i live alone

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Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017



I keep having this nightmare. Like someone is staring at me. Like someone is hovering over me. And then the click. Every night that click. It sound like a photo being taken. But i just ignore it. And the steps like someone running and then I wake up moments later.I am Emma and my life is a NIGHTMARE.

I went out with my family this weekend. My dad wanted to take a photo of me and my sister. Then he wanted to see how they look. My dad is 48 and btw im 24. That means  she also has no idea how to work a phone. So he just blasted the pictures. He looked through all the pictures and scrolled too far. He saw a picture of me sleeping. Hundreds of pictures! Of me sleeping… I live alone!

That night i didn't go to sleep. It was just too crazy that someone went in my house, unlocked my phone, and took pictures of me. I felt like moving but i can't afford to move.. That night i heard a knock from my window. I went to the widow in terror of what i was going to see. Then i heard the knock again… this time more clearly it was coming from down stairs.  I went down stairs. I know this is not a dream. Because i hadn't fallen to sleep. Now i feel like jelly. I go down stair so far feels like a wild goose chase. I listen to the knock again and it's coming from my mirroir.

I run back upstairs and see a black shadow behind me it's not mine, mine is in front of me. I sprint upstairs. Three times as fast. I look behind me nothing. I Look in front of me something. I am black out. Sleeping in my bed. Did i really fall asleep or did the person really put me back in my bed. I look in the mirror upstairs. I have nothing….nothing on my face. I didn't get knocked out. I am fine just a nightmare. Again..but i look on my phone all my pictures are deleted the only ones left are the ones of me… sleeping. I scroll and scroll all just me sleeping. Some with flash some without. Scrolling more it's all just pictures of me sleeping. I call the police. I call 911. And tell them that someone ha been in my house. I show them the pictures. They say they will stay there till 3 am. Great! But what about after that.

Again that night i stay up. I watch the grads. One of them is my best guy friend. I met him when i was 10.  I watch him he looks back and knods. And then i point. The same black shadow. The same person comes up and knees both people in the gut. I officaly and terrified. I hide under my bed. Then the door unlocks. And slams. Opens agin and slams again. I hear screams and anger on one side and terror and fear on the other. Sounds like fighting. My room door opens. I hear breathing. And then i see black shoes right fest to my face. And then i see one knee go down. And the other and i see the face of…

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