An Ode To: Memories

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Written in 1999 I think. This one makes me laugh every time.




Everybody has memories,

Good, bad, funny, not so funny...

And these are mine...


Standing on the kerbside, running late, so say it again,

And we’re crying over car lots, prices high, no insurance,

And a sacrifice is prophesised, and I didn’t even know,

Then the PI said to me, hey boy, it’s the hairy hairy show!

Which reminds me, did she shave those legs? You were meant to let me know,

And can you make them for my girlfriend; I don’t know how, just cheese on toast,

And then you sleepwalk to the bathroom, and the rest, well never mind,

And even though you drive me mad, better friends I’ll never find.


So I referee the bout, watch out, it’s a knockout with his hair,

Do you want me? They all say we should, so I suppose it’s only fair,

Then it’s 5 ‘O’ Clock, and we’re desperate, so a Lambert we do share,

I wanna stay here, just five more minutes, oh hell just go, I so don’t care!

And we dream our dreams of office blocks, a New York high rise home,

So why tell me, after all this time, do we both beg for a loan?

As we’re walking every day, I always see you just in front,

With your surgical gloves and that look on your face, just get up you fuckin’ cunt!




A Matter of Perspective

Submitted: April 21, 2012

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