Ladies Night at The Quantum Club

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Ladies night at The Quantum Club offers no cover charges, drink specials, and alternate universes.

Submitted: March 17, 2016

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Submitted: March 17, 2016



It was early Friday evening and twenty-year-old Algorithm Werner was already mentally and physically exhausted. A physics major in her Junior year at college, she was studying rational numbers theory for a big test for her advanced applied mathematics class Monday.

Despite being fueled by a can of red bull followed by a five hour energy drink chaser, her studious marathon was taking its toll. She rested her head down on the graphs and numbers chart of her textbook; her long brown hair spread out over the pages like a wicked web as she heavily sighed.

“Girl, you do know it’s Friday night, don’t you?” her roommate, Persia Axiom called out from the bedroom, “You need to put away all that gobblygook you’re trying to memorize and go out with me bar hopping tonight.”

Persia was a self-professed party girl also in her Junior year. Her and Algorithm were considered quite the odd couple by the other girls in the sorority house, but despite their different outlooks on school and life, they did balance each other out and got along famously.

“You know I can’t do that,” Algorithm answered, “this test will count for 45% of my final grade.”

“All the more reason for you to get away and clear your head,” Persia retorted, as she continued to get ready for the upcoming night.

Algorithm lifted her head up and brushed her hair away from her face.

“So explain to me why killing a few brain cells by getting sloshed is a good way to clear my head?”

“Well, duh, Einsteinettee, it’s been scientifically proven that alcohol improves intelligence.”

“And what scientific study proved that theory?”

“I can’t remember,” Persia said, as she entered the living room, decked out in a black, low cut, tight mini-dress and high heels. Her long blonde hair curled recklessly down to her shoulders and wearing enough make up to make any geisha girl jealous, “I think it was some fraternity house that conducted the experiment and reported the results. Anyway, c’mon, you never go out. All work and no play makes ‘Allie’ a very dull girl.”

“I prefer being a dull girl, thank you very much.” Algorithm said, then tried to re-concentrate on her studies but realized her eyes were so tired that all the formulas were beginning to run together in one goopy blur.

“Suit yourself, nerd girl. I’ll tell you all about my night when I get back.”

With that said, Persia headed out the door and into the night.

“Have fun and be careful!” Algorithm called after, but her roommate was already long gone.

She sighed again and reluctantly turned back to her studies.

It’s hopeless. I can’t study. I’m exhausted.

She wished she had family to call up and talk to about her problems, but she had none. Just a long line of foster homes she’d lived in after her biological mother had mysteriously given her up soon after she was born.

So she thought about making herself a hot cup of cocoa and curling up in front of the TV to binge watch Game of Thrones.

Then again maybe Persia was right. I should get out once in awhile.

Thinking maybe she’d meet up with Persia, she was going to call her but saw that Persia had left her cell phone on the table. So Algorithm tried to remember what club her roommate said she was going to but realized that Persia hadn’t mentioned where she was headed. So Algorithm decided she’d just go out on her own.

She quickly washed her face, brushed her teeth, combed her messy hair and pulled it back into a functional pony tail, then slipped into some black, skinny jeans, flat sneakers, and a polo pull over before she headed out.

She started to walk up Heisenberg Avenue towards the clubs, but for some strange reason she found herself heading over to Quench Street.

She maneuvered her way through the Friday night crowd. Mostly college kids her own age out for the evening to celebrate an awesome week or try to forget a miserable one.

When she got to Sixth, she made the turn and headed down Quench. She still had no idea why. Just an unexplainable attraction that compelled her to follow her instincts. Probably brought on, she reasoned, by her general exhaustion.

Quench Street consisted mainly of small office buildings with a few fast food joints scattered along the way. The crowds had thinned out considerably, due to the fact that the avenue led away from the downtown night life. But Algorithm continued on.

When she got to the end of the street, she stopped. To continue would take her across Higgs Road and to a part of town that a young girl out by herself on a Friday night shouldn’t venture into. So she turned around and headed back.

A half a block later, something in her peripheral vision caught her attention. She turned and right before her stood a quaint little club painted in a deep purple hue. A neon sign above a large wooden door twinkled its name: The Quantum Club.

That’s strange. How come I hadn’t noticed this place before?

Figuring she had wasted too much of her time already on this fool’s errand of a night, she started to walk on but came to an immediate stop when a deep, eerie voice called out from behind.

“Miss? It’s ladies night at the Quantum Club. No cover charge whatsoever.”

She turned to see a tall and slender man smartly dressed in a black tuxedo and bow tie with a top hat that made him appear even taller. His face was a ghostly white, as he sprouted a sly smile. Algorithm figured he was a club doorman.

“No thanks,” she instinctively replied, as she turned back to continue her way home.

“Oh, come on now,” the strange doorman called after, “what else do you have to do tonight that can’t wait until tomorrow?”

She wanted to tell this doorman about her test and how she really should be home studying and not wasting time talking to him. Instead, she realized he was right.

So as the doorman opened the large wooden door, Algorithm shrugged and headed on in.

She found herself in a narrow and eerily dark entryway. A purple hue barely lit the room. In front of her was a ebony desk behind which sat a stick skinny girl sporting flash pink spiked hair and dressed in a raven black gown. Behind the girl were three doors.

Algorithm didn’t know what to do next, so she just stood still.

The pink haired girl slowly glanced up with red eyes ringed with mascara so dark, it seemed, like two black holes, absorb what light existed.

“No cover charge for ladies this evening,” Pink girl announced in a monotonous voice that reflected her total embrace of her boring job.

“Uh, where do I go from here?” Algorithm wondered.

Pink girl shrugged blandly.

“Pick a door and go on through.”

Algorithm shrugged back and started to head towards the third door on the right.

“Not that one!” Pink girl quickly commanded.

“Why not?” Algorithm said, “You told me to pick a door.”

Pink girl nodded, “Well, yeah, but most choose the door on the left and if you want answers then that’s where you’d better start.”

“Answers? Answers to what?”

Pink girl shrugged again, “Who you really are.”

“I still don’t understand.”

“Go on through the door on the left,” Pink girl instructed, “Then maybe you’ll find your answers.”

Algorithm tried to comprehend what was going on.

“Is this some kind of joke?”

“For some it is,” Pink girl cryptically replied, “but you’ll never know until you go on through. Now go on. Your future is waiting.”

Intrigued, Algorithm went on through.

She quickly discovered that this room was brightly lit with strobe lights and a reflective crystal ball suspended over a sunken dance floor. She could see about a dozen people dancing to a pulverizing techno beat, but only in her peripheral vision. If she glanced directly at them they would dissolve into a nebulous cloud that would spin around and around until she’d look away and the cloud would collapse back into the shape of the dancing people.

She wandered over to a small empty table over in the corner and sat down.

So where’s my future? She amusingly thought, just before she heard a voice from behind.

“Would you like to dance?”

She turned around and saw a dark haired man about her height, dressed in black skinny jeans, flat sneakers, and a polo pull over. His face, not exactly handsome but attractive, seemed familiar but she shrugged it off and accepted his offer.

They strolled down onto the dance floor and into the fog of dissipated souls and danced the night away. Between sets of music, they would head back to the table where he would ply her with drinks from the bar.

He was charming and she was drunk when he took her into a back room and raped her.

She struggled to get away but to no avail. When he was done, he eerily smiled and cryptically said, “You’ve just fucked yourself.”

But before she could answer, he was gone in a flash. She wandered back into the club but it was now silent. The dance floor empty.

Algorithm went back through the entrance and found herself back in front of the Pink girl.

“Call the police,” Algorithm sobbed and shuddered, “I’ve been attacked!”

“By who?” Pink girl asked.

“He was about my height, had dark hair, and was wearing black skinny jeans and a polo pull over.”

“The only person that matches that description is you,” Pink girl smartly replied.

“You must of seen him,” Algorithm said, “he had to have come this way.”

“Sorry. I didn’t see any guy come by.”

“Well, call the police anyway!” Algorithm pleaded.

“Okay, but wait in the middle room.”

“The middle room?”

“Go on through the middle door.”

“What the hell for?!” Algorithm was getting more upset by the second, “Don’t you understand?! I was attacked. I’ve been raped!!”

“I understand completely,” Pink girl replied.

“Look, I don’t know what in the hell is going on here but are you going to help me or not?”

“Yes, I’m going to help you help yourself.”

“You’re going to what?”

“Go on through the middle door, while I contact the proper authorities. Your answers as to what is going on is on the other side of the door. Your Mother is inside waiting to tell you.”

“My Mother? How do you know who my Mother is? I don’t even know.”

“Well, if you’d stop yapping,” Pink girl admonished, “then maybe you’ll find out. Go on, she’s waiting.”

So a frustrated Algorithm headed over to the middle door and went on through.

Inside it was dark, but the room was like any club. There was a bar with stools all along the counter and a few small circular tables scattered about. The only person there, she noted, was a thin, older, elegantly dressed woman sitting by herself over in the far corner at one of the small circular tables.

Remembering what Pink girl had told her, Algorithm slowly approached the woman. As she got closer the woman glanced up. Algorithm noticed a slight resemblance to herself in the woman’s lightly wrinkled face.

But before Algorithm could say anything, the woman motioned for her to take the chair across from her at the table. So she did just that.

“Hello, Algorithm,” the woman began, “do you know who I am?”

“Uh, my Mother?” Algorithm replied sarcastically.

The woman nodded, “I’ve been waiting for you to show up again.”

“Again? This is all a joke, right?”

“Unfortunately, it is not,” the woman answered, “but we haven’t much time, so you must listen to me very carefully.”

So Algorithm listened.

“I’m sorry for giving you up but you’ll soon understand why I had to. Now you have a choice to correct things. But it will be your choice and no one else’s. I know you will make the right decision in the long run.”

Algorithm was still confused.

“But I also know you have made some wrong choices along this timeline, which has resulted in a series of events in your life. Your final choice will be presented to you. If you make that choice, you will sacrifice everything but will be given another chance for a new life.”

“Why would I sacrifice everything I’ve worked for to start a new life?”

“Because of what you’ll learn tonight.”

“This is crazy, who the hell are you?”

“I told you. I’m your Mother.”

“Well, Mom! Your little girl has just been raped! Could you help me to contact the police?”

“Yes, I know,” the woman replied, with a look of concern.

“How do you know I was raped? It just happened.”

“For you it just happened,” the woman sadly replied, “but for me it happened twenty years ago.”

“What are you talking about?” Algorithm was now convinced the woman purporting to be her mom was certifiably crazy.

“Because I was raped twenty years ago by the same man in the same room here at this very same club.”

“What in the hell are you talking about, lady?”

“You’re now pregnant as a result of what happened tonight. When you later confirm that, you will decide to give up your baby. Just as I decided to give you up twenty years before.”

“So you’re saying you gave me up twenty years ago because you were raped?”

“I am telling you that not only am I your mother but I am you! At least what you will be twenty years from now if you continue down the timeline you’re on.”

“You are me.” Algorithm stoically answered, in total disbelief as to what she was hearing.

The woman nodded, “And I was raped by the same person who raped you.”

“Oh, this is getting way too wickedly weird for my taste,” Algorithm cynically laughed.

“You see the person who raped both of us was an alternate version of ourselves.”

“You’re saying I raped myself?”

“Yes. A male version of you did.”

“This is really screwed up, you know that don’t you?” Algorithm replied, then suddenly remembered those eerie last words her attacker had said before he disappeared.

“You just fucked yourself.”

“This is just insane!”

“But Algorithm, we both know Physics. We both are aware of the multiple universe theory. For every action we take, there are an infinite number of alternate actions that could be taken that could result in the creation of alternate universes with alternate versions of ourselves.”

“Yeah, I know the theory, but we can only make one decision and take one action in our own universe.”

“In our own universe,” the woman explained, “but what if the theory is true? That there are multiple universes with multiple selves doing multiple things. Forever cut off from each other. Never knowing of our alternate existence or who or what we are in that reality.”

“But how does that effect what is happening to me. Or us?”

“Twenty years ago on a Friday night,” the woman explained, “I was studying for a test in my advanced applied mathematics class. My roommate went out to the clubs, so I decided to go out to. For some reason I was drawn to this very club on this very night. Whereupon, I met a male version of myself, who ended up raping me. I became pregnant with you and after giving birth gave you up for adoption, hoping you’d find a happier alternate life.”

“But I didn’t get adopted,” Algorithm explained, “I bounced from foster home to foster home until I turned eighteen. I never had a real family.”

“I know.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I found myself caught up in this time loop and drawn back to this club over and over, where you show up and explain to me what happened in your life.”

“So you’re saying I am my own mother and father and I (we’re) all caught up in some kind of fucked up time loop that we can’t stop.”

“But there’s a way we may be able to use the alternate universe theory to stop this madness once and for all.”


“As I said, you must be willing to make a sacrifice and destroy everything you’ve worked hard for in order to free us all from this hellish existence.”

“What do I have to do?”

“The answer lies in the third room of the club.”

“The third room?”

“Yes, when you first came into the Quantum Club, you started to go into the third room didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I did” Algorithm nodded in surprise, “and what in the hell is this Quantum Club anyway?”

“Well in order for any universe to exist there has to be light matter, dark matter, and anti-matter. This Quantum Club seems to be some kind of pathway between the alternate universes. Each room consists of some version of the three forms of matter.”

“The room we’re presently in consists of light matter. In the middle room is the dark matter, invisible to our direct gaze but existing in our peripheral vision and containing a dark, alternate account of our selves that manifested itself into an evil version that raped us. Which leaves the room on the right that has to contain the anti-matter.”

“As we both know, matter and anti-matter, when coming into contact will annialate each other. So Algorithm, if you go into that room, you will destroy this universe and re-create another. One that will contain another alternate version of ourselves that I hope will be a better version. So will you do that? Will you go into that third room?”

Algorithm thought it over, “Do I have a choice?”

“We always have a choice. But this is the only hope of us having an opportunity to change our timeline. Forever.”

Algorithm remained in thought before answering, “We don’t always have a choice, but I’ll do it!”

The woman nodded. “Thank you, Algorithm. I’m so sorry things turned out as they did.”

“Maybe there’s another force in Physics yet to be discovered,“ Algorithm theorized.

“And what’s that?”

“Fate!” Algorithm smiled.

The woman smiled back, as Algorithm got up to exit the room.

“I love you, Algorithm!” the woman called out.

Before she exited, Algorithm called back, “I love you too, Algorithm!”

Then giggled to herself for this weird expression of self-love.

Back in front of the Pink girl, Algorithm said, “I want to go into the room on the right.”

“Are you sure?” Pink girl skeptically replied.

“I am.”

Pink girl frowned but shrugged her skinny shoulders.

“Well, there goes this universe. Go on through.”

So Algorithm went on through.

Inside, she found the entire room bathed in black. Her eyes had to adjust at what outside light seeped in from under the door. She cautiously made her way around until she spotted the shadowy shape of a bar. She approached the long counter and took a seat.

“So you finally made it?” she heard a female’s voice call out from her left.

Algorithm glanced over to see a female about her age dressed all in black sitting further down the counter.

“Guess so,” Algorithm answered, “so what do we do now?”

“Well, I come over and give you a welcoming hug.”

“Then what happens?”

“Then we annihilate each other,” the girl matter of fact answered.

“Then let’s get this party started, shall we?” Algorithm wearily replied.

The girl in black got up out of her seat and wandered over. When she got closer, Algorithm could see she was her doppelganger. Her anti-matter counter part.

As she approached, Algorithm could feel her skin tingle and found it hard to breathe, as the molecules of oxygen around her begin to break down. She then felt the eerie sensation of her own essence begin to scatter apart atom by atom.

Finally Algorithm came face to face with the Anti-Algorithm.

“Ready?” Anti asked.

Algorithm nodded.

“I hate you, Algorithm,” the Anti said, as she reached out and pulled Algorithm into her embrace.

Then they annihilated each other and all that existed within.

And within a nanosecond of that annihilation, another universe took form----

It was early Friday evening and Algorithm Werner was already mentally and physically exhausted. A physics major in her Junior year of college, she was studying rational numbers theory for a big test for her advanced applied mathematics class on Monday.

Her roommate, Persia Axiom, had already left for the evening to go bar hopping, leaving Algorithm by herself. So feeling lonely she decided to take a break and make a call. She picked up her cell phone and hit speed dial.

After a couple of rings an older man’s voice answered.

“Hi Dad!” Algorithm happily said, “How are you and Mom doing?”

“Your Mom and I are doing great, honey! How about you?”

“I’m fine. Just taking a break from studying and figured I’d give you a call to tell you I love you both.”

“We love you too!”

Algorithm smiled. She never knew her birth parents but it didn’t matter now. Her adoptive parents loved her and raised her and had given her a family she otherwise would have never known existed.

© Copyright 2018 Amanda Stein. All rights reserved.

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