Needing Escape

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Sometimes, I really just want to get up and leave. I want someone to just help me forget!

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013




To breathe again

To live a better tomorrow

To not waste another day

Moving about in my sorrow


I Desire,

To rejoice in my accomplishments

To dance all the days of my life

To be free from these shackles

It’s a burden I can’t survive


Holding it all together

It’s almost impossible

And Hiding in perfection

It’s undoubtedly indestructible


I need,

A better life to lead

To run far, far away

And never look back

To finally be okay


To inhale, then exhale

Without any dictation

To be myself out of the cage

Let out anger that’s been ragin’


To breathe

In open-ended air

To live

How I see fair


Away from chaos

Away from this

I need my own room

The one I miss


If I had a chance to leave

I’d do it in a heartbeat

To get away from pressure

To just finally break free


Mom, I’m not a baby bird anymore

You can’t lock me in a cage and hope

That I will listen forever because I won’t

I love this family but I’m at the end of my rope


You need to realize

That I all I really need

And all I actually want

Is to be able to breathe

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