The Perfect Flower

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A unicorn goes on a short adventure for the perfect flower to give to his mother

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013




Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a world with sparkling waters, clear skies and green valleys. On one tiny island in the world there were some of the most beautiful places in the whole entire universe.

Across the colorful fields of rainbow flowers, across the sparkling waters of the lake of wishes stood a magnificent creature. Its eyes were the color of a drop of pure sunlight. Its mane was like the brightest red apple and as soft as angel kisses. Its hoofs sparkled and shimmered silver in the warm rays of light. Its horn gleamed with the colors of the rainbow and sparkled in the sunlight.

The birds were singing in the forest of forgiveness surrounding the Fields of Rainbow Flowers in which the beautiful unicorn stood. The leaves of the forest were just turning the colors of a sunset as fall approached but the weather stayed perfect, as it always did on Magic Island.

The unicorn raised its head just as a light breeze blew through the still air, rustling the soft mane and causing dandelion puffs to go dancing into the air. The breeze carried with it the soft delicate smell of roses and daisies.

“Oh dear” Cried the unicorn, softly. “I need to bring my mother more cheer. Flowers should do the trick, but I better hurry quick quick quick.”

So off set the unicorn looking for a perfect flower to bring home to his mother unicorn. The soft grass under his hoofs tickled and made him giggle and feel happy as he made his way under the warm sun and fluffy white clouds.

As the unicorn walked on, he hummed a happy little song of happiness, a song that his mother had taught him when he was a little foal:

“Everywhere there should always be flowers
But only to be shared to be called ours.
Underneath the beautiful rainbow
where all the flowers grow.
There should always be just the perfect one
receiving the delicate touch of the sun.”

The song brought back memories of Christmas cookies, hugs and kisses before bed and gifts on birthdays. Now was his turn to find the perfect one, a flower with petals so soft it would be like kittens fur and as colorful as the rainbows that hung above rainbow valley.

“Robert, oh Robert the unicorn!” Called out a soft delicate voice and a butterfly the color of spring flowers fluttered around him. Its wings sounded like silent kisses as it whispered through the air.

“Whatever you do wish for sunshine butterfly?” Robert asked, blinking his eyelids softly.

“I wondered if you shall like to play on this glorious day.” Sunshine butterfly said.

“Oh no, I mustn’t!” Robert gasped. “I must find a perfect flower for my mother, for I must always try to help another.”

“Oh I would love to assist, after all a flower is like the sun’s kiss.” Sunshine Butterfly said.

“Of course you may,” Robert replied, his bright colors sparkling in the rays of sun. “Then maybe we can play.”

Sunshine butterfly giggled happily and said, “Yes! Now let’s get busy, busy, busy.”

So off skipped Robert the unicorn, his eyes sparkling and shinning. Sunshine butterfly’s wings whispered softly through the air as he flutters alongside Robert.

“First we must look in the valley of song.” Robert told his close friend. “I love the valley of song ‘cuz everyone has to get along.”

“I do also.” Sunshine’s eyes twinkled. “The valley looks as though it was painted my Picasso.”

As the two best friends ran through the fields with the ground colored gold Robert began to hum a song he was taught when he was young.

“This is my happy song,
my happy song, my happy song
It’s all about sharing, sharing, sharing.
But it’s also about caring, caring, caring.
This is my happy song,
My happy song, my happy song.”

Soon they both were singing along as they walked through the fields bathed in perfect sunshine. This happy duo of friends trotted of together towards the valley of rainbows. The valley of rainbows was surrounded by rolling green hills, the sky as blue as blue m&m’s and little cotton candy clouds that were as fluffy as a baby bunny.

“Today is a very perfect day.” Sunshine butterfly smiled as he landed on a purple stripped flower. “This one is very pretty just like the clouds above, as fluffy as kitties.”

“Oh I don’t know.” Robert sighed. “If only I had some help.”

Suddenly Robert let out a little neigh and jumped back as a big sparkly cloud erupted out of nowhere.

A person appeared in front of them. She had a short lavender dress and dark purple hair that curled in beautiful ringlets on her slender perfect shoulders. Her skin sparkled in the delicate rays of sun. Her perfect red lips curved into a smile as she looked down kindly at Robert and sunshine butterfly.

“You have chosen the magical flower of the valley. Now I shall give you gifts in which you will be showered.” The fairy’s wings fluttered as softly as her voice seemed to float through the air like rainbow bubbles.

“Oh boy, oh boy. Now let’s celebrate with joy.” Sunshine butterfly said, flying happily in circles.

“And what shall be your first wish?” the magical fairy asked with a soft laughter much like the soft sound of tinkling glass bells.

Robert the unicorn didn’t hesitate nor falter, instead he exclaimed, “In gifts I needn’t be smothered, instead I need a flower for my mother!”

“Of course my dear sweet horse, a flower is what you shall receive.”

With a wave of glitter and shimmers a beautiful flower bloomed from the ground at Robert’s colorful hoofs, first a stem as green as a leprechaun’s suit and sash then petals that colors of a sunrise, reds and oranges.

“I thank you so very much. For it is so delicate to touch” Robert exclaimed in glee and he whinnied while sunshine butterfly did loopy loops in midair.

“You’re so very welcome!” The magical fairy said with a smile then with a poof of glittery dust she disappeared from the valley.

With a skip and a jump Robert picked the flower, carefully in his teeth and trotted happily all the way home to his mother who placed the flower in a beautiful vase and sat it on a window sill and watched as Robert the Unicorn and Sunshine Butterfly frolicked in the sunshine.



© Copyright 2017 Amaya Kateke. All rights reserved.

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