Love & Hope

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Danielle has moved to a new town and is easily fitting in. Something is about to go wrong though. Will she be able to keep her hopes up and help her friends?


Chapter One: The first day

It was my first day at my new high school in a new town. I hated the fact that I had to leave all my friends in my hometown, for a place were I didn’t know anyone. I expected it to be hard at this new place but there was something else in store for me.


 As I walked up to the hall for the first parade of the New Year I had no idea what to expect. It was surprising the hall was neat and tidy no one was running around. There was something wrong about this place… It was a high school full of grade 10’s there should be people running around chatting to their friends but there wasn’t, everyone was sitting not talking. As if they were waiting for something to happen. When I walked up to an empty seat I heard a boy behind me exclaim, “She’s gorgeous”. I looked back and his mate was shoving him, obviously a signal to be quiet. I took my seat. Then unexpectedly a girl came up to me and exclaimed with a smile, “Hi my names Rachel what’s yours,” I replied quietly in a nervous voice, “Hi my names Danielle, take a seat?” She nodded and sat down next to me.


In a couple of minutes we started to talk she was chatty but seemed very nice. When I took a closer look at her I realised how pretty she was, she had long blonde hair, small brown eyes and full lips. I started to talk, “You are very…” She cut me off and started saying something but then realised and said, “Sorry, what were you going to say?” “I was going to say you are very pretty”. With a shocked look she said, “You are a lot prettier than me you have long brown hair, blue eyes and perfect skin”. With a smile I said, “I am not,” she replied in shock, “Didn’t you hear the boy behind you?” I took a glimpse at the boy behind me and realised he was quite cute. Grinning I said, “Who’s he?” “He’s just like the most popular guy at….” She was cut off by a voice over the microphone.


A whole lot of people started to talk to us about the year ahead but I couldn’t focus, knowing that he was behind me. I decided to introduce myself after the parade. My thoughts were interrupted by the person on stage saying, “….Danielle Green please come and get your timetable from Miss Bow”.  As I walked up to the teacher the lady on stage had gestured to I thought of the year ahead…  When I got there she handed me my timetable and with a smile said good luck. I was a bit confused at what she meant by, ‘Good Luck’. But I forgot all about it as the parade ended and I stood.


We were supposed to be walking to the area near the English classrooms. But I had to talk to the boy. As I was walking up to him Rachel appeared out of no were I exclaimed, “WOW, u scared me,” She giggled and said, “Sorry, are you going to go talk to him,” she said with a wink. I replied giggling as well, “Yes, he’s pretty cute aye?” “Yes! He’s like the most popular kid in school, Id watch out there’s a few girls after him,” she said in a tone I didn’t know what to think of. So, Rachel and I walked up to him and I introduced my self with a grin, “Hey I’m Danielle, what’s your name?” He replied in a silky voice, “Hey I’m Liam”. As we started to talk I noticed I was getting some dirty looks from some girls standing close by. I leaned in to whisper to him, “What’s with those girls? They’re giving me weird looks,”  “Ohh its just cause you’re talking to me,” he said with a wink. I giggled.


Liam invited me to walk with him and I asked if Rachel could walk with us too. He replied, “Sure,” with a smile. I was starting to like him and as I looked at my timetable I asked, “What classes are you in?” He replied with a grin, “Uh 1003, what about you?” I smiled nervously and said. “Oh I’m in all of your classes”. He grinned and said, “Cool we can sit together.” I replied, “Yes that would be good; I only know you and Rachel”. Rachel pulled on my arm and I turned to face her as she whispered in my ear, “I think he likes you,” I smiled and said, “Ohh really, I kinda like him, for a guy I just met”.


When we reached the English rooms I sat with Liam and Rachel. It turns out Rachel wasn’t in any of my classes. I was pretty sad about that. The teacher talking told us that we were to now go to our first class and that today would be a normal day, no changes. I then said good bye to Rachel and walked to my first class with Liam. The first class flew by and it was now lunch break. Liam, Rachel and I walked to a place to sit. I wasn’t really hungry, so I sat and talked to Liam. We talked about last year and our family. Liam was a good listener, I liked that. When I started talking about my puppy that got hit by a car he exclaimed “Oh that’s sad”. I grinned and replied, “You are too nice”. He smiled sheepishly and said “Thankyou, you are very pretty”. I can imagine I went bright red at that point and he winked at me in response.


Suddenly the bell rang, me and Liam walked to the next class. The rest of the day flew by and it was now the end of the day. Liam was asking if he could have my phone number but I wasn’t listening I was too busy looking at him. “Oh sorry” I replied “I was distracted, what were you asking?” “I was asking if I could have your phone number, to ring you.” I went red and replied, “Sure, won’t those girls be jealous?” Unexpectedly he replied, “Pfft they’re nothing compared to you,” I was blushing again. I told him my number. He smiled gave me a hug and then was gone all too quickly.


I found Rachel and told her about my day she grinned for the 50th time that day and exclaimed, “He definitely likes you, I wouldn’t go spreading that round though you’ll get some pretty jealous girls being mean to you,” I was shocked, “They can’t be that bad, can they?” “Ohh you’d be surprised.” I asked her if she wanted to come to my place for the afternoon. She was jumping up and down saying, “Oh yes please!” I laughed at her and walked with her to my mum waiting in our blue commodore patiently. I was an only child and my mum looked after me, my dad had disappeared when I was 5. I introduced Rachel to my mum and asked if she could come over for the afternoon. Mum agreed and said to Rachel, “It’s very nice to see Danielle has made some good friends,” Mum was embarrassing me so I gestured for Rachel to get into the car then got in the car and we drove off.


Me and Rachel talked and went for a walk around the neighbourhood. The next thing I knew she was going home. The day had gone so quickly. I had no clue what tomorrow was going to be like… As I said goodbye to Rachel I smiled thinking of how quickly I had made such a great friend.


I then walked to my small modern bedroom and looked around for my phone. Just then I heard my ringtone and found my phone tucked under my pillow, I answered and said, “Hello, Danielle here,” they answered, “Hey, its Liam,” I exclaimed, “Oh hey, watcha doing,” he then answered in his silky voice, “Not Much talking to someone amazing,” “And who would that be?” I said with a big grin. He replied laughing, “U, of course,” Just then my mum yelled out to me, “Who are you talking to?!” I yelled out “Liam, mum, a boy I met today!” I could just imagine her saying “Ooo” to herself. Shaking my head I turned my attention back to the phone. He sounded angry and a bit jealous when he said, “Who was that?” I replied nervous because of his tone “Just my mum,” “Ohh ok” then I heard someone in the background yell to him in a teasing voice, “Is that that girl you like?!” He yelled back, “Yea, what’s it to you?” I blushed and said to him, “What was that I heard?” He replied sounding embarrassed, “Ohhh nothing…” We kept talking about school and what we were excited about and what we were dreading. Then he said he had to go and unhappy that he had to go, I said, “Oh ok I’ll see you tomorrow,” I went to bed thinking about Liam, Rachel and the day approaching.


Chapter Two: Jealousy

I got out of our blue commodore rushed a goodbye to mum and walked quickly to the front gates of the school. I realised just then how big the school was, it was a big block and very modern.


 I turned around and ran into a group of girls I said apologetically, “Oh sorry, I did’nt see you there,” She scowled at me and said, “Are you Danielle?!” I replied slowly, “Yes, why?” She pretty much yelled at me, “Stay away from Liam! He’s taken”. I looked at her and said slowly, “Ok” then I ran through the school crying softly. I happened to run straight into one of Liam’s friends, he took one look at me and called out to Liam who was standing a little further away. I stood stuck in my place still crying softly. Liam rushed up to his mate and asked, “What do you….” He cut himself off when he saw my face. He turned to look properly at me and he looked very scared, “What happened? Who did this?!” I looked up at him with my tear filled eyes and shook my head. He gestured to me to go with him. I looked around and didn’t see any of the girls so I followed. He put an arm around me and pulled me close. Wiping the tears from my eyes he asked again slowly, “Do you want to talk to me about it?” I nodded. He told me to sit and then sat down next to me.


It was silent for a minute searching for what to say, and then he said, “What happened, Danielle?” I answered catching on each word, “There… were these girls they told me to stay away from you, that you were taken,” He nodded and said, “I knew they would do this,” slightly recovering I asked, “What do you mean?” He explained, “The leader of that group of girls has liked me since last year but I wont go out with her because she’s selfish, she only cares about herself,” In shock I replied, “Oh, what am I going to do?” He had an idea and started to explain to me, “I’ll take a few of my mates and we’ll go up to her and tell her not to bother us or I’ll have a problem with it, she’ll leave us alone then,” I nodded and wiped the newly shed tears from my eyes. “I need to find Rachel, I need her to come,” he nodded. We went to look for her and she was standing talking to one of Liam’s mates who was pretty cute, I had to admit. Actually more like flirting then talking I noticed with a smile.


I explained to Rachel what happened and she looked shocked and very angry. Rachel looked at the guy she was talking to and asked if he would come and help sort this out. Josh, who I found out his name to be agreed and got another one of Liam’s mates too, his name was Jade which I also found out. Our group was ready and we were united. Liam threw an arm over my shoulder and pulled me close. Josh put an arm around Rachel and I thought something was going on there. I felt sorry for Jade he didn’t have anyone. But I’m sure he’d be fine. We found the girls chatting up some guys and as soon as we approached the guys left. The girls turned and the leader scowled at me because of Liam’s arm around me. We marched up to them and Liam started talking, “Amelia you need to leave me and Danielle alone. All Amelia did was scowl and turned away with her posy following her. Liam turned to me and with a smile and said, “It’s over”.


Chapter Three: Something weird

It was four days after the jealousy from Amelia and I was starting to think that everything would turn out to be okay. I was wrong… Me and Liam were becoming very close and spending nearly every spare minute together. We sat down in our first class and the scariest teacher walked into the room and asked for Zoe Waters. Zoe looked up from her work and walked out of the room towards the teacher. She didn’t come back to class for the rest of the day.


At lunch me and Liam were talking about Zoe just disappearing from class, we thought it was something logical like she had to go to the dentist or doctor or just home. But then Rachel come and sat down next to me and started to talk about a boy in her class Harry Johnson who hadn’t come back either. I found this very weird, we all did.


That afternoon Liam asked if I wanted to come over to study I replied, “Sure, it’ll be good not to be by myself with all this weird stuff happening,” He nodded, “Yea, it is a bit weird,” Me and Liam walked back to his place because he only lived a little bit away from the school. We saw a kid also walking home from school. Out of nowhere that weird teacher walked up to him and grabbed him by the collar and back into the school. I looked wide eyed at Liam and half screamed. Looking scared for me Liam asked, “What’s wrong?” when I had recovered.  I stammered, “That weird teacher just grabbed someone and dragged them back to the school,” shaking my head on the edge of tears Liam hugged me and said everything would be okay. I looked at him and said, “I don’t want to be alone tonight,” he replied kindly, “You can stay with me, I’ll ring Rachel and she can come to”.


When we got to Liam’s house I was shaking and I couldn’t see straight. Liam got me to sit down and got me a drink of water. He went and told his mum that I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to stay the night. He also asked if Rachel could stay as well. His mum agreed, thankfully and came out with a panadol. She asked if I was ok and then was gone. Liam sat down next to me and was playing with my hands, he calmed me down and the next thing I knew I was asleep on his shoulder.


 At some point Rachel got there and woke me up accidently she quickly said, “Oh Danielle, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to wake you,” I said sleepily, “It’s alright, where’s Liam?” “Im here,” he replied, he was lying on a mattress on the floor. Rachel was sitting on the couch across from me. I asked, “What’s the time?” Liam answered, “Its around 2 am, I couldn’t sleep,” I replied, “Oh you should go to sleep I’ll be fine”. “No, I’m fine, I wont leave you,” Then I heard a, “Aww,” from Rachel on the other side of the room I got up and  walked over to her nearly tripping over Liam. Liam caught me just in time and I snuggled up next to him. I taunted Rachel by saying, “We should’ve invited Josh”. She glared at me friendly and finally we all fell asleep. I in the safety of Liam’s arms Rachel snuggled up on the couch. I loved them both and hoped they’d never leave me.


Chapter Four: Strange disappearances

The next day I woke to find Rachel and Liam gone. I yelled out, “LIAM, RACHEL?!” Liam raced into the room looking around saying, “What’s wrong, what happened?!” Rachel raced in after him holding a bowl of cereal. “Nothing, I didn’t know were you were,” I said looking down. Liam came over to me grabbed my hand and said, “We’d never leave you, come have something to eat,” I followed Liam into the kitchen and Rachel handed me her bowl and started making another. I thanked her and sat down to eat.


We decided not to go to school that day, I didn’t want to face more disappearances. So we watched a movie. Rachel picked while me and Liam sat down. When Rachel sat down we realised the movie she had chosen was a horror. I immediately told Rachel that I wasn’t in the mood for a horror movie something funny would be good. So she changed it and we began watching the movie.


I was distracted most of the time by Liam who was content with fiddling with my hand. Rachel took one look at us and said, “You two should date”.  All Liam did was smile and keep playing with my hand. I looked up at Rachel and winked at her and mouthed the word, ‘soon’.


Within around an hour and a half the movie was finished and Liam got up to go get something so I and Rachel now had a chance to talk privately. She looked at me and said straight away, “You two are so cute together,” blushing I said, “So are you and Josh,” Now Rachel was blushing too. “Maybe we should ring him make sure there hasn’t been any more disappearances”. Liam came back into the room and both at once I and Rachel said, “Should we ring Josh to see if there have been any more disappearances?” Liam answered smoothly, “Yea, I think so, I’ll just go get my phone”.


When he came back Liam had his phone and was ringing Josh. He answered and Liam put the phone on loudspeaker. Rachel Liam and I all huddled around the phone to listen. “Hey Liam what’s up,” Josh answered and Liam replied, “Hey, not much. Have there been any more disappearances at school?” Josh quickly answered softly, “Yea two girls from my class, Amelia and some other girl” I gasped. Liam pulled me close and said, “Have they asked for anyone else?” Josh answered slowly, “Yes, U and Danielle,” I started shaking my head and kept repeating to myself no, no, no. Liam saw me and kissed me on the cheek, trying to reassure me. Liam spoke to Josh quickly and said, “You need to come to mine bring Ben and Jade,” Josh replied, “Ok we’ll be there soon,” then he hung up.


Liam turned to me and said, “Are you going to be okay?” I shook my head. “Stay right here,” he said, “I’ll be right back.” Rachel came to sit next to me and reassured me by talked softly to me saying everything will be okay. But I wasn’t convinced. Liam came back with another panadol for me and once again I fell asleep on his shoulder.


Chapter Five: The Plan

I woke up to Josh, Jade and Ben coming through the door, immediately Rachel ran up to Josh and practically yelled, “Your okay!” Josh replied, “I’ll be fine, babe”. Liam introduced us to Jade and Ben and then we talked about how many people had gone missing, we listed out these names: Amelia, Zoe, Harry and two people we didn’t know the name of. Liam saw that I was still frightened and hugged me and pulled me close. Jade started to talk, he said, “We need to go to the principal he might not know we’ve got to do something, we can’t just let this keep happening”. Liam replied “I know but what can we do no one will believe us?” Rachel answered, “Yea no one will, except Miss Bow..” I butted in, “She said something about Good Luck, she might know something about the disappearances. I think we can trust her” Liam answered, “Ok, but its too late now we will all stay here tonight, then in the morning we’ll go to school and talk to Miss Bow. If the teacher that’s taking people comes to your class DO NOT go with him”. Everyone nodded.


We all slept in the tiny loundroom, Rachel and Josh on one mattress, me and Liam on another and Jade and Ben on both of the couches. We were talking about school and wishing it was back to normal. I was still upset from the events that day and thankfully Liam was right there with me. I don’t know what I’d do without him.


 Then Jade said something about us dating which got my attention I think he said something like are you guys dating I heard Liam’s response though, a sad, “No”. I looked at him kissed him on the cheek and whispered into his ear, “Would you like to date me?” I blushed and waited for his answer. He whispered to me a quick, “Of course”. I whispered back, “Do you want to date?” Almost automatically he whispered to me, “Hell yes”. I smiled whispered back to him, “Its official then”. Liam looked at Josh and said casually, “My girlfriend here wanted to know if you two are dating?” He looked at me and winked. Then Rachel yelled out a, “Woo!!” Everyone just looked at her and Josh replied, “Yes,” and gave Rachel a quick peck on the lips. I smiled and fell asleep thinking how great my friends and boyfriend were…


Chapter Six: Setting the plan into action

The next day everyone got prepared for what could be a disaster of a day. Jade, Ben, Liam and Josh all had a small pocketknife concealed in their pocket (just in case). Me and Rachel had a nail file if we got caught and tied up. Everyone was nervous and we were all fiddling. Finally Rachel broke the silence by saying, “Guys today will be fine, we’ll just go and talk to Miss Bow and get this sorted out”. I nodded, agreeing with her.


It was about 8:30 and we started the slow walk to school. Josh with his arm around Rachel and Liam with his around me. Behind us were Jade and Ben. When we got there everyone was walking around like it was a normal day. But we knew different. We found Amelia’s so called friends and they looked very out of place without her standing around not knowing what to do. Ben knew were Miss Bow’s office was and lead us to it. When we got there she was confiscating someone’s phone. I smiled to my self thinking how stupid they were for letting her see it. I walked up to Miss Bow when she was finished and spoke quickly, “We need to talk to you Miss”. She nodded and quickly directed us into her office.


We all sat and she started to talk, “What was it you needed from me Miss Green?” I answered surprised to be greeted so formally by a teacher, “We were wondering about the people who have gone missing from their classes?” She lowered her voice and replied, “I see, so you have seen Mr Harris asking people to go with him?” “Yes,” we all replied in harmony. Miss Bow looked at us thoughtfully and said, “Can I trust you?” Again in unison we said, “Of course Miss”.  She lowered her voice even more so that we had to lean forward to hear her, “I know he has been talking children to sell on the black market as slaves,” I gasped and immediately said, “He cant do that!” She nodded and said, “He warned me if I told anyone he would kill me”.  With a shocked expression I thought to myself what have we got ourselves into? Miss Bow told us quickly that the people he was selling were being held tied up in the old school garden shed on the other end of the school.


Ben rose to his feet on his way out the door, Liam shouted out to him, “What are you doing?!” He replied angrily, “Going to set that bastard straight,” I looked with a frightened expression at Liam who nodded and stood also. I gave up and decided we would all have to go if we had a chance.


Jade was the only one who knew the way to the old garden shed so we followed him silently. When we arrived Jade put his finger up to his lip, telling us to be quiet. There was a small window too high for anyone to see through so Liam put Ben on his shoulders and he looked up through the window he whispered down to us that he couldn’t see because there was a big box in front of the window. We walked up to the front door and just then it opened and the man grabbed me, kicking and screaming into the shed, the last thing I saw was me lying on the ground with Jade, Ben, Josh and Liam trying to fight the man. Where was Rachel?


Chapter Seven: Escaping

The next thing I knew I was sitting in the corner of a dark room tied up. I was scared and shouted out, “Liam!!” Someone coughed and spluttered and I turned to see Liam sitting a bit further across the room. Shocked I saw that him Jade, Ben and Josh were all bruised and bleeding. “Liam,” I said crying, “Talk to me…” He looked up and I saw he had a black eye and his cheek was bleeding he saw me and shouted out, “Your alright. I thought you had gone!” I replied softly, “I would never leave you, where are we, where’s Rachel?” he replied in his silky voice I loved, “I don’t know were we are I blacked out, we couldn’t fight him off. We haven’t seen Rachel since he grabbed you; we’re hoping she got away”. But sadly I knew Rachel would never have left if I had been grabbed.


Hours pasted and finally I told him, “We have to get out, do you still have those pocket knives?” “No,” he replied sadly, “He took them from us when we blacked out”. An idea popped into my head I called out to him, “I still have the nail file!” I tried to reach my hand round to my pocket to get it and eventually I did. I started to file the rope, it took a couple of minutes but eventually I was free. As I walked over to cut Liam out I noticed the other kids who had been taken were here too! I kept walking to Liam and was in shock when I saw the state of him. His eye was black his face bleeding he had several cuts on his arm and legs. My eyes started to tear up, but I had to stay strong, for him. As I carefully untied him he winced and I thought his arm must be broken. I looked sympathetically at him and went to untie everyone else.


Still there was no sign of Rachel and when I had untied everyone with the help of the others, she was nowhere to be seen. Josh was looking very worried and kept looking around the whole room hoping to see her, but she wasn’t here. Liam looked at me, winced and sat down. Ben and Jade weren’t hurt as bad as Liam and I figured he had probably been hurt more because he threw himself at the man. In a couple of minutes everyone gathered around and we began talking about ways to get out. Ben checked to see if the door was open, I didn’t think it would be and I was right, it wasn’t. Jade checked to see if there were any windows we could get through and thankfully there was!


We all walked slowly over to the window Liam leaning heavily on my shoulder with Jade supporting him on the other side. I regretted ever coming here by ourselves; we should’ve called the police. But no, we didn’t and now Liam was hurt, make that everyone was hurt. Josh opened the window slowly and we let Amelia and the others out first. They stood on the other side waiting patiently for us. Jade, Josh and Ben went, that just left me and Liam. Liam said carefully to me, “You go first I’ll be right behind you”. I nodded and kissed him hard in a way that told him I love you don’t get hurt.  He pushed me softly towards the window and I slowly climbed out looking back to make sure he was coming. Liam had to use one hand to climb out because we think the other one was broken.  Jade and Ben helped him out the last little bit and then we looked around carefully making sure there was no one around us.


I asked anyone if they had a mobile on them and Amelia nodded and searched around in her pocket. She handed me her blackberry and scowled at me. I looked at her in pity thinking how she could still be mean to me in a situation like this.


Chapter Eight: Emergency Services

I dialled triple 0 and the monotone voice of the operator answered, “What emergency assistance do you need?” I hastily replied, “Police and ambulance,” thinking of Liam’s arm and the cuts on the other boys too. They answered, “Where are you?” “Jones High School,” the operator answered, “Emergency services will be there soon”.


I looked at everyone and told them that we needed to go to the front of the school as quickly as possible so we would be the first ones to talk to the emergency services. We ran through the school as quickly as possible and were just in time to see an ambulance and police car racing up the hill with their lights and sirens on. We all waved our arms at the cars and they pulled up beside us. A man stepped out of the police car and walked over to us, “Are you the one who called miss?” I quickly answered, “Yes,” he looked at me and obviously in a hurry said what happened here. I quickly explained to him about all the disappearances us going to try to get them and then being captured, escaping and finally calling the police. He nodded and asked if we knew were the man was, we all shook our heads.


Almost immediately after the police man was finished talking, he and another officer went to search the school for the man we described. The paramedics came and helped Liam to the ambulance. They took a look at his arm and told us it was broken, we all nodded and Ben, Jade and Josh went to help the paramedics put it back into place. I also went and held Liam’s hand while Ben and Jade held his shoulders steady. Josh stood back because he wasn’t needed right now. I couldn’t watch as the paramedics put his arm back into place all I heard was Liam trying to hold back a gut wrenching scream of agony. When it was over I finally looked back at Liam to see he was sweating and looked ready to pass out.


He saw the look of terror on my face and told me he would be okay. Then I saw the police walking out with the horrifying so called teacher. I squeezed Liam’s hand and told the boys they should get looked at by the paramedics. Liam’s cuts weren’t deep but Josh had a deep cut on his arm that needed stiches. The other boys were fine though just some bruises and small cuts.


Liam needed to go to the hospital to get his arm looked at by a doctor and plastered, I went with him. As we said goodbye to the boys and people we rescued, I thought how stupid we had been to try and do this all by our self. But then I realised if we hadn’t these people might not have lived.


Just then I realised, we hadn’t found Rachel! But then out of nowhere she ran out to us. Josh nearly made her fall over by running into her, he hugged her tight and asked were she had gone? She looked down and sadly said, “I ran away when Danielle was taken.” I gasped and looked at her sadly, but then I thought if she hadn’t she might have gotten hurt. I nodded to her and then I and Liam were taken away to the hospital.


Chapter Nine: Endings

A few months later everything was back to normal. Me and Liam were still together as happy as we had been. Josh and Rachel were also together and Amelia had become quite nice and we were now friends. She had left her “possy” and was now part of our group. She was also dating Ben but secretly I knew she still had feelings for Liam. I was a bit over protective of him and didn’t leave her alone with him.


Grade 10 had flown by and by the end of the year we were all sad about not being able to see each other as often on the holidays. Me and Liam spent most of the time together though with Josh and Rachel also. Going to the movies, the pool and having movie marathons. I was glad everything had turned out okay. I was wondering if we would have another adventure next year but dreading it also. Little did I know there was a lot in store for our little group…

Submitted: April 10, 2012

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So far is very interesting (Only able to read until chapter 6 because of homework) So keep up the good work in later novels you might write or stories. Could you read two of my novels? They're quite short.

Tue, April 10th, 2012 8:55am


Sure I'd be happy to read your novels. Yes, homework is quite annoying. :)

Tue, April 10th, 2012 8:02am


good story nice job

Tue, April 10th, 2012 1:56pm


Thankyou, it's my first attempt at a teenage romance type one

Tue, April 10th, 2012 8:00am

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