A girl I used to know

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Poem about an old friend who chose to walk away.

Submitted: August 04, 2008

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Submitted: August 04, 2008



There we are can you see us?  A red head and a brunette running around the playground, destined to be friends forever.

Both talk about dreams and make believe fairytales, as if tomorrow would be the same-never to part, side by side.

Look over there, its middle school, the red head is with a group of people, the brunette a group of her own...always waiting for her friend to come back.

They both enter high school, a new world of make believe. The brunette tries to patch together a friendship that is slowly drifting away, the red head notices nothing.

College comes, the brunette gets married, the red head walks the other way-brunette wonders what she did to be forgotten.

Now the brunette is about to have a baby of her own, and she some how wonders how the red head feels or if she even cares that her old best friend might have needed her.

Both have birthdays three days apart, brunette wanted to tell her happy birthday but she didnt-she knew the red head probably didnt remember

There they are hand in hand, children protected from the truth of the world ahead,

that used to be me and her best friends forever,

who knew forever would end so soon.

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