Masochistic Memories

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Yet another poem with a deep truth hidden behind.....:/

Submitted: September 21, 2011

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Submitted: September 21, 2011




Masochistic Memories

The sun was up, but the world seemed so dark…

The twilight seemed to disappear and the world seemed so vast..

Crawling and creeping and we all went along, with the shiny blaze that did not seem too long….

For the evil had once again overpowered the angel…

The people knew not what to do…

Lethargic feeling, ironic behavior, everything pitch black,

the pool of sins seem to overflow in wide streams,

The sadistic minds charged up all very politely not knowing the unrealistic outcome that was to come…

Slow and steady the days passed by, 

in a flow but rather very slow everything went ironically white…

Blue was the land and brown was the sky…

Has the world come to an end or is the desired fever memorized….

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