories he shared with me…

After I had spoken to him several times on the phone, my parents kept questioning me about why Mr. Butler kept calling. Though they were thrilled about the fact that we were keeping in touch, I could sense they were a little confused; why was some one as famous as him keeping in such close contact with me…  A week went by and Tom told me he was leaving LA, heading back to his apartment in New York. After we had discussed this, I asked if he’d like to come down to Florida. Just a whim, I know. But he was ecstatic about the idea and, at length, we had all arranged for Tom to come down to visit us. Everyone was extremely excited to have a celebrity come to our home. My mother reamed the house and would have invited the entire world over had I not intervened.

“Look mom,” I said. “Let’s not make this into a big thing. Tom just wanted to meet you guys…”

The first night he came for dinner was so pleasant. Tom was staying at the Ritz for about one week so that he could spend time with us… or rather with me. He vowed he just needed a holiday. My parents loved him; he taught my dad a little about Scottish women and gave us all a new vocabulary. The very next night, he came over again and this time, we all played a game of Blurt! It was absolutely hysterical; my brother couldn’t understand what he was saying through his thick accent, meanwhile I was having an extremely difficult time trying to hold in my laughter.

Seeing him interact with my family was… it was all so…was what was happening wrong? All throughout the night we would make eye contact when no one was looking and… losing control, falling apart, changing! Every step I take is bringing me closer to my Tom - ah, I like the way that sounds: My Tom…

What a wonderful family the Casdel’s are. I would have never thought myself spending my only vacation with a bunch of strangers. But they are great people and it’s because of Mandy that I am here; I’m doing this because of her. She truly is special. Just watching her makes my head go spinning into a whole different world… What was becoming of me?

* * *

Sadly all good things come to an end. Tom couldn’t stay down in Florida forever. He managed to spend a good few days with me and my family, but he had to fly back to Manhattan now. I was just going to miss him so much. We vowed again that we would remain in contact with one another and planned we would have to see each other sometime in the near future.

And we did. After a month, Tom flew back down to Florida to visit us. By now I had started going college, but unfortuna,tely was hating it. The location was horrible and I wanted to transfer somewhere further north; either Florida State or NYU.

Our encounters were continuous, even with his busy schedule. He had managed to come visit me all the way down in Florida 5 times in the past 6 months. Even when we weren’t actually with one another, we talked on the phone at least once a week. I also managed to visit him in Manhattan once. My mother and I went to visit the NYU campus and given that Tom’s apartment was only several blocks away, we were able to see one other.

But the most recent visit from Tom has been really special. He asked my parents if he might take me out to dinner at the Ritz, where he always stays; apparently they were having a gala some kind. My parents of course, agreed and were very happy for me. Tom wasn’t lying; there was the most elegant banquet prepared for the guests of the hotel. We were surprisingly only interrupted by a few fans the whole night and we just talked for hours! The more he spoke it was like the more drawn I was to this man; and a man he was, aging almost twenty years older than I. Tom’s words were so sincere and his eyes explored my face. But what I kept noticing was he seemed somewhat troubled or saddened by some thing I couldn’t quite point out. He was either hiding something or ashamed by something.

She looked so pretty with her hair down, all flowing over her shoulders and neck. What an amazing girl she was; an amazing woman. I just stared into her eyes and knew that I loved her: loved her soul; loved everything inside her. I loved who she was. She was so beyond her years and yet so young. I love her and want to hold her in my arms right now; want to protect her and cherish her. It was so simple yet not so. I love Mandy, yes… my Mandy Casdel; looking at her and listening to her; I am so confounded by my emotions I hardly know what to say to her anymore.

I felt like he had a secret he was keeping from me; a kind of secret that goes deep. He was always honest with me so I knew something wasn’t right. The way we were, the way we felt… I knew he loved, that much was obvious. And it was a truly sincere love. Yes, I know he loves me. I know just as I know I’m alive. It matters not what anyone else says or may believe. My mom and dad are oblivious, though I fear they’re going to question me soon about my continuous encounters with him. But I am not afraid. I love him too. I do… The age factor is so insignificant, I never even think about it. It’s in the eyes! I’ve never felt this way… his age… none of it matters!

Later that evening, Tom and I went up to his suite on the third floor. It was a tiny little room; nice but quaint and he had only one suitcase lying on the desk. It was open, all his clothes nicely folded, neatly packed. He was so organized. We sat down together on his queen sized bed and got into a deep conversation. I began to see, as if for the first time, was a sincerely remarkable man he was.

Again with those eyes of hers, she studied my every word with sincerity. She was so enthralled with what I was saying, I actually thought she herself may start to cry when I told her about my childhood.

“You know,” I said. “I try to keep it secret, from the press and the public. I never knew my father as a child. He showed up on my doorstep when I was 12 years old and my mother, she… No one really knew how to handle the situation when he just showed up like that. My stepfather was my real father for most of my life, so just seeing my real dad standing there…” Just then I realized that Mandy had been so drawn into my narrative that her eyes were beginning to fill with tears. I shook my head to try and re-assure her that it all wasn’t so bad.

“But you guys got along, didn’t you?” She asked me earnestly.

“We did, yes. I am so thankful for that. We became more like brothers than father and son.” There was a lovely silence between us.

“Are you happy, Tom the Bomb?” I looked up at her, now my eyes beginning to fill with water at that question.

“Yes, me and my dad are quite happy; he’s the funniest guy in the world!” I couldn’t look at her anymore, not without doing something that I may later regret.

He put his hands on my face and gave a loud sigh. Was he sad? He had to be! I placed my hands over his and shut my eyes. Then I kissed him. At first Tom did nothing at all, but then he wrapped his arms around my back, drawing me into him. We grew more passionate as the seconds passed. He seemed to very happy; his hands caressed my hair; the smell of his cigarette breath completely intoxicating me; my lips passing over the scruffiness of his semi beard. I loved him so much, everything about him.

She was so innocent; so beautiful. I could kiss her till the end of time. How fragile she was; her little lips upon mine made me tremble inside; her silky hair intertwined in my fingers. I loved her, I loved little Mandy with all my old heart. If there was no world I could have her. I was so afraid she’d think me a fraud, a pig only after lust. But oh, how wrong she would be if she though that.  My heart feels as though it will burst out of my chest! Mandy! Oh, my sweet Mandy! You’re so beyond your years! You’re unlike any girl your age. You’re my soul mate, I truly believe that and as you… Oh, place that soft, tender little hand of yours on my back… Oh… I want to cry… No one can understand what I am feeling because no man of my age in his right mind would have these feelings…. I would never take advantage of her! Oh, Mandy I love you too much. I know you’re young, but if you wish…

I was ready, beyond ready. No, there was never a ‘ready’ with Tom. I had always been ready. I removed my lips from his and embraced him. My heart had stopped pounding and I felt at peace as we held each other like two ancient lovers.  I then felt his hand crawl up my back then to my face. He pulled me away.

“Mandy,” he smiled but with a look of guilt. He shook his head again. “Mandy...” I put on the biggest smile I could and then, almost like a robot, I kissed him again. This time I pushed my body into his with such force, I actually made him stumble back a few steps. He held me tighter to him. I had no control. I wanted this!

When she fell into me that second time, I attacked her with my hands. We sounded like animals; sighing, breathing through are noses, choking on the air around us. I tried to speak as her lips flattened mine. She put her delicate hand on my scruffy, wrinkled face. I had to stop her before she went any further. Whether she knew it or not, I had to tell her my true, sincere feelings for her.

“Mandy, I love you.”

I knew it, I knew it.

“And I love you, Tom the Bomb,” I said. “I… cannot put it into words…” I looked up and saw he was balling. My first reaction was to ask what was wrong for he was crying so hard I thought… But I knew the real reason for it. I couldn’t help it, but I began to cry too. Silly…

As we blubbered to one another like babies, we had a powerful embrace, one so vigorous our arms flexed and squeezed with mighty strength, making each of us have difficulty breathing.

What warm, unspoken secrets would we learn? We were at the point of no return.

Just love me… As I know you do…

* * *

Later that night, after things had… cooled down… my mom called me around midnight. I assured her everything was just fine and that I’d be home in an hour. I was still in Tom’s arms when she called; I didn’t want to leave, I couldn’t leave! No one could make me leave that room; there was just no way.

I had to get her home.

“Tom, I don’t want to go,” she cried. I tried to explain to that sweet face of hers her parents’ point of view. And she then started to see the light… my fear. Society, as it is, simply cannot allow our love to continue. I would be thought of as some brute, some big time hot-shot actor from Scotland deflowering a young beauty. But it wasn’t like that. Mandy was my soul; the love of my life regardless of how many years she had spent on the earth. If I didn’t know any better I would say she was my age. But what would her parents think; what would everyone think?

* * *

I knew it was going to come sooner or later. My parents finally confronted me the day after I spent that night with Tom. When he dropped me home, both my mom and my dad seemed to sense something was going on between us. They knew his continuous visits had to mean something but now, they seemed to know for sure what was up. Tom apologized for it being so late and, again, thanked my parents for their ‘hos-pee-tal-ity’. He couldn’t have been more of gentlemen. But when he left, and we hugged, it was then when my parents really saw it. I denied that there was anything happening then thought, why in the hell am I hiding this? I’m an adult. But, no… No, it’s my love for Tom that is keeping me from confessing. I am starting to see the big picture…

Tom had to leave in a day and this time I was so very upset he had to leave. I would miss him… No, ‘miss’ doesn’t even come close to describing how I will long for him when he’s gone.

When he came to pick me up for the last time, my parents now clearly suspecting, he expressed to my parents how much he enjoyed their company and appreciated their friendship. But my dad was giving him the evil eye the whole time. As poor Tom tried to suppress his feeling for me, my father was staring him up and down; suspecting he was sleeping with his daughter; some man screwing his first born… It was so sad because I saw Tom flinching in my fathers’ presence. He was so uncomfortable, embarrassed, as he felt the way my dad judged him.

When we arrived at the south end of the beach, my mind was still preoccupied with Mr. Casdel’s looks towards me. I tried my hardest to tune it out and think of Mandy… I could sense she wanted to tell me something very important; something mandatory.

I had to tell Tom we couldn’t hide this anymore. It was time.

“Tom, please. I love you. My ‘parents’ will just have to accept that. And, don’t worry about my dad. He’s just a protective male …Always has been.”

“I know,” he said hesitantly. “You’re right. You always are.” He started breathing heavier and I knew. “I just…” I placed my hand on his cheek then he suddenly scooped me up into his arms. “I love you so much,” he said turning my head to his. “So very much.”

I didn’t want to fly back to New York again without her, alone. And I didn’t want to lie anymore, especially to the parents because they were such good people. After our lovely stay on the beach, the Casdel’s insisted I stay for dinner, yet again. Because it was my last night in town, they thought it’d be… oh, how did they put it? Ah, ‘very nice’.

When I pulled into her driveway, Mandy took my hand and said again that it was time to profess. I couldn’t have agreed more. I was hesitant, of course, and for good reason, but the last thing I wanted to do was to anger her family. It was time, yes, and we both knew it.

“It will be casual,” she said reassuringly. “We’ve got nothing to worry about. There’s nothing wrong with this. Besides, they have to have some clue by now.”

And then it finally happened. She just said it straight up.

“We’re together,” she declared looking up at me. Her mother either completely missed it or was playing stupid, but her father understood all too well. There was a very long silence that followed Mandy’s statement then Mrs. Casdel finally broke that silence and offered me a drink. After I agreed to that drink, everyone seemed pretty laid back, including Mr. Casdel. I was thankful for that. Shortly thereafter, Mandy took me back to her bedroom to talk to me. We held each other for the longest time then I realized she was sobbing silently to herself.

“What is it?” I picked her up in my arms and walked to her bed. We sat down together, our hands clasped together.

“I just love you,” she cried. I couldn’t bare it any longer. I couldn’t leave her this time.

“I can’t leave you again, Mandy.” She looked up at me and wiped her watery eyes.

“But you… You have to, don’t you? I mean, work and….” I filled my lungs with air, holding my breath. I didn’t know how to keep things from her; I was incapable of doing it and I later found that to be a good thing.

“Come to New York with me,” I finally said. Thinking she’d be dazed and deny my request on impulse, she suddenly shot up.

“Yes! Yes! I can stay with you! Why do I need a dorm when I can…” she moved closer to me, “be with you? Would that be okay?” Okay? Okay? It would make my dreams come true, little Mandy. Well sure, it sounded perfect but realistically I knew was just dreaming; just thinking out loud. Again, how can a 36 year old love and cherish such an adolescent?

I was perfect! I was transferring to NYU anyway within the month! It was settled… We were lovesick and couldn’t see straight… But the pressure of my parents though… What was to become of our love?

“All I want to do is be with you,” I said to him passionately.

“And all I want is to love you…” Tom said holding my hand to his cheek. “And I do.”

Just then I looked at my doorway and saw my dad standing there. Tom quickly stood up to him. I had no idea what he was going to do.

I walked up to Mr. Casdel and stared him in the eye. But before I could get a word in, he suddenly nodded his head and smiled.

“I’ve been watching,” he said glancing at Mandy. As I watched her little face fill with fear he turned back to me. “And listening…” I looked down, as if ashamed then saw he had just held out his hand to me. I looked up and smiled feebly; smiling at a man nearly the same age as I.

“I…” I didn’t know what to say. Then Mr. Casdel took my hand and shook it with strength.

“You have my best wishes,” he said holding my hand but looking at his daughter.

“Dad,” she sighed. “Wherever he goes… I am going to follow.” When those words left her mouth, I almost went weak in the knees. She stood that tiny body of hers up and looked her father dead in the eyes. Then she walked to my side, clutching to my big arm. “I love him.”

I could see in my fathers’ eyes that he believed; he understood and more importantly trusted Tom. My biggest fear was finally ancient history.




Submitted: August 21, 2013

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