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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Other must face more difficulties he didn't know of before.

Submitted: November 13, 2017

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Submitted: November 13, 2017



“ Most epic adventures don’t start out with an application and an insurance waiver. “


If it is an “epic adventure”  then perhaps you don’t require an “application” or “insurance waiver”.  Other would know. Other Ligons is “odd” says everyone who knows him. His name is “odd”, his actions are “odd”, even his look is “odd”. Other doesn’t think he is “odd”. He uses a more exciting word. Other considers himself “epic”.  


Other has no family, he lives in a foster home/ shelter. The one thing he does not like about his life in the shelter is routine. Doing the same thing each day is not “epic”.


Other has a friend named Justin. Justin is four years older than him. Justin is eighteen while Other is fourteen. Justin comes to the shelter home to visit Other. Justin wears a name tag. Other thinks that maybe since he’s older he gets a name tag.


One day Justin comes by. He gives him two pieces of paper. One paper has a heading saying, “Other Ligons’ report”. He keeps reading.


Other Ligons has portrayed a creative, intelligent attitude toward staff (Justin Crowly) for the entire treatment and did not argue. The Program thinks that Other is ready to enter the system, he seemed to develop later than our other subjects. But, opposed to, he is extremely eligible to participate and Other may be a more “special” subject to our Program. So, there is no debate on whether he is to join our Program.


 “What is this for?” asks Other. “This is what I’ve been working with you for.” Justin says.

Automatically, Other has no words, nothing to think. He thought Justin was his friend, not a staff. Confusion overwhelmed him. The other paper says:


I agree to the terms and services and agree to participate in The Program under all conditions.


Then there was a place to sign. That is just too simple. There has to be a catch. “What is The Program?” Other asks. “I can tell you so much. So, here is as much as I can tell you,” Justin explains. “You are to be brought to this place, where you will help to develop a plan for an artificial life form. That is it. Now, it’s your choice. Sign the application or not. Remember this decision can be dangerous.”

What a decision!”, thought Other. “Well,” started Other, “ if I have no details. What’s the point in doing this? I don’t even know what this is.” Justin considered this. “You know what? Consider this an epic adventure. Ok? I promise it’ll be fun. Risky?  Yeah. But fun? Absolutely.“


“ I think I might need to sleep on it.” Other says. Justin leaves after saying he’ll be back on Wednesday and that Other needs to have a decision by then. I need to think epicly, thought Other, I mean, why would I sign an application if my adventure is epic?  Could all this be a trick? Other doesn’t know too much things that goes on outside of the shelter. He has been in there since he was five years old. That is nine years. Before that he was living with his uncle. For some reason some authorities took him away from his uncle.


So, Wednesday rolls by. Other’s decision was to not sign the paper. Justin doesn’t come at eleven as usual. Well, he might come later today. Other eats lunch at twelve; still no Justin. Four o’clock comes and no one is there to see him. He doesn’t stress. What’s the point?


What if The Program doesn’t let me go on this “epic adventure” if I don’t sign this application?  Ok, maybe he does stress.


Days come and go. Other doesn’t know what to do. He’s lost. Justin just stops coming. He feels a pang of hurt inside. He feels his friendship with Justin is officially over. Other feels the loneliness creep over him as each day passes. He doesn’t talk to anyone for the whole two weeks in which Justin does not come. That was the only person he did talk to, anyway, and now he’s gone.


One day, it was six in the morning. Other heard something in another room and was woken from his sleep. These guys burst into his room and grabbed him from his bed by one arm. Fear overwhelmed him. His roommates are screaming. He is brought outside and hauled into a black van with tinted windows. He is in the van and he´s scareder than he has ever remembered being. There is a guy sitting in the part of the van in which he is sitting. He can´t see out the windows. The guy looks at him. If it wasn't for the kidnapping that just happened the guy would seem nice.


No one says anything. Other’s heart is racing. It’s just that moment when he realizes he has no shoes. Summer is just ending, so it’s not that cold. All he is wearing is his pajamas. He finally decides to say something. “ What’s going on?” The man looked at Other as if he just realized he was there. “ Well, kid…. I suggest you quiet your mouth until we get to where we’re going. Sound good?” Other follows his directions and doesn’t say anything for the rest of the time.


When they finally arrive at their destination, the men pull Other out of the car. They lead him up to a building. It is like two times size the shelter. So, in other words, not that big. Other was brought into a room with two chairs. One chair had a desk in front of it. He was told to sit in the chair without the desk. The room had white walls and an analog clock on the wall. It seemed boring. They shut the door and left him in the room. He simply sat there. Too bad he didn’t have shoes because one of the things he does not like is dirty feet. It’s not his fault; it’s those stupid people who just dragged him out.


It doesn’t take long before a man comes in. He is wearing khakis and a red and black striped polo shirt. He is wearing sneakers. This man is small. He has blue eyes. He sits at the chair with the desk. He starts out with, “ Hello, Other,” he then said, “How are you? I believe you have many questions, and they will get answered in a matter of time. I apologize for have barged in on your sleep. So, I will explain some things to you, then I’ll let you sleep for an hour. Be assured, that you and me, my son, will be busy all day.”


The next thing Other knows he is asleep on a couch in a large room. It has paintings hanging around the room. It contains a carpet and a flat screen TV. He sleeps for what seems like five minutes. He is awoken by someone throwing clothes on him and telling him to get dressed. He puts the clothes on, which turns out to be a pair of jeans and a plain black T-shirt with black and white converse.  


Before long Other made a few new discoveries. That, one, he actually got an hour and a half to sleep. Two, the man who he would be spending his day with is named Sean Harolds. Other is just to call him Sean. “ What are we doing today?” Other asks Sean.


“Well,” he begins, “we are going on a trip. We are going to get you some personal items. We are going to the store. We, my son, are going shopping.”  


Shopping. The process of giving money to people in uniforms so that you can get an item in return. Whether it be a piece of clothing, a watch, or food. Anything. Other realized that they couldn’t get anything without giving money. Sean bought Other a few items to call his own. He got him a watch, clothes, shoes, an empty wallet, and a baseball cap.


Later, when they are at dinner, Other notices that they are actually sitting at a table, just him and Sean, like an actual family. But, Other knows that a family is something he may never get to… what’s the word… experience.


© Copyright 2020 Amanda.Sims. All rights reserved.

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