I'm Sorry I'm Me

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for anyone who is depressed

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013



I’m sorry I’m me

I’m sorry I’m not perfect

I know I’m not ideal

I know I’m not what you wanted

But must you really treat me this way

Must you hate me so?

Just because I like some things different

Act different, wear different clothes

I’m sorry I’m not your perfect saint

I’m sorry I’m not the ideal child

But must you hate everything about me?

Is nothing I do good enough for you?

Can you not accept any part of me?

Or will you scold me for not being exactly what you want

Will you put me down

Make everything my fault

Make me look weak pathetic useless worthless to everyone?

When will it be enough for you?

When will you stop hating me?

Even the masks I put on to please you

You shake them off as not being good enough

I don’t know how to please you

I don’t know where to start

But if you knew the real me

You would have ignored me from the start

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