The English Teachers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
The English Teachers are not your average guy or gal on the street. Their intelligence is exceptional, their attention to detail is way above average but their hearts are soft and no matter how hard they try, a human heart will get broken and usually in the worse way possible.

Submitted: September 05, 2014

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Submitted: September 05, 2014





Ifan Clarke (Infinity),  Ethan Lorde (Ellipsis),  Tesann Rawlins (Tilde),  Corrie Clarke (Caret), Hannah  Gittens (Hash)




Five highly trained MI6 assassins decided that England was too big and they made enough money. They were already filthy rich and not only from working but Infinity was born with two gold spoons in his mouth and both his parents were rich and upon their death a few years back, he inherited billions. What they really wanted to do was share their skills. So they retired and moved to Barbados, bought and old estate, fixed it up and created – TESOA – (The English School of Assassins). Of course they never told anyone what it stood for so people just assumed it was someone’s name. They contacted the court authorities and gave notification that the school’s program was designed to reform rogue children.


After five successful years, things start to go very wrong.  A video turns up on Infinity’s desk and all the wrong doings he had ever done, came full circle and landed in his lap.  Would he find out who was the snitch?  Would the woman in the video forgive him for the life that he led?  Would the woman he secretly loved now, ever tell him that she feels the same and that she is carrying his child?  Apparently Death isn’t the only challenge TESOA faces.


Chapter ONE


The school's motto was - “Sed Provocatio Est In Morte – “Death is but a Challenge”. They were five sections, each one taught by a different teacher.


Ellipsis was in charge of fine arts, wine and etiquette and fashion.  Tilde a mechanic at heart taught all about cars, bikes, boats, trucks, planes, buses. Caret enveloped the students in a foray of Martial Arts, cuisine and games such as chess, cricket and volleyball. Hash being the fitness freak he was took charge of dance, fitness, cosmetology and aesthetics.  Infinity, Head Honcho, Principal of sorts, man with the most money, brains, balls and anything else you could think of, didn’t just teach, he infiltrated and converted the minds of the students in pathology, physics, chemistry, mortality, psychology and weaponry.


They bought a small hotel and used it to provide hands-on experience for the students. The College itself stood on vast lands. There were two separate stables, a shooting range, mini casino outfitted with a pool table, 72in flat screen with Blu-ray and Bose surround. There was an Olympic sized swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court and a training arena for contact sport. There was also a race track and polo field. Only two females and three males will reach level five. These will be trained to be assassins and in five years take over the running of the school under the guidance of the other teachers. Each student had to pick one of five subjects – Accounts, Marketing, Human Resources, Office Procedures and Business Management. This would determine what sector they would control. There were rules to follow and anyone breaking them get up to four chances in 4 years. One particular student was quick tempered and got into a fight on the first day. Infinity decided he was to be taught a lesson he would never forget. Hash took him on one of his grueling cross-country hikes. Eleven parishes in 11days. Minimum food and water and they slept in the outdoors. When they returned Jason was as timid as a mouse.


Chapter Two


Life has a funny way of teaching you a lesson.  Some people believe in Karma, Fate, Payback or whatever and most times the end result is the same.  What you do today will most likely affect you tomorrow or in Infinity’s case, 15 years later.  Imagine sitting at your desk and one of your colleagues brings you a package from the post office.  He puts it on the desk with an odd look on his face.

“You know whatever in that package is not going to be good Infinity, so prepare yourself.”

Hash turns and leaves, locking the door behind him. Infinity takes a deep breath and opened the brown envelope.  A DVD with no label and a note - “Only in the eyes of love you can find infinity.” 

Not feeling the slightest bit perturbed, Infinity loaded the disc into his laptop.  Windows Media Player popped up and the video started.  There are times in life when the most reserved man will lose his cool.  He will witness something so devastating, that nothing will seem real, the world will cease and he will plunge into an everlasting well of emotional darkness and torture. The scene unravelling in the video was more than Infinity could handle but to find out why it happened he needed to see it to the end.  A girl was tied spread eagle to a four poster bed.  A hooded man walked up to the bed and whispered something in her ear and she began screaming.  He took his pants off and lay between her legs.  He spit on his hand, rubbed himself and without a care for the girl, he shoved himself inside her.  She screamed again and the man remained calm.  Then, he just got up, put on his pants and left the view of the camera.  Six naked men wearing black hoods came into the room and one by one they proceeded to violate the girl.  This went on for half an hour and by the third man the girl was almost unconscious.  She no longer screamed for them to stop, no longer moved her head from side to side, no sound, no movement except for her eyes.  Just as the last man was removing himself from her body, the camera zoomed in on her face.  It was at that point Infinity knew who she was.  His daughter.  Twenty-two years old, never knew her father but he kept a file with everything about her.  He had watched her grow up from a distance because he thought it would keep her safe.  He loved her mother and she knew what he was and had decided to keep the baby.


“Do you love me Fin?”

“Always Shen, you know that.  What’s wrong?”

“I’m pregnant.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m keeping her.”

“I can’t stay here, you know that but I will make sure you have everything you need.  If you need to contact me, send a letter to our family Attorney, he will get the information to me.  I’m sorry I put you in this position.”

“She was created out of our love, don’t be sorry.  I knew what you were when we met and I know you weren’t just using me.  You have shown me so much love and I will pass that on to our daughter.”

“How do you know it’s a girl?”

“I just do.  Make love to me one last time before you go.”


Infinity drifted back to the present and pressed play again on the laptop screen.  The men untied the girl’s hands and feet, turned her on her stomach and six more naked hooded men took their turn.  Infinity stared at the screen as if he was in a trance.  He checked the time on the video, almost two hours had passed and each time six men finished, six more showed up a total of twenty-four.  A man turned the camera on himself and began to speak.

“Her mother is dead.  She is next whether you do what I want or not.  I will take everything from you and then kill you.”  The video ended and something caught Infinity’s eye.  He scrolled back a few seconds and set the video to slow motion.  Immediately he knew who had his daughter and he knew where he was and how he would kill him.  He shut down the laptop and made his way to Hash.  When he got there, everyone was waiting.

“When do we leave?” Tilde asked excitedly.

“We aren’t, I am.”

“Not happening buddy, either we all go or I burn this place down with everyone in it.” Hash offered.

“I need you here, if I am caught, you need to run the school.”

“We sell the school.”  Ellipsis said nonchalantly.

“They have my daughter.” 

The room went completely dead.

“She was raped by twenty-five Slovenian soldiers, the man who took her virginity is known to us as ‘Volk’.”

“Jesus Fin, are you sure?”

“Just before the video ended, I saw their symbol on the back wall.  I am going to find him and take his head off.  I leave in the morning.  Prep the jet, I need a floating bank account, a cell phone, and a car when I get to Germany.”

“Germany?”  Tilde asked.

“Volk defected to Germany a few years back, he had an affair with a politician’s young wife and he sent him a video of them having sex in their house.”

“What else do you need Fin?”

“A new laptop, contact Flange and tell him to meet me at the airport and to retrieve the key for the box.”

“I’m coming with you Fin, you need me to back you up.”  Caret spoke low and deadly.

“Fine, gear up and get some sleep.”

“Someone has to stay here but it’s not going to be me.”  Tilde sounded as if she were talking to herself.

“Okay look, this is not a job, you do not have to go with me, and yes someone needs to stay here in case the rest of us die.  Hash I am volunteering you to stay.”

“I un-volunteer myself.”

“You are the only one who doesn’t speak German and the others haven’t been sick recently.”

Tilde looked at Hash with a lopsided frown.

“I am not sick, I’m……. fine, I will stay but you have to keep me up to date on what’s happening.  I will prep the communication devices to take with you.”  Hash got up and left the room.

“What’s with her?”  Caret asked.

“Pshaw, you men know nothing.”  Tilde scowled and left the room as well.

“Okay, I need to liaise with Hash, I will see you guys in the morning at 0500 hrs.”

Infinity searched all over for Hash and then he remembered her hiding place.  There was an old barn at the back of the college.  He hadn’t wanted to knock it down as it was still in great shape, so he refurbished it and turned it into a tree house, he removed the concrete floor and laid down dirt and coconut trees, as the trees touched the roof he redid the roof to suit the growth of the trees.  He made his way over and sure enough Hash was sitting on a sofa on the second floor.


“Go away Fin, I have nothing to say to you.”

“Since when?”

“Since you have a daughter.”

“Why do you care Hash, you know the life we live doesn’t allow for personal information to be shared.”

“Well your personal information has come back to haunt you.”

“What the fuck is your problem Hannah?”

“I’m pregnant Ifan.”


“Don’t worry, it’s not yours.”

“You are seeing someone else?”

“Why does that surprise you?  You think I want this life forever?  I want a family, a husband who adores me and our children.  I want to be a house wife and go to PTA meetings and football practice.  I can’t have that with you because it’s not what you want.”

“How would you know what I want?  Have you ever asked?  You come to my bed when it suits you, you leave soon after. When has the sun ever risen and found you in my bed and in my arms.  I can trust you in an operation to protect me but yet you don’t show any love towards me, so how I ask again would you know what I want?”

“This is the only child I will ever have, the father doesn’t want a child and I won’t terminate.  You were right to make me stay, I’m not in any state to help any of you.  We need to get certain documents in order.”

“I’m sorry about the baby’s father, you will make a wonderful mother.”  Infinity’s voice softened a bit, he was skeptical of what she was telling him, they were all great liars but he hoped that that particular skill would not make its way into their lives, there was no room for that.

“Thank you but I think I will give him or her up for adoption, this is no life to raise a child in.”

“I agree but if I had it to do over, my daughter would have been with me instead of where she is now.”

“Would you have another child?”

“Years ago maybe but I’m too old to be a father now.”

“Oh.”  Hash cringed inwardly.


“Nothing, I think you would make a great father as well. No matter what age.”

Infinity gave a light chuckle.

“One thing before you leave Ifan.”

“Anything for you, you know that.”

“Lie to me and tell me you love me.”

“I love you Hannah.”  He said it with such conviction, she walked up to him kissed him passionately.

“Make love to me Ifan, one last time.”

Infinity flashed back to the last woman who said that to him.  He pushed it into the back of his mind and gave Hannah what she asked for. He was a bit rough and frantic but she welcomed his need to be with her.  When he opened his eyes, it was dark and he was laying enveloped by Hannah’s warmth.  His body responded and he began to move inside her.


“Promise me one thing Hannah.”

“Anything for you Ifan.”

“Don’t’…… give…… up……. the…….baby.”  Every word was a stroke.  It was as if he was trying to change the fact that the child wasn’t his.

Hannah never said a word, she just lifter her hips in unison with his and when he came he was even more brutal than the first time.  She swore she heard him crying and she was so torn but she knew if she mentioned it he would clam up.  She held onto him as long as she could.  Then, he lifted himself from her, kissed her on the forehead and left.  She stood at the window and watched as he walked across the path to their living quarters.  She was so in love with him and now with the baby, it hurt that he didn’t feel the same way about her.  She wondered why he wanted her to keep the child.  Anyway tomorrow the others would go into Germany and the rest will be up to fate.

She fixed herself so the others wouldn't suspect anything and she left the barn and made her way to her room.  Around 2am she heard voices and got up to see what was going on.  The voices were coming from Infinity’s office.  She stood close enough to hear but far enough to escape in case someone came out.


“I’m crumbling inside and I can’t tell her.”

“Jesus man, she’s pregnant and you are leaving in a few hours and you may not come back.  Tell her Fin or you will regret it if you survive this.  She won’t wait around for you forever.  Out of all the women we know the best one had to fall for you and you totally manage to fuck it up.  Good going big brother.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way but if I ever have any chance with her I need to finish this, if she wants me when and if we come back I will deal with it then.”  Infinity looked at the man who was his younger brother, partner in crime and one of the few people he would give his life for.

Infinity realized his brother was still in the room.


“The baby is yours Fin, she isn’t seeing anyone else and she lied to you.  She would rather raise your child on her own rather than force you to be responsible.”  Caret shook his head and left his brother with his mouth open.

Hash skirted back so Caret couldn’t see her.  She knew Fin would come to find her and make her tell him the truth.  She ran to her room and started to pack.  If she left now, they wouldn’t realise it until they got back from Germany.  The children were on vacation for the summer and won’t be back until September, that will give her at last three months to decide if she wants to come back or not.  She was in the midst of packing when she felt a presence in her room.  She spun around to face the most dangerous man she ever knew.

Infinity was wearing his most vicious expression and rightly so.  He closed the door, walked over to her bed and sat down.

“You need me to tell you to sit?”

Hash shrugged and sat to the spot he was pointing at.

“Fin I……”

“Be quiet. There is no Hash nor Infinity here, just Ifan and Hannah.”

Hannah lowered her head and prepared her heart for the worst.

“Do you have any idea how much I love you Hannah?  I always seem to forget the life I live when I am in your arms.  I have only felt that once in my life and she’s dead and our daughter will be soon too.  I feel unworthy of you.  I always felt people like us should never bring a child into this world and for all the training, commercials I've seen and education I have, when I touch you I never think I should protect you from getting pregnant.  I am a 50 year old assassin yet you manage to turn me into a giddy headed teenager.  Now tell me why did you lie to me and if you lie now I will know.”

“I love you Ifan, I always have.  Have to admit I got pregnant on purpose and before you get angry, I am not ashamed.  I was on the pill when we first started and I would forget them often and then I just couldn’t be bothered.  This baby has given me a reason to leave this life.  I can’t do it anymore.  I’ve saved up most of the money I made from the last 5 years since you never let us spend our own.  I can get a job teaching at a school or start a consulting firm so I can work from home.  I have never wanted something so bad in my life.  The first night you made love to me I fell in love with you and I kept it hidden as long as I could but I can’t anymore.  I have never been with another man, just you. I didn’t think you would ever love me and I understood that and I don’t expect you to provide us with anything.  Just know that I will make a good life for our baby.”

“I told you that you don’t know what I want.  I knew something was up when we were in the barn.  Why didn’t you trust me to tell me the truth?”

“Of all the men I have encountered in this world, you scare me the most.  You may be dangerous to the outside world but when you touch me I melt.  I have no resolve with you. When I found out I was pregnant, my first thought was how I was going to tell you.  The others know, they always knew about us.  Do you have any idea how it hurt that you had another child and never thought I was special enough to know?”  Hannah started to cry.

Ifan put his arms around her.

“Shen and I were in college together, we lost touch after I joined the army.  I went back to my home town and she was still living the same place.  She started a small business selling floral arrangements to help her mother with the bills and food.  We got back together and I would always see her when I got leave.  When she told me she was pregnant I was shipping out for 5 years.  She didn’t falter when I told her.  She said she would take care of our baby the best she could and I didn’t have to provide for her.  She was the strongest woman I ever met.  I left the next day.  I finished my tour but I had told my attorney to provide her with whatever she needed and in turn she sent me updates on our daughter Shenna.  I went straight to her when I got back.  He mother had died and the house was in bad shape.  I bought her a new one and I requested a 6 month leave to spend with her and Shenna.  She got pregnant again but we lost the baby.  I begged her to marry me so if I died she would everything.  She refused and merely asked that I leave something for our daughter.  When the leave was up, I told her I didn’t know when I would be coming back.  I called my attorney and told him to set up a trust for them both that would accumulate by twenty thousand pounds every year.  Every month she would get 10% of the total to keep the business running and live comfortably.  The letters stopped, I didn’t get any more photographs.  I asked for leave again and went to see her.  She had met someone and didn’t know how to tell me.  I think I already knew but I couldn’t be angry with her.  I told the guy if he ever hurt her I would come back and shove him through a meat grinder.  Shenna was almost seven and her mother never missed a day telling her about me.  When I knocked on the door she yelled “Mom Daddy’s here” and she ran outside and gave me the biggest hug and kiss I’ve ever had in my life.  I created her and I couldn’t be a part of her life.  I spent a week with them, getting to know the husband and my daughter.  I explained to her that I had to leave again and she should be a good girl.  She cried for hours.  My heart broke all over again.  They stayed in touch and Shen’s husband died a few years back.  I begged her to marry me again and again she refused.  Shenna is now twenty-two and everything I did to protect her failed.  I failed as a father twice.”  Ifan released Hannah and got up.


“Ifan, the past is the past, we all try to do what we think is right, it doesn’t always work but we go on.  In a few hours you will find Shenna and bring her home to us.  She is our family now and this baby will bring everyone together.  We need to leave this life Ifan, we have to.”

“I know Hannah, I know.”

Ifan turned to look at her and the desire in his eyes was clear.

“I need you so much Hannah, I was too stupid to admit it before but if we survive this, we are getting married and quitting the business.  I have to try.”

Hannah, began to undress and when her clothes were on the floor, she opened her arms.  Ifan stepped into them and they made love again, this time he was gentle.  Ifan was barely asleep when he heard a knock on the door.

“Guys we need to get going, it’s almost 4:30.”

“Be right out Tilde.”

Ifan looked at Hannah, she was his future now, he had to go get his daughter and bring her home.  He was torn between leaving Hannah alone and finding Shenna but he knew Hanna could take care of herself if need be.  He kissed her on the forehead and put his clothes on.

“I love you Ifan, come back to me soon.”

“I love you to Hannah and I wasn’t lying when I said it the first time.  Sleep.  We will contact you when we reach Germany.”


Ifan left and closed the door.  Tilde was waiting for him.

“Breakfast is on the table, go shower and grab some to go, everyone’s ready.”

Infinity nodded and did as he was told.  When he got to the kitchen, Tilde had packed his breakfast for him and everyone was standing in the foyer.  They all had the same question and they knew he would answer when he was ready.  He took the food from Tilde and they all made their way to the jet.  As the plane took off, Tilde squirmed in her seat.  She needed to know.


“I love her Tilde, she’s pregnant with my child and when this is over, we are getting married.  I’m done, no more training to kill, I will keep the school open but just a school.  Try to help the kids to be something in life.”

“Aren’t you too old to be having sex?”  Caret teased.

“Be quiet menopause baby.”

“Is she okay?”  Tilde asked.

“She will be, we talked things out.  She was packing to leave when I went to her room.  I guess I scared her.  Anyway, I have to get Shenna out, not sure what she thinks of me now and this will damage her greatly.”  Infinity shrugged and his kill switch clicked on.

“Is everything prepped?  How are things in Germany?”

“We are ready and so is Germany, cars, comms, contacts.  No one asked for payment, I think we should still give them something for their trouble.”

“No, that would be an insult.  They know this is personal, every man needs a favour at some time.  What’s our ETA?”

“Get some sleep Fin, we will wake you up when it’s time.”  Ellipsis chimed.

“I’m not a baby but I do need sleep, Hash wore me out.”

The others laughed as he walked to the back of the plan and stretched out across a few seats.

He pulled his cell out of his pocket and dialed his attorney.

“Infinity, how are you doing?”

“Great.  I need to make an addition to my will.  Shenna’s mother died, replace her name with Hannah Belgrave/Hannah Gibson and let it reflect another child.  I am on a plane to Germany to get Shenna, she was kidnapped.  I may not come back and you are still in control.  Caret is with me and if anything happens to him, everything goes to Hannah and the baby along with Shenna.  I have trusted you all these years and you have never failed me.”

“I understand Fin.  I hope all goes well and I don’t need to plan your funeral and I look forward to meeting the woman who said yes to you.  Good luck.  The papers will be waiting when you return.”

“Thank you mate.”

Infinity hung up and settled in for a nap.  He was supposed to be asleep but he kept replaying the video over and over in his head.  Then it hit him.  The girl was not his daughter.  The video was edited and her face was superimposed over the girl.  He got out his laptop and while it was powering up, he made a phone call.

“It’s me Shenna, where is your mother?”


“Yes pumpkin, I need your mother now.”

He heard Shenna yell for her mother to pick up the phone.

“Infinity?  What’s wrong?”

“I need you to get out of the house now, call my attorney and ask him to send a car for you.  Stay with him until I tell you otherwise.  Do not let anyone give you a message saying it’s from me.  I will call you when I get the chance.  Go now.  Don’t even pack, just lock the door.”

“Yes Fin.  I will.”

He hung up.

“What was that all about?  If Shenna and Shen are both alive then who does the Wolf have?”

“No one, the girl is a prostitute and this is a trap and we are the targets.”


“What now?” asked Caret.

“Tell the pilot turn the plane around and land it as soon as possible.”

“Fin, will you tell us what’s going on?”

“It’s Hash.”

“WHAT?”  Three voices yelled at the same time.

“How could I be so stupid? She isn’t pregnant.  There is a bomb on this plane and I believe it’s set to go off only when we reach Germany.  All the hints were there.  She wasn’t packing to leave me, she was packing to leave period.  She never had any intention of getting on the plane and she used pregnancy as the perfect excuse.  She knew I would take off to save Shenna, who I believe she will be after next.  She knew the three of you would not let me go alone. She said she saved up all the money from the jobs over the last five years because I never let yall spend what you make.  As far as I know, I have no control over how you spend your money, all I asked is that you save as much as you can.  This is about money.  Money.  That BITCH!”


He picked up his phone and called his attorney.

“Fin, I’m glad you called.  I got a disturbing call from a woman who says she is pregnant with your baby and she needs money to support it since you won’t.  What’s this all about?”

“Scrap the instructions I gave you earlier. I will tell you everything when I get back.  My will stays as it is with everything going to Shen, Shenna and Corrie.  I will stay in touch.

“Good thing my secretary is out, I was about to have her fax over the documents.”

“Good since Hash is perfect at forgery. Bye now.”

He hung up and looked at the others.

“I am going to kill her piece by piece.  She called my attorney and asked him for money.  Caret check with the pilot for our ETA.  I know Hash will go after Shenna and her mother.

“What’s the point of that if we are supposed to die in the plane, who will she try to get money from?”

“Everything I have was left to them and Caret.  I was about to change my will, Hash can easily forge my signature and have everything turned over to her.  I am worth more dead than alive.”

“Fin, I have an idea but it will cost you a plane.”

Infinity smiled, he knew what was coming.

“Let John Doe drop us off and when the plane gets to Germany air space, he bails and it blows up.  No one will find out there were no bodies for a while which will give us time to find the girls.”

“Let’s do it.”  Ditch what you don’t need and chute up.

Caret spoke to the pilot who was ex-army and he knew what he had to do.

Within 15 minutes they were at a proper altitude and they jumped.  The pilot continued to Germany.

They maneuvered their chutes to a safe landing area a few miles outside of the college and high-tailed it.  The sun was just coming up and they were almost there when they heard and explosion.  Picking up the pace to see what the hell it was.  When they reached the border, they could not believe their eyes.  Their house was in pieces.

“SHIT!”  Tilde exclaimed.

“If any of us stayed back, we would have been killed anyway.  This woman is one piece of work.  Why is she doing this?”

“Greed.  I bet someone is paying her to take us out.” Caret said.

“Well I for one am sick of it.  I am going to tear her limb from limb.”  Tilde spat out.

“Let’s get the vehicles check them for any explosives and go get the girls and take them into hiding.” Infinity was trying to be calm but Hash was working his last nerve.

They went to the garage which houses all their vehicles.  Ellipsis pulled out a small box from his back pack and swiped all the cars and trucks.

“Clear!  Take the hummer and the Pathfinder.”

“Actually, no, I have something much better.”

Infinity pressed a button and a section of the floor at the back of the garage opened up and slowly a black Cadillac Escalade Hybrid rose up.  Caret whistled in approval.

“Bro, you have the best toys.”

“Had it hidden for safe-keeping. Let’s go, it has everything inside.”

Fin unlocked the doors and everyone piled in.

“Caret, check the back for weapons and comms.  There should be a laptop under your seat Tilde. Ellipsis you drive, I need to call and see if Hash has contacted the girls.”

Infinity pulled out his cell and dialed Shen.  She answered on the second ring.

“Ifan, where are you, we need you here, she……”  The call was disconnected.

“Shit, Ellipsis step on it, Hash is already at the house.”

“Fin, how are we going to deal with this?  I mean Hash is, was one of us.”

“Honestly, I want to kill her for putting all us through this but I need to know who was behind the hit.  She may be like us but I never thought money would be a motivator for turning her back on us.  Something isn’t right.  I am missing something important.”

“Fin…….”  Tilde interjected.

“What’s up?”

“I think you should see this.” Tilde handed Fin the laptop.

“Oh Christ, that’s what I was missing.  It’s not Hash, it’s Shen.  She has her.  She has Hash. 

A video was sent to the college main email address.  Shen was holding Hash hostage and her message was clear.  Bring money or she dies.

“This is worse than I thought.  How would Shen even know to kidnap Hash?  What does she know about guns and why would she use our daughter as leverage.”


“Oh God, this is my fault.  Remember the day I took Shenna to get her driver’s license?  I was in the kitchen having breakfast with Shen and she was asking about you and how you were.  She asked if you were seeing someone but I told her she should ask you.  She also asked if it was one of the teachers.  I told her again she should ask you.  What I don’t understand is how she got Hash to come to her house.”

“She has the number for the college.  That’s the only thing I can think of.  She is making too many mistakes though.  She assumed we wouldn’t find the bomb.  I called and she pretended to be Hash’s hostage yet the video appears in our email. She must have been shocked to hear my voice. We are almost there.  I am going in alone. You three surround the house and stand guard, I am sure this will not end well.”


Infinity walked up to the house like he owned it and pushed the front door.  He actually laughed when his eyes absorbed the scene before him.  Hash was seated on a chair with her hands tied behind her back and her feet bound together with duct tape.  She look like she had been crying.  That part actually shocked him.  She cried in front of him but this was a surprise.  He glanced around the room.  Hash looked up and when she saw him she smiled and lowered her head again.  It was a trap which he already figured out.  Just then Shen came from a closed door and pointed a gun at him.


“One question Shen, why couldn’t you just ask for the money, I would have given it to you.  How much is my life worth that you would go through all of this?”


“5 million just for you, for all of you, 25.”


“Only the government has that kind of cash or am I missing something here?”

“Oh you are missing quite a bit Ifan.  First of all, Shenna isn’t your daughter, our baby died in childbirth and I kidnapped her.  The man you thought I was married to was a CIA agent and when he figured out what I was up to, he threatened to tell you, so I killed him.  The plot to kill all of you was working until your attorney called the college to talk to you and Hash answered the call.  She knew you so well that the mere thought of you never supporting your child sounded foreign.  She told the attorney you were on your way to save Shenna and he told her as far as he knows Shenna is his only child and she receives all the support she needs.  That was my mistake.  I didn’t think anyone in your circle knew about her.  I never met him and never even spoke to him on the phone, always by email.  Hash decided to come look for herself that was her mistake.  She expected to find a weepy damsel in distress but she found me.”


“I still don’t get it Shen, why the charade all these years?”


 “Money Ifan, money, what you sent was more than enough but I needed more.You attorney set up the payments so I could only spend what I need and nothing more per your instructions.  Shenna is to receive the first part of her trust fund next week but upon her death all would revert to me. Upon your death, everything comes to me, isn’t that what you told me?”


Infinity began laughing, he laughed so hard the others burst into the house from several entrances, guns aimed at Shen.

“Fin what the……?” Caret let his confusion show.


“Caret, Shen just told me Shenna isn’t mine and she thinks when I die everything goes to Shenna, then when she dies it all goes to her. What do you make of that?”

It was Caret’s turn to laugh.

“What the hell are you two laughing at?”  Shen asked dumfounded.


“You just admitted to me that the child I have been supporting for the last 22 years is not mine.  I have a brilliant attorney and there is a clause that says if it is found that said child is not of my blood, she gets nothing more and you get less than that, furthermore, I will take you to court.  Caret is at this point my only heir and after him it’s charity until that changes.”  He glanced at Hash and gave a soft smile.  She smiled back.


Shen noticed the exchange.

“So she is the one who replaced me?  I guess today she dies and the baby she is carrying.”


“Enough is this, your game is over, either you pull the trigger and we go from there or you go to jail without any bloodshed.”


“Go to hell Ifan.”  Shen pulled the trigger.


Eight gunshots rang out.  Two people were on the floor and one was slumped against a wall.  There were now seven people in the room.  Fin was on the floor shielding Hash.  Shen was now on the floor sitting with most of her shirt now filled with holes and the blood was oozing from several wounds.  Shenna was standing behind the woman she knew as her mother with a gun in her hand, shaking like a leaf.  Tilde walked over and took it from her.


“It’s okay sweetie, it’s over now.”  She led her to a chair near to where Fin was removing the ties and tape from Hash.


“Hash?”  Infinity realized she was bleeding from the back of her head and she was unconscious.


“I have to get her to the hospital now.  Caret, call who you need to and get this place cleaned up.  Tilde, take care of Shenna, I will talk to her later.  Eli, you drive.”


Fin lifted Hash into his arms and ran to the Hybrid.  Eli got in and pulled out like a bat outta hell.  When they reached QEH Fin spoke to the nurse and they went right in.  Eli saw one of his own doctors and motion for him to come over.  He raised his hands and signed “Hey Doc, we need to keep it a secret that she is here.  She is pregnant as far as we know and she has been unconscious for about 10 minutes.”

The doctor signed “Okay, I will take it from here.”

The doctor gave her a quick assessment, pulled the ultra-sound machine and scanned for the baby. He wiped off her tummy and called for an orderly.

“Take her to X-ray and msg me as soon as you are done.”  He signed.

The orderly nodded and pushed the gurney into an elevator while Fin and Caret followed.

As the elevator dinged Hash groaned.

“Sweetie can you hear me?”

“Fin? Is that you?”

“Oh sweet Jesus, yes it’s me.  I’m so glad you are awake.”


“Yep.”  Answered Caret.

“Hey ferret is that you?”

“Yeh it’s me, we are taking you to x-ray, you were out for a bit.”

“The baby is fine, if it weren’t I would be taking you to the operating room.”

Fin and Caret let out breaths of pure relief.

Hash drifted off to sleep.

Fin was about to ask the orderly something and he looked up and spoke softly.

“Unconscious people have different breathing patterns.”

“I need her to be okay.”  He held her hand and rubbed the back of it gently.

The orderly pushed the gurney out of the elevator and made his way to the x-ray theatre.

Within minutes he was finished and the results were showing up on the doctor’s screen.

“Doc, check your screen, I’m done.”  He typed into his Whatsapp.

“Put her in a private room and let me know where, only me.”

“Sure thing.”

The orderly wheeled Hash into a cozy room painted in Dutch Cream with green borders, there were flowers on a table next to the bed and a flat screen TV with DVD.  There was an en suite bathroom and a balcony looking towards Bridgetown. There was a two seater across from the bed and a small cupboard.


“You need any help buddy, she’s small but weighs a ton.”

“I heard that.”

“It’s okay, I’m stronger than I look.”

The orderly gently picked Hash up and placed her on the bed.

“There, now, if you want to take a shower, it’s in there, there are robes and hospital issue undergarments in sealed bags, the sizes are on the outside.  If you need anything else before the doctor gets here, push the blue button next to your bed.”  He bowed slightly and left whistling “Moves like Jagger” by Maroon 5.


Fin rushed to Hash and kissed her soundly on the lips.

“I thought it was you.  I called you a bitch, I was so angry.”

“I understand Fin, I do.  When Shen told me everything she did, I knew you would come.  I just didn’t know if you would figure it out before you shot me.”  She smiled.

“I would probably just wounded you.  Tilde was gunning for blood.  I’m glad we got it sorted.  I’m just disappointed in Shen, all this time I thought……”

“It’s okay honey, it’s okay.  What will you do with Shenna now, we can’t just leave her alone and she has always had you.”

“I will find out who her birth parents and if she wants to come with us it’s her choice.  As for you, we get married in a month and we have to build another house, Shen blew up ours.”

“Can we sell the property and start fresh?  Well as long as the others are willing.  I don’t want to go back there.”

“What do you say Corrie, move and start over?”

“Sure why not, we did it last time we can do it again.  At least now we can retire and look sexy all day.  I have to go find the others, you staying right?  Never mind dumb question.  Call if you need me.”


“Bye ferret.&rdqu

© Copyright 2020 Amaris Ricci. All rights reserved.

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