The Gifted Child (1st Book In Series)

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Jakey is a child who doesn't talk at all. He writes. He writes numbers and letters all over his notebooks. Jakey saves them, and when he is writing, it seems he is trying to solve a lifetime puzzle.

Submitted: April 02, 2012

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Submitted: April 02, 2012



Jakey thought of what would happen if he talked to his father, for the first time. Jakey didn't mind his thoughts for long. After all of his thinking, Jakey decided to not speak to his father, who longed his son, Jakey, to be like a modern-day child. Jakey's father peeked in Jakey's room, "Um, Jakey, do you want a soda? I know you like it." Mr. Everling asked, but seemed considering. Jakey looked upon Mr. Everling's eyes, and smiled. At the time, Jakey's father knew that his own son knew who he was and he loved him. Mr. Everling went to the fridge and fetched Jakey grape soda. Mr. Everling opened Jakey's door and handed Jakey his favorite-flavored soda. Jakey grinned. Jakey also showed his fatherhis drawings, and the symbols. Mr.Everling seemed confused. "Jakey, why do you do what you do? Why do you do this? What are these mysterious symbols, numbers, and letters? Your therpist says you do this because you see a better world than an average human being." Mr. Everling stuttered. "is that true?" Jakey showed a picture. It was a drawing of a city with normal, average people, walking around, but the difference was the numbers, letters, connecting through peoples' bodies, making glorious answers that are hard to explain. Jakey's drawing made his father cry out of the beatuifulness. Jakey wrote a note to his father. It said: "Father, may I go to my therpist? I need to tell him something..." Mr.Everling nodded his head. Both headed to Mr. Everling's car. Jakey thought of the day his father and him would makea accurate realationship, actually, talking to eachother. But Jakey had more things to worry about. He had to worry about the world's future, and how he will save it. Jakey wrote some more. Jakey used math strategy, problablity strategy, anything you can imagine, he used to solve the lifetime puzzle, for years. Mr. Everling stopped to a gasoline station. Jakey saw a man's candy bar and saw numbers he needed. Jakey ran to the man and snatched it right out of his hand. He ran to his father's car and locked the door. "HEY KID! GIMME' MAH' PAPERS! YOU LITTLE BRAT!" the man screamed out of frustration. Jakey turned and took a glance at the man. He turned down his window and politely handed back the candy's wrapper. The man grabbed the wrapper fiercely. Mr. Everling didn't see anything of the current problem. He was done pumping gas, so he entered his car. Hedrove to Jakey's therpist's office. "Um, I would like you and Jakey to talk again." Jakey's therpist, Mr. Ramon, talks to kids with special abilities like Jakey. "But Jakey's, oh, his ability is special and very rare to children epescially." Mr. Ramon says. Mr. Ramon sat in his chair. Jakey started, "Mr. Ramon, I've been thinking long and hard lately. I think I should speak a word to my father, you know, like a normal son would do, too." Mr. Ramon smiled casually. "Jake, it is very normal to have these feelings to talk to a parent, but, you can't. You know already why. Because your brain has a piece that makes you stutter too much to you can't even speak. You will get to nervous, Jake. You know that." Jake shrugged in a "I know" way. "Come on, Jake. Your father wants you back about now." Mr. Ramon escorted Jakey to his office to Mr. Everling. Jakey looked at Mr. Ramon, then his father. "Hello, dad." Jakey said. Mr. Everling's eyes widen. "Why, hello, son. It's been so long!" He hugged Jakey and let a tear fall down on his eyes, trailing to the wooden floor.


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