Hate me, Despise me, Glare at me, Spit at me, I'm still me

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This is freeverse. Unedited. About two people I considered very close friends. I'm okay with consructive criticism...
I'm not classifying anyone, and I am tottally okay with goths and emos and whatever, but sometimes people go too far....sometimes people become suicidal. ANYWAYS, R&R!
OH! and the picture isn't mine, so, yaknow...Also that's there becuase Amaya means night rain, and it kinda suits the mood of the poem in genral. Thanks to the photographer!(sp???)

Submitted: May 16, 2009

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Submitted: May 16, 2009



Hate me, Despise me, Glare at me, Spit at me I'm still me.
Hate me if you want,
Despise me if you must,
Thrust your problems at me.
Blame me if you like,
Glare at me if you have to,
Spit in my face all you want
But don't force any more of your problems on me.
I call it as I see it.
You were a cry for help.
You were lost, a crying wreck,
I was a lonely fool.
I won't make this mistake again,
You don't have to listen to me.
You aren't safe,
You aren't healthy,
You aren't good for me.
I don't hate you, don't get me wrong,
But our positions have changed.
You were together, in the beginning,
You had lots of friends.
At the same time,
You were still searching,
Desperate, Lost, looking for the key.
The key to yourself, to being alright,
But the key was long gone,
So you settled for me.
I should have figured,
Should have known,
This wasn't the first time,
But I was a lonely fool.
Sure! I had lots of friends,
They were just fake ones,
I'm sure that you knew.
I had fake ones, still do now,
But at least I have my identity.
I don't hurt myself to get attention,
I don't dress like someone I'm not.
Lonely, yeah, I'm still lonely,
But at least I know I'm me.
You are the lost, desperate one now,
I'm the one that's got it together.
Yes you hurt me, but unlike you,
I know how to walk on my own two feet,
And not someone else's.
You and your friends all dress like clones,
Black, Black, and more Black.
You all pretend,
You all fake,
You all are bad for me.
You all act like you hate everything,
That probably includes me.
Because I'm different,
Going against the flow,
Keeping my identity.
You can hate me, despise me,
Glare at me all you like,
Spit in my face if you wish
At least I know who I am.

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