Long Lost Contact

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

A boy who has not seen his father in half his life calls up on his friend's phone.

I was studying when he had called, or at least trying to. What struck me as odd

was the time he was calling at, 9:30pm. I was just writing the date on my page when

my ringtone sounded. September 26th 2015. I scoured my blankets, searching for

the source of the Doctor Who season 5 theme song playing which was my phone. The

ringtone was just about finished by the time I answered it.

“Hello?” I asked, speaking first

“Hey Percy.” Hermes. But what would he be calling about at this time in the evening?

“Hey Hermes, what’s up?”

“I have someone here who wants to talk with.” Who would want to talk with me at

now, quarter to ten at night.

“Who would that be?”

“Your dad.” I dropped the pen that had been dangling between my fingers seconds

before. From his voice, I could tell he actually wasn’t joking. I felt water rush to my

eyes as I searched for my voice.

“R-r-r-really?” Was all I could truly manage. I had many things I wanted to say to him,

words I thought I would never get a chance to say in my lifetime. My eyes were ready

to give out any second when Hermes replied.

“Yes, I’m going to hand the phone over to him now, okay?” As soon as he finished, my

eyes gave out and face began to cover with streaks of wet tears.

“O-Okay.” I say as a sob begins to enter my voice. Just a few seconds of silent rustling

passed by quicker than I really wanted them to do so.

“Percy?” Six years and his voice hadn’t changed a bit. Soft enough to sing a

perfect lullaby or read the best Dr. Seuss to you when you are trying to sleep, But loud

enough to give a public speech without needing a microphone. I rubbed at my eyes

furiously, I didn’t want to cry, but I knew it was too late for that. The sob is etching to

be released, but I’m holding it down.

“D-dad?” I somehow manage. My voice trembling but still stable.

“Percy, There are so many words to be said, but too late in the night for them to be

said. Perhaps we could talk in person tomorrow?

Talking to him is one thing, Seeing him in person is a whole new thing from

another universe. Still, It was something I desperately wanted to do, more than any

other thing I have ever wanted to do, and trust me when I say this, That’s saying a lot.

“Ya, that’d be great.” Ran out of my mouth faster than a Boston Marathon Runner.

“Great, How does lunchtime sound?” I nodded, then shook my head at my stupidity,

I’m on the phone and the other person can’t see you nod when you’re on the phone.

“specifically, noon, and yes. Where to?”

“How about Home Town Bakery?” After all these years and he still remembers

that place? A new wave of tears was flowing through, memories of Dad and I going

there when I was really young flow back to me. He would always order pumpkin pie

and I always ordered a chocolate cupcake with vanilla filling and icing mixed with


“Yes, that sounds perfect.” I reply, now confusing myself on the stability of my voice.

“Great, I’ll come pick you up. Are you and your mother still living in that apartment?”

Ya, we are.”

“Alright, I be there for quarter to noon. See you then.”

“See you then.” I was just about to hang up my phone when he blurts out something

“Oh, and Percy?”


“I love you.”

“I love you too dad.”

I hang up my phone and plop on my bed. Tears still calmly flowing down my

cheeks. My thoughts couldn’t find anywhere to go. I wondered if I should tell my

mom, but I thought against it, my reason being I didn’t want her to feel the need to

comfort me if tomorrow goes down hill. Tomorrow might actually be the start to a

good relationship with my father, I wouldn’t want any thoughts pointing otherwise. I

laid down in my bed and let my thoughts drift, trusting them to find something good.

They seriously let me down, taking me back to this very moment, 9:36pm six years

ago, today. The night dad slammed the door for the very last time.

Why do mommy and Daddy keep shouting at each other? I thought they

loved each other! I don’t know completely but I think mommy did something

wrong and now daddy can’t trust her. I’m scared. I’ve never heard Mommy’s

voice raise so high before. I think Daddy’s scared to. He keeps telling mommy

to lower her voice. She didn’t listen though. But then she did listen. Cold, dead

silence had filled the entire house for seconds to fast before daddy spoke up, his

calm voice returning for once.

“Tell Percy I love him.” Why would mommy have to say that for daddy? A loud,

thundering back vibrated the house ever so slightly. Even with low common

sense I knew Daddy had left for good. whispered screams escaped my little


“Daddy please don’t leave!”

“Daddy don’t leave!”

“Turn around, please!!”

“Daddy? Daddy? Daddy please don’t leave!”

“I love you daddy, if if mommy doesn’t, I do!“

More tears had sprung from just the memory alone, but even those were

beginning to dry. I wiped the last bit of tears that had been left, off of my face with

the end of my blanket. By the time they were all gone, my eyelids fell faster than They

ever have. Sleep came just as fast.

The next morning, I basically did my school morning routine on a saturday

morning, which felt more alien than receiving a call at 9:30 at night from your dad

you you haven’t seen in approximately 6 years, right down to the very moment. I put

on my best outfit, which still wasn’t much. A T.A.R.D.I.S. blue shirt, Green unzipped

hoodie and black jeans.

After eating my breakfast, I sat on the wobbly couch, Which was missing the

back right foot. I picked my book off the coffee side table and began to read. This was

the first book in a series so I read slowly, trying to earn money as much as possible,

but having no possible luck. Now there is roughly fifty pages left in my book and I am

flat broke. What makes the situation entirely worse, I’m a fast reader. Within ten

minutes, I got up to the last chapter. Reading has always been my favorite thing to do.

Reading was once just for fun, But that changed a good while ago, now it’s my escape

from the terrible reality that is my life.

“Going out, You know not to wait up for me!” My mom yells from the door

before closing it behind her. Today is a good day for her, as is every Saturday. Why?

Well that would be because their is always business. Still haven’t caught on yet? She’s

a Prostitute. No, she’s not some alcoholic, drug addict. She’s never touched illegal

drugs, never not once in her life and she can’t stand alcohol. She is just very confused

in life and kind of needs a reality check. She hates the very idea of being in a work

place and getting pay cheques either weekly or biweekly. She thinks doing what she

does is the only job she can do to collect money without getting a cheque. Even still,

she’s the sweetest person you’ll probably ever meet. On rare occasions when she can,

she likes to bake cookies. She proves that stereotypes don’t apply to everyone.

Anyway, I went to my room at about eleven to go look at some photos of Dad

and I. When Dad had originally left, six years ago, Mom wanted to throw out any

photograph that he was in, I didn’t want her to, so she said as long as she couldn’t see

the photos in plains view upon entering my room, then I could keep them.

One photo that I picked up was of Dad and I at the beach with mom. I was

about 4 1?2 years old when it was taken. Dad held the camera as I basically took a

selfie with him. In the background, His black truck stood a few feet behind us. Mom

could be seen in it too, she was grabbing cold water out of the cooler that sat in the

back of the truck.

Another photo was of just Dad and I. My first day of kindergarten and I was

really (emphasis on really) shy, dad held my hand as I said hello to my teacher and

hung my backpack up in my cubby. I remember how my best friend, Piper and I

became friends over that. She had laughed at me calling me shy and a scaredy pants,

then taught me how to read as good as her. Yes, she was a very confusing and always

has been. She was reading at a grade four level, in kindergarten. She taught me how

to read as good as her within two months. Nowadays I could read an entire Stephen

king novel, as well as Dr. Seuss. The level of a book got away from preferences at

around the same time Piper’s did. 1st grade. Piper moved to the UK last year, so I don’t

know what she’s currently reading.

Picking up one another photo, I found that is was the one where I had been

sitting on Dad’s lap, reading. I would tell you what the book was, but my legs were

covering the cover. Dad was smiling down at me as I read, admiring my ridiculously

amazing reading ability. In this photo, I was six, I believe it was mid-September,

which meant that Mom and Dad were in the middle of their month long fight. bags

under my dad’s eyes were just barely visible, fighting was making him get less sleep.

I was just about to pick up another photo when my phone rang. This time it

was what The Daleks are most known for saying.

“Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!” repeated over and over again as I scoured

my blankets, perhaps i should stop throwing it on my bed and just leaving until I need

it. Just by what the Ringtone was, I knew exactly who it was. Lydia, Piper’s best friend.

She’s pretty much my Piper replacement. I finally found my phone by the time it had


“Exterminate!” 21 times.

“Hey, Lydia.”

“Hey Percy, I need your help with something.” Jeez, i wonder what it could be this

time. (That was sarcasm for those of you who are just as bad as Sheldon Cooper from

the Big Bang Theory.)

“Do I even need to ask what what it is?”

“Nope, some guy keeps talking lies and I am telling the truth and now we are at war.”

I roll my eyes. Lydia is obsessed with Forums.


“You’ll love this, Doctor Who.”

“As much as I love Doctor Who, and you Know better than most that I do, I will never

join a Forum that is talking about it. Just make friends and be done with it.”

“Bruh, you can be no help sometimes.” I laugh and shake my head.

“Right back at ya, Nerd Girl.” She laughs.

“Bye Book Boy.”

“Bye Nerdy Girl.” I hang up. I love Lydia as a sister.

Just I sit on my bed, A knock on the door sounds. My eyes pop out of their

sockets as I stare at the time. 11:45am. That was quick. I run to the door. Just before I

open the door, I take a deep breath. By the time I have opened the door wide enough,

I am wrapped in arms that I still remember, even after all these years. He still smells

of French Vanilla. I stifle a tear and a smile. Tears of joy feel foreign on my cheek, but I

welcome it as it flows down my cheek and on to Dad’s shoulder. We stand hugging for

a lifetime I would be more than happy to repeat, before letting go.

We both studied each other for a couple of minutes. He was casually dressed

like me, A plain black t-shirt, grey hoodie unzipped, and blue jeans. His eyes still

thought-full and warm and his smile was as happy as I remember it.

“Shall we be off?” He asks, indicating that he was done observing me as I was to him.

“We shall.” I reply and we walk to the elevator.

He was still driving the same truck as he did six years ago. Black Pick-up with

a king-cab. I got into the passenger and looked around me. The inside still smelled of

French Vanilla and Peppermint Tea. The bench behind Dad and I used to covered by

my books and school work. Now it had my books still, but the were in a neat pile on

the opposite side behind Dad’s seat. It also had the blanket and Pillow that I always

used on road trips or when we were visiting someone who was quite a ways away.

I laid back as far as the seat would let me and relaxed, letting my-self take in the

entire scenery for a few moments before Dad tapped my shoulder, indicating that we

arrived at the bakery.

We caught up with each others lives over blueberry pie. He got promoted twice

at the office and lives on his own in a pretty decent sized house. I’m no fool, I know

what he was trying to get at there. I told him about my struggling in school, (which

made him frown) Mom’s career choice, Piper moving to the UK and my love for Doctor

Who. I as well mentioned that my love for books never changed, (which had brought

back his smile).

When we finished our pie we got back in his truck. He told me to close my eyes

until he said otherwise. I was truly confused, why would he want me to close my eyes.

Confused or not, I still obeyed, keeping my eyes closed. When the truck stopped my

anticipation grew bigger by the second. He got out from his side, telling me stay still,

I wasn’t complaining for the simple fact I didn’t want to slip and fall. When he came

over to my side of the vehicle, he unbuckled my seatbelt and lifted me up for a brief

second before placing me on the ground. My stomach tightened a little, he hasn’t

done that since I was six. He took my left hand as he stirred me through a threshold. I

knew it had to be a store, due to the populated amount of voices and the topics.

“Oh look! It’s on sale!”

“Never seen a price so good!” Dad then whispered in my ear.

“Open your eyes.” I did and grinned ear to ear.

He took me to the bookstore. Now, to the average person, bookstores are

boring. But I am nowhere near average. I hugged him so tightly I surprised both of us

by now breaking or dislocating any of his bones. He again whispered in my ear while I

was in the process of squeezing him to death. (not literally of course.)

“Please, no more than twenty.” If my grin could get any bigger, it would have. When I

was young, every time he took me to the bookstore, he would say those exact words,

and I would run off and get exactly twenty, which is exactly what I did at that very

moment. A half hour later, I strolled my cart up to the front by the cashier, where Dad

was standing, the exact same place that he stood waiting for me when I was young.

We walked together to the cashier. When I looked at the cashier, I realised he was the

same man who stood at the cashier was I was younger. He smiled at how many books

I had.

“ You remind me of a kid who used to come here often, got the same amount

books as yuh.” I smiled, I knew who he was talking about.

“Did he always come with this man?” I ask, pointing at me dad, who stood at the door

(he gave me the money and went to stand at the door).

“Ya, he d- wait a minute! You are that kid, ain’t ya?” I laugh and nod. I could never

figure out his accent and I still can’t. He bagged my books and put them in a box like

he always did, just for me. I thank him and he says one more thing to me.

“Hope I get to see more of yuh again.” I smile and turn my glance towards my dad. He

was watching me and smiling.

“Oh, I don’t think you’ll be disapointed.” I reply and walk over to dad. he takes the

box from me and we head to the truck. When we are all settled in and my new books

are settled in the back on the bench, he announces that we’re going for ice cream. It’s

been a very long time since I smiled so much in one day.

We enjoyed dairy queen blizzards outside, watching cars going by. I always

enjoy watching cars drive by on main streets. I don’t know why, but I just enjoy

thinking about where they could be off to, what are they doing when they park. I told

Dad about something that I have been planing to do, something even Mom doesn’t

know about.

“I turn 16, I plan on moving out, getting a job and living on my own, hopefully in

better conditions than I do now.”

He frowns deeper than he did when I told him about my struggling academically.

“What if you weren’t living in such terrible conditions?” I think about his question for


“I’d want to go to college or university, study my career choice, get a job try for my

field and still live at the apartment until I’m earning enough money to pay for decent

home, and car and go from there.” He liked my answer, because that happy as ever

smile was returning.

“I like that idea, a lot, except for one thing.” I stare at him puzzledly. What wouldn’t

he like? Then, it occurred to me the second before he said it.

“The apartment.” I smile at him, he knows that I know what he’s getting on to here.

“I want you to move in with me.” he says, just to confirm what I had thought.

“Today?” I ask. He shakes his head in reply.

“No, your mother deserves to have her baby for one more night before you leave, how

about tomorrow morning?” I nod and he smiles.

“Perfecto!” I giggle I always did love when he said that.

We get in the truck and head off. When I realise that he’s not taking me back to

the apartment, I ask him where we are going.

“Home” He replied. I smiled once again, for like the millionth time today and lay back

in my seat, relaxing. after a lifetime of indie music and my dad tapping his fingers to it

on the steering wheel, we pull into a driveway.

My new driveway. I have a driveway. The very thought feel foreign in my mind.

When Dad shut off the truck I climbed out and he grabbed the box of books, as he

said he would before doing so. Doing such gave me the opportunity to study my new

neighbourhood. Suburban houses dotted the opposite side as well as the same side I

was standing on. Nothing much to the houses. But I heard about these type of areas.

Piper had knowledge from living inside one. Everyone is usually gives you a

“good morning!” if you’re out at the same time as you, gives you a

“how do you do?” if they have not said it to you at all that day and does some of the

best decorations for both christmas,halloween, 4th of July, Some even do easter. If

you’re unlucky, then you’ll end up with a gossipy mother of a whole bunch of children

who’s also cheating on her husband and tries to get you to pretend like you don’t

know anything if questions come. ( Like I said before, Piper is the smartest person I’ve

ever known, and if I haven’t said so, I am now.) I remember, just as she was finished

telling me, she said that they will always help you when you are in need for a ride

to school, help changing a tire or fixing a part of your car or that recipe on the best

cookies in the entire universe.

Dad taps my shoulder and I realize I had been standing in my exact spot for a

bit of a while.

“whatcha thinkin’ about?”

“Basic knowledge Piper told me about this type of neighbourhood.” He smiles and

leads me up to the door. Setting the box down, he opens the door slowly ushering me

in. I got jumped by something small, furry and likes to lick. I giggle and pet him as

Dad sets the box down again, this time closing the door behind him and kicking off his


“You never told me about this little guy!” I try for a complaint but utterly fail.

“Surprise.” He says, taking the box of books into the living room. I follow him slowly,

for two reasons, one, to take in the new scenery and two because the dog was just so

lovable, i was bending down to pet him every ten seconds. There wasn’t anything to

really see in the hallway, so I went straight into the living room.

Dad sat on the couch against the right wall. Another couch, one end so close,

my hip was touching it, was on my more than immediate right. The TV stood on it’s

stand opposite to Dad. Roofles jumped up on the couch that was touching my hip, as if

to usher me to come to sit with him. I do and he jumps up on my chest, causing me to

fall back on the couch. Laughing as Roofles licks the hell out of my face, Dad gets up

and grabs something that’s in between both the couch Roofles and I are sitting on and

the one that he was sitting on. When he lifts his head and hand up, I realize that it was

a blanket. Is he tired? Roofles looks at the blanket, and as if on cue, settles on my chest

like he’s ready to fall asleep at any given moment. Look up at dad, but see that he’s

moved. Now standing on my side, lays the blanket on top of me, covering a little bit of

Roofles back side. I feel the weight I never knew was there take in effect on my eyes.

“Go ahead and take a nap, I think you need it.” Smiling, he kisses my forehead and I

drift away, sleep becoming the only element in existence.

Giggling when waking up is the best way to wake up. Roofles was licking my

nose and wouldn’t stop. As soon as he decided my face was covered in enough saliva,

he jumped in my lap so I could sit up. Rubbing my eyes, it occurred to me that I didn’t

have my phone. Seconds without effort in my search, I found it on the coffee table.

“Didn’t want you to roll over and crush it.” I chuckle as Dad hands me my phone from

the table, sensing my laziness a mile away. When he sits down on the other couch, I

follow him and rest my head on his shoulder. His left arm wrapped itself around my

shoulders. Not wanting to be left out, Roofles curled up in between legs, where the

blanket was flappy.

Dad decided to put on some TV. He picks up a remote that doesn’t look like a

normal remote, not at all. I study it for a moment before deciding where I had seen

it before, just I never knew what it was for at the time either. Piper’s house, on her

coffee table.

“What is that?” Hoping he knows what I’m talking about, I don’t bother pointing at it.

“This?” Waving the remote as he asks. I nod.

“It’s for a wii, I only use it for Netflix.” He knew my next question before I even asked

it because he added;

“Netflix is a program you can only get on mobile and gaming systems. It has shows

and movies, some shows are only on Netflix.” I nod, watching the screen. I’ve never

seen the cover that it had, but I certainly recognized the main character. Doctor Who.

I grinned for the millionth time today.

“I was thinking we could start with the pilot episode, because I’ve never seen it.” I

honestly can’t remember the last time I had seen the Pilot. I nod as he puts it on.

Three Doctor Who episodes later, I’m eating dinner across from him like I had

been at lunch. For dinner, we both were really lazy and decided to just throw a frozen

pizza in the oven. I don’t want the day to end! Reluctantly, I threw on my sweater and

played with Roofles a little more before heading out to the truck with dad.

The house to the right of mine (Feels so weird saying I live in a house.) had it’s

porch occupied by a plump old lady who was reading. She looked up and noticed me

right away.

“Well, dear me I have never seen you before! Where did you come from.” Before I

reply, Dad laughs and cuts in.

“This is my son, Marge.” I smile and wave.

“Oh my, I can’t see any difference but your age between you to!” We both laugh.

“Alright Marge, you have a good night.” Dad says before opening his door.

“I will, and you both have a good night yourselves, ya hear?” He giggle and get in the

truck and head off.

“She’s nice.” I say once we have turned the corner. Dad nods.

“Ya, she’s sweet. She baked cookies for me once.” Cookies!

“Did she?”

“Yep. Don’t be surprised if she wants you to come over to choose which type of cookie

you like better.” We both laugh and shake our heads you the music. Pumped Up Kicks

by Foster The People was playing.

When Dad pulled the truck up in front of the apartment building, I hugged him

and told him to come over at 8:00am. He agreed and I went in the lobby. Becoming

relentlessly bored, I began to whistle Pumped up kicks while the elevator was slowly,

but surely, making it’s way down to the lobby. When it came, I stepped in and was just

about to click the floor when I heard a voice asking to hold the elevator. I did so and

realized it was Mom.

“Hey Percy!” She says to me when she sees me.

“Hey mom. How’d you do today?” When I tell her, I want he in a good mood, so

hopefully I am leading her into one.

“Really good, actually. Two hundred dollars.” I smile, She only does that good on


“Good.” I reply.

“Did you eat dinner yet?” she asks me.

“Yes, I have.”

“Alright, good.”



“When we get inside, can you just sit on the couch, I need to talk to you.”


When we get inside, she does as I ask and I tell her everything about today. The

Bakery, Bookstore, Ice cream, Roofles, Netflix, Moving in with dad. She hugs me


“As long as you’re happy, I’m happy.” He stay in a hugging position for a while before I

decide to make her up some dinner.

Later, before I start packing, I send Piper a message via Facebook, telling her

about today.

Hey, just wanted to tell you that my dad came back today. Last night he

called saying he wanted to see me. So today he took me to that bakery we

used to always go to. After he took me to the bookstore. ?We had ice cream

afterwards, then he took me to his house. I took a nap with his dog, Roofles,

then curled up and watched some Doctor Who with him. After that, we ate

dinner and he took me back to the apartment. I had agreed to move in with

him. I will be packing after I am finished typing this, He’s said he’s going to be

at my apartment for eight in the morning. So all in all, best day I’ve ever had in

six years.

Love, Percy the Panda.

She used to call me a panda everyday, just because they were my favorite

animal, and still are, well with exception of Roofles. Anywho, lets start packing! I

don’t have much, Honestly. My school bag can hold almost all my belongings. The

only things it can’t hold are my books, and that’s because I have so many of them.

Which to the average person, isn’t many. But then again, I’m no average person, not

yet anyway, and even then I don’t believe I’ll be average. My photos are safely stored

behind my binder and my clothes stuffed anywhere they can fit. My suitcase, which I

haven’t used in years was stuffed with my books and pillows.

When I had finished packing, it was five to ten, so I decided to finish my book.

Today at the bookstore, I grabbed every book by the author, because all he’s ever

written are books in that series or back up series/novellas related to the series.

Getting off track, The book finished, I packed it and decided to go to sleep.

Pumped Up Kicks sounds as my alarm when I wake up. I thought the song was

an appropriate choice. When I walked into the kitchen, I saw that mom had left me a

note like she always did, telling me when she had left and not to wait up, but this time

it read something else.


I am going out like I always do, I’m sorry I can’t be there to see you off. I hope you

have a very good time living with your father. Remember I love you more than anything in

the entire universe, so I am expecting at least a call on christmas. Good luck son.

Love, Mom.

I had a bit of tears come to me. I knew it wasn’t goodbye, but I wont be seeing

her everyday like I normally do. I leave her a not too.


I love you too. Please, for your own sake, do good and don’t get caught. I will call,

promise. You did good as mother, don’t ever let yourself think anything different.

Love, Percy.

Just as I wrote the last word, I heard a knock at the door. I stare at the time

that’s written on the stove. 8:01 am. I grab my bags and open the door. While driving

home, the radio plays Pumped up Kicks plays and I bounce my head to the music, Dad

tapping his fingers.

As we walked up the porch, Marge waved to me and I waved back. Roofles

greeted me at the door and led me up the stairs, excited for me to see my room. Dad

opened my bedroom door for me and I was baffled.

A giant comfy bed was in the first thing to have caught my attention. Second?

definitely the bookshelves. On the first one to the left, every book I had ever read

dotted shelf by shelf. The shelf on the right held all my new books, but the stood on

the second shelf from the top, I assumed the top was meant for all the books in my


I layed on my back, my comfy bed cushioning me as I embraced it’s

comfortableness. After I had unpacked, I went to the living room. Dad wasn’t there. I

spotted him in the kitchen, using the blender. Before I could say anything, he looked

up at me and spoke first.

“Virgin Pina Colada?” I laugh and nod. The blender twirls with life as it mixes the ice

and pina colada. Pouring the blenders contents into to two long, cylinder cups. He

hands me one and I knew he wanted to do it before he had a chance to ask, because I

raised my glass and we spoke in union.

“Cheers!” Our drinks clink and we sit in the dining room, only to choose the living


We sat, close together, a blanket wrapped around all three of us. Dad, Roofles

and I. Season one, episode 10 is playing and Dad has said he officially likes this. He

does not get what he is getting into. It’s going to be a little hard, or maybe really hard,

but I know I am going to adjust, and that sitting with my dog and Dad watching the

best television show ever won’t feel alien anymore.






The End

Submitted: December 26, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Amanda56. All rights reserved.

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