Innocence is taken away by something so simple. The first glimpse of pain sticks with you but surely, it's not the end of the heartbreaks and pain.


The little baby boy crawled and crawled about

Innocent to the world and without any doubts

Then came the spider that bit him until he bled

The little baby boy must know this isn’t the end


There’s more pain to come in his young life

A broken heart is sharper than a knife

One ‘itsy bitsy’ spider bite is just the beginning

But there is absolutely no sense in tinning*


Come with me so I can show you you’re world

The life you have now will be thrown in a swirl

Daddy will lose his job; Mommy will take on more

They’ll try to work together, but not after you’re four


Mommy will give up and leave the both of you

Daddy becomes a heavy drinker; beating you like a shrew

You have to walk into the streets to find your food and shelter

Mommy breaks her promise; things aren’t getting any better


Years passed and it’s the same old routine

Until Daddy met his second beautiful queen

Things are changing, but you’re his best man

You have to act like you’re his biggest fan


Once he’s married everything’s different

He cheers on for your achievements

He cleaned up his act and no longer drinks

“It’s all over,” at least that’s what you think


Only a year goes by and they have a daughter

His second chance and he’s never been a better father

But you become completely transparent

And you’re wishing she wouldn’t be so apparent


She looks up to you as she grows older

You shove her to the side and resent her

She loves you so much and all you have is hatred

Praying and praying that no one ever made these changes


You regret those prayers the day of the accident

Your father’s heart was torn by his love so passionate

It’s not your fault; but that’s who you blame

She’s gone now and so is her unbelievable fame


Your dad, well, he’s really trying

Step mom, well, she constantly crying

You ignore your mom and argue with Dad

I think by now you start to go mad


Two years later you are committed to a hospital

Patients all over the place that have really gone mental

Dad visits you every other day he can to show you he cares

But the guilt that lies within you and his judgment you couldn’t bare


Only thing keeping you from taking it all away

Is the hope that one day it will all be okay

Your arm stills has that scar from the past

The spider bite didn’t hurt this bad





*tinning – applying a protective layer of tin

Submitted: February 02, 2013

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