Celestial Wonderland

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A simple poem about the power of time, and the belief that life and love are intensified by the fact that you will never have forever with the person that you love most, and this forces you to truly live in the moment. I would never want immortality because I fear that I would miss so much simply because I wouldn't appreciate every moment that I was given, whereas knowing that I will one day die gives me the opportunity never to take a second for granted.

Submitted: April 26, 2013

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Submitted: April 26, 2013



I measure the time in clouds how they swirl and how they bow freely dancing amongst stars how I wish to be up so far

And in my celestial wonderland you will be my only man we will measure time in orbits, taking it moment by moment With god as our witness and planets aligned you and I can take to the sky

Heartache won't exist in a world of naive bliss immortality our friend, will give us love with no end

But I would die a thousand days, I'd melt in the eternal blaze to spend my time on earth with you and watch us grow and gardens too, for what is love if it comes easy, and what is life if not fleeting moments are intensified, by the simple truth that we all die

Id rather hold your hand, when the spirit guides you in, than take a single word from your sweet lips for granted for tears of sorrow are not in vain, they are a gift that comes with age and only those who hold the key, would ever choose mortality

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