Pulling Daisies

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I wrote this poem when I was in the seventh grade, I believe. It's an oldie but it meant a lot to me at the time.

Submitted: February 02, 2013

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Submitted: February 02, 2013




Here I sit pulling yellow pedals

I hope and pray for you to feel the way I do

Love like this is life’s biggest riddle

Answering it is easy, if only that were true


My fingers play with the little flower

I pull it off the daisy, thinking of us

You’re heart so sweet, and hardly sour

The yellow one falls, thus


He loves me


But how can we prove it’s love

When they all say, I’m not good enough

All the haters smile pleased

As they get rid of me, the disease


He loves me not


The third pedal between my index and thumb

Your smile so wide makes my heart go numb

Look at me with your endearing eyes

Make me feel beautiful, unlike those other guys


He loves me


But I hear the laughter from your friends

Boy, this madness meets no ends

In front of them we make a scene

Your harder to read when your awfully mean


He loves me not


I keep pulling pedals off the daisy

This suspense is making my heart go crazy

Could it be true?

Could he love me too?


He loves me


One by one, pedals falling

Waiting to hear, the final calling

The ups and dows, are making me insane

Giving hope, but then bring me pain


The last pedal falls and only two can see

That he really loves me


I sigh and chuckle at the immature act

It couldn’t be true especially knowing Zach





Then there it is! My heart is racing

Just by that simple touch

Tells me to turn so that I am facing

As my fingers clutch

There it was a smile so wide

Was he ready to stick by my side


He leans to give one sweet kiss

How can life get better than this?

Because finally I know that the daisy was right

Pulling daisies became my little light

The first and last pedal helped me see

He really loves me

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