A Glimpse of Forever

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Former lovers reconnect after a series of unfortunate--and dangerous--events pull them back together.

*Small clip, potential story idea.

Submitted: December 21, 2012

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Submitted: December 21, 2012



"I want so much to be able to tell you that, if I could have, I would have brought you here with me. But I wouldn't have, Harp--and I think we both know that."

"I'm not the kind of person who wants to be told something just because it's what I'd like to hear. You were a different man back then. I probably wouldn't have gone with you, anyway."

"If we're being honest?" he grinned, amused by the bluntness on both their parts.

Harper only shrugged; he opened the door to honesty and she was too tired to try to close it on him. "You did the right thing. Going home to be with your son, I mean--the way you left was all different kinds of wrong, but maybe the clean break was for the best."

Luke tucked his hands in his pockets and they began to walk again. "Was it clean, Harper?" he asked, not turning his head to meet her eyes.

The woman beside him released a breath, and paused for a quiet minute before responding. "Not for me. From the question, I'm assuming you already knew that."

"Why is that?"

Harper stopped suddenly, again, and Luke was a half-step away when he turned to face her. "You're thinking that you were the last straw for me, aren't you?"

A guilt stricken look crossed his face. "Tell me I'm wrong--that I'm being an egotistical ass."

Harper's tongue couldn't seem to form the right words, wanting to assure him that it wasn't the case. Instead, the heavy atmosphere of their auras made her brain want to tell more of the truth. "You aren't wrong. When you left, you broke me."

Luke's eyes were the only indication that he had even heard her, sparking at her so vividly that she felt a shiver roll down her spine. "I never wanted to change you."

"I never said that change was bad. You're the one who sees it that way. I want you to tell me what's different about me now. I've seen you thinking about it since I stepped off that plane. Who was I back then, Luke?"

"You were...altruistic. And tough as nails." he said, the ghost in his memory causing a brief smile. "You didn't take shit from anyone--never let anyone get inside your head and mess with your emotions. You were in control."

Harper gave a sad smile. "That's exactly who I wanted to be--but that doesn't mean it was who I truly was. Who I truly am." she paused, looking at him thoughtfully. "You think I'm weak now. You see a woman who once stood tall become a case of domestic violence. Become quieter, showing the damage from a childhood of neglect and an adulthood of lonesomeness.

"I was outspoken and brave because it was all I had left. No one could mess with my emotions, but at the same time no one could ever break those walls down. No one could ever get in. The control was created because it was the one thing I never possessed--I changed myself to become that way. Almost lost myself in the process. So please, don't think breaking me ruined my life. It saved it."

"But you seemed so much closer to happiness back then."

"Don't confuse happiness with ignorance. I wouldn't go back to being that woman for all the world."

Luke stepped closer to her, closer than she was expecting and her breath hitched. He took a strand of her hair between his fingers and tucked it behind her ear, letting his knuckles graze her jawline. "You seem so haunted now. So sad."

"The change was good because it opened my eyes--not because it made me a happier person. It gave my self-esteem countless blows, showed me how empty my damaged heart was, forced me to see the fact that I was going nowhere. Made me believe I deserved what I had, or I was at least never going to have the opportunity to change it. But I'll carry that around with me for the rest of my life before I continue to lie to myself. It took me a long time to realize that." she closed her eyes against the feeling of his skin against her cheek. "All you can ever be is who you are when you talk to yourself on the inside. You can mask it, adjust it, highlight it--but when you were made, it was already decided."

"Seems like we both got a good dose of a reality check, just by separating ourselves from each other."

She smiled briefly, catching the hand that had been teasing her skin to hold it against her chest. She looked down, studying the shape his fingers made when they molded against hers. "Only one of us changed because of the other. You changed because you became a father."

"My career was my world. The lies and the secrecy and the pressure--I ate it up. I didn't realize until Asher came into my life that it was actually eating me up, making me forget what was really important in life."

She turned her eyes upward as his other hand covered her own, and they stood their with their toes touching and their hands in an affectionate tangle as the snowflakes danced through the trees surrounding them. "And what did you discover was truly important?"

His eyes were lazy pools of brown now, and while they were equally thoughtful, she could tell that he was beginning to consider things besides their intimate conversation."The connection between two hearts. A father and son. A brother and sister. And just as important, the connection between two hearts that knew each other before they knew themselves. Two hearts that wound up together, in spite of everything that should have kept them apart."

Harper's eyes fell from his eyes to his lips, and she rose on her tiptoes to brush her nose against his. "I hope it's my heart that you're talking about." she said, breathing the whisper against his mouth.

"As if any other has ever managed to touch mine."

With that, the both of them were finished talking for the night. They were finished with honesty and they were finished with trying to deny that the magnetic spark between them didn't exist. It didn't matter that they had known each other as completely different people five years before, and it didn't matter that they had only just reentered each other's lives. What mattered was the warmth that seeped into their hearts when their lips finally touched, and the relief that they felt deep within their souls that they wouldn't have to pretend anymore. Wouldn't have to fight against each other anymore; all they had to do was to live. Maybe together, maybe apart--but life also wasn't about the length of a strong, passionate love. It was about what that love made you become.

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