Eternal Prison

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I'm so sick of this eternal bondage that allows no freedom. I'm sick of strict rules. I'm almost an adult and the leash has not be released from their tight grasp. I love them but I wish they could read this and understand what I've beeen trying to communicate with them. This is for everyone who has had parents like this. I'm so tired, I didn't care about the rhythm or the rhyme scheme. Let's just vent for awhile

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013




Gold had once held value to me

Maybe I’m rich, maybe it has value

But these golden bars say differently

I’m in an eternal prison; arrested for nothing


Charged with a crime my parents create

So that I can’t leave and I can’t be myself

My youthful years have almost deteriorated

And I’ve done nothing worth remembering

--Well to my parent’s consent at least

Friendships are made but only in school

No mall, movie, or large pleasant feast

No romance or even a great memory


High school will be over and I’m still in a cage

Eternal prison and eternally their daughter

For that I’d be grateful, if that didn’t mean slave

I’m tired of the ruthlessness and dictatorship


I have no control and the free will that is God given

Is stripped away from me at birth by the two

I love them so much but not how we’re living

I need my space, my privacy, my life – I need it back


Sometimes, I know they don’t have a choice

And I know that this isn’t easy on them either

But it would be easier if they’d let me have a voice

Instead of ignoring everything I say and do


Everyone complains and this might seem like nothing

Just a stupid teenager venting about parental problems

But take a walk in my shoes and you’ll definitely see

This isn’t exaggeration; it’s my sad reality


They aren’t bad parents and I love them to death

They just need to understand that I can’t live life like this

Locked up in a cage? One day they’ll open the door

And I’ll fly like the wind until they don’t see me anymore

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