The Irredemable village.

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Mostly a RL sensitive story in the medieval times combined with magic and other things etc. Inspired by The last apprentice series, and Eragon series and some other great books.This is a 1st person story I work on my 3rd person but I prefer 1st for simple amateur reasons :)..although good selling books do 1st person and third person but either way...time to stop babbling :P.

Submitted: April 16, 2012

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Submitted: April 16, 2012




Could it get anyworse I wondered as the two heavyily plated carried me up the wooden planks to the gallows where I was to be hung.The daunting thought of death scared me but I would not let them have the satisfaction as they dragged my limp formed to the top of the platform where the two who dragged me backed away. But kept their double razor sharp two handed swords out that in weight could just break wrists in a arc swing, lifting my eyes I gazed around the place soon to be my resting home.It was a well sized town there was a large gallow with three postion to hang people where I currently was 15 homes circling the gallows in rows from what I could see it was five rows like a circle. The buildings were large roughly two stories 25 feet long and 28 feet tall this was definetly not Riverlock while beyond the homes were stores it was like a large circle but there was 40ft tall palisade wood walls.Although this all was irrevelant to a dead man it comforted me slightly.A tall white man seemingly a judge or preist tapped my backhead before turning me around to face him as nearly 100 citzens flood the center while hundred's of guards fill the roof tops and alley ways.The preist yelled to the crowd hurting my ears slightly "Ladies and gentlemen the High lord welcomes you to see the hanging of this poor traitours and forsaken soul's hanging!" I couldn't help but chuckle causing him to stop and stare down at me before saying loud enough to be heard but not shouting "What is so funny boy?" I chuckled again looking up at him spitting on his robe before answering "You will be the one dying today holy man."

Chapter 1:Child of GoSaito.

Sighing as I closed the dusty and worn old book covering the history of my grand fathers generation, and more detailed versions on what happened in my grandfathers time his fathers adventures and my fathers adventures.Streching I yawn sliding back in the solid oakchair although I was only dressed in my shorts it was warm as hell in the home.Standing up and sliding the chair in I look around at the house taking note of the familar straw wood stone and other things meshed into it with the shiny oak wood covering it that was layed down last year, the chair and table were also polished and sanded oak while the floor was black obsidian although it was rare his father had made the floors in all of the 12 houses with the same wall structure as if he had cloned every house.There were two beds in the far left and far right corners with quilts my mother made and hay filled mattresses, this is how it was in every home although the middle varied normally it had a large table but others changed their homes around with their own materials.What else my father had been wise enough to devise in was an underground passage to a few rooms that were warm also but were filled with gold loot weapons and many other things that was valued to my father, mother. Walking over to the wardrobe a few feet from the bed opening it grabbing my sleek tight pants that formed to my skin and covered from my ankle up to my neck and out to my fingers, and a thick yet light weight coat that dropped to my knees and left arm holes for me.While I slid on my skin forming boots that let me run for hours without flaw, looking my self over in my 14 year old body I seemed to be a force to be reckoned with sliding the coat together with the golden strings.Combing my hair with my fingers the black and gold seemed to be unnatural but it was the hair I had grown with, chuckling as I reach over and grab one Red Fortess Short sword steel and wicked sheathing it on my chest ( use as actual description thanks :3 for the photo.) and also equipping a Double edge Katana that was 41’’ and sharp as could possibly be as well as it being customized to be black. ( Again thanks ! J )) Feeling I was ready to train again I stepped out of the home into the cold night air. ((Contuine later, Ill spell check later too.))

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