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Pay Attention

There’s a girl that needs someone. You probably know her, You’ve definitely seen her, But you never notice she’s there.... Read Chapter

Four Years Isn't Enough Time

The night we got the call I knew nothing would be the same   The night we got the call I contemplated running away ... Read Chapter


Sometimes I just listen The sound of your voice The hiccup in your laugh And how they harmonize perfectly With hers &... Read Chapter

You're My Medicine

Cough syrup Isn’t a remedy For the lump in my throat That I just can’t swallow   Advil and Motrin Will n... Read Chapter


I look at the sun And I wonder how something Could shine so bright And just leave   And I wonder how something ... Read Chapter

Grey Skies

You should be here Hiding from the storm The rain is falling hard out there Are you out there?   You shouldn’t... Read Chapter