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This is a real book review on The Twilight Saga. If you are thinking of buying or reading it, read this before, for the pre-info. This work includes a combined review of the four volumes:
1. Twilight
2. New Moon
3. Eclipse
4. Breaking Dawn

A review on '"Midnight sun" - Twilight in Edward's perspective' is also available on my portfolio. Please comment. Suggestions and Criticism are most welcome.

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Submitted: June 13, 2010

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Submitted: June 13, 2010



An exciting and enthralling work by Stephenie Meyer, the story revolves around seventeen year old, Isabella Swan (Bella) who forces herself to move in with her father in Forks so as to make her mother happy.

This change-in-place disappointment however takes new directions when Bella finds herself falling in love with a gorgeous vampire, Edward Cullen. Edward craves for Bella's blood as much as her company. Edward is more drawn towards Bella since she is the only human who limits his mind reading ability as a vampire. The urge to decipher her mental silence, her thoughts catapault his falling in love with her. The fact that Edward is forever seventeen and never aging triggers Bella's want to be a vampire and to be with him. While Edward wants to be with Bella forever too, he is reluctant to take away Bella's human satisfactions, desires and more importantly her soul, as he believes. Being with Edward, Bella is constantly confronted with danger from other vampires who wish to kill her. Edward convinces himself into leaving Bella when a tracker vampire almost kills her.

Not wanting to put Bella in more danger, he and his vampire family leave Forks. For eight months, Bella is in acute emotional pain due to the separation, when she finds solace in her new best friend, Jacob Black who again, happens to be a werewolf. As fate provides, werewolves and vampires are natural enemies. Meanwhile, a misunderstanding that Bella is no more leads Edward into trying to give up his life by going to Italy. That is when Bella saves him and they get back together. On the other hand, while, Jacob Black falls in love with Bella, the vampire clan in Italy, The Volturi want to end Bella's life, since she knows the truth about them. However, they are given word by Edward's uncanny vampire sister, Alice Cullen that Bella would be one of them in the near future. Though reluctant, Edward is convinced by Bella to change her. Edward therefore promises to give her the same on the condition that she should marry him.

The agreement of Bella for the wedding is not received well by Jacob. It happens that there are other lot of vampires, this time new-borns are wanting to kill Bella for a past revenge. The Cullen family of vampires and the werewolf pack are compelled to alliance in this situation, Amidst the commotion, Bella finds herself falling in love with Jacob too. Towards the end, it turns out she has to choose one destiny.

The wedding leads to Bella's giving birth to a beautiful, half-human, half-vampire daughter. Once again Bella confronts The Volturi in an attempt to save her daughter from them. On the go, Bella discovers her unique abilities as a vampire which may or may not help to save the life of her daughter.

Does Bella succeed in saving her daughter? If she does, how can she keep her alive longer, since she's growing up at an incredibly rapid rate? How does Jacob Black, who has held Bella's hands through thick and thin, despite her rejection for him, cope up with Bella's choice? Is Edward able to overcome his thirst for Bella's blood while she is human? Is Edward able to retain the love of his life as well as his daughter? How long is life going to be for Edward's daughter, Renesmee even if she escapes the clutches of The Volturi?

The four volumes of "The Twilight Saga" answer these questions. Stephenie Meyer exceeds beyond expectations as she takes us through this amazing journey. The intensity of Edward's feeling towards Bella, his anxiety fro her safety, the over-protective instinct and Meyer's thorough description of his beauty both on the inner and outer aspects are probably the major factors that make Edward the most favorite character, by survey and statistics.

Through the positive and negative criticism, one thing is definite. THE TWILIGHT SAGA remains immortal, remembered and re-remembered for the coming centuries and generations.

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