Midnight Clearing

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I do not know where exactly I am going with this one. Its just free style writing for right now.

Submitted: May 31, 2008

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Submitted: May 31, 2008



“Shhh, be quiet we’re almost there.” whispered Anna as her little sister who was

Ten followed right behind her. “ I don’t understand why you are dragging me out into the middle of no where. I was watching television.” Anna put her finger on her lips as she motioned towards her ear, the two girls remained silent and listened. In the midst of the empty field, full of nothing but grass and a few trees, a strange sound came from some where off in the distance. “Is that…is that laughing or crying I’m hearing Anna?” Anna shrugged and began to walk closer to the noise. Claire grabbed Anna’s shoulder to stop her, “Anna stop lets go back to the house. My show is coming on again in about ten minutes if we hurry!” Anna rolled her eyes and took Claire’s hand as they both walked towards the noise together. The sky was growing darker and the wind had picked up a bit, but nothing was going to stop Anna from figuring out what or who the noise was coming from.

As they arrived closer to the noise it was as if the entire world had stopped. All the crickets, bull frogs, and sounds coming from the trees had stopped making sounds. Anna and Claire stopped and began to realize something was very wrong. “Anna look at the trees around us, I can’t hear the wind anymore. Isn’t that weird?” Anna nodded in agreement, and bent down to listen for any other sound. She picked up two rocks and hit them together. “They aren’t making any noise either.” Claire took the two rocks and examined them. “Come on, we are getting closer, listen it’s the only thing I can hear now.” Claire dropped the rocks and ran to catch up to Anna. As they continued walking they noticed water on the ground, in little streams flowing right in front of them towards the only noise they could hear. “That’s different, I thought there was no water out here. Dad sad we were in a drought.” Anna said as Claire stopped a few paces behind her. Claire bent down towards the ground and watched the stream flow past Anna’s feet. She began to put her finger in the water when she was stopped abruptly by Anna screaming her name. “Claire! I found the noise! Its coming from over here! Look, hurry there’s a lake or a pond over here!” Claire stood up and ran towards Anna.


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