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Sasuke one-shot
this is my first one-shot so any advice would be much appreciated

Submitted: March 02, 2013

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Submitted: March 02, 2013




I couldn’t believe it. After all we had been through and now I’m doing this. When we first met at the candy store, to what happened at the Chunin exams, and even following him to this godforsaken place, and now I hate him, he hates me, and I’m leaving.

*knock knock*

“Yeah,” I say as the door opens.

“Lord Orochimaru and Sasuke are  back,” Kabuto says as he opens the door slightly.

“So?” I ask.

“They want to talk to you, something about … training,” the way he pauses and says ‘training’ chills my blood.

“Fine,” I say as I turn towards the door.

I walk to the door, shove Kabuto out of the doorway and lock my door after shutting it with a soft slam. Then I run. I learned the hard way to ‘hurry’ to these stupid meetings.


As I grab my bag tears stream freely down my face. The meeting ended with a huge argument. So as I planned I would do the next time we moved, I am finishing my packing, a week early. I raise my arm and dry my tears as I hear footsteps quickly approaching: another knock on the door.

“What?”  I ask coldly.

The door squeaks open and the figure leans against the door frame.

“And what are you doing?” the all too familiar voice asks just as coldly.

“Why should I tell you?”  I reply bitterly.

“Because I asked you,” Sasuke whispers in my ear.

“Going for a walk,” I say in a mocking voice.

“I don’t believe you.” he says again.

“Wow, you actually do have a brain in that thick head of yours,” I reply as I add something to my bag.

“Why are you leaving?” he whispers in my ear. I can almost sense a hint of concern.

I can almost sense a hint of concern, but with him you can never tell.

“Why should you care?” I ask coldly.

 “Who says I do?” he says in his typical emotionless tone.

“I knew it,” I say as I transport myself out side.


I travel for days, but don’t get very far. I have been going in several directions just in case, however unlikely, I am being followed, though it is unlikely that I am.

After I walk for a while I find a nice tree to rest under, at least for a while. The tree itself reminds me of Sasuke and my favorite meeting place especially when we were little.

I close my eyes and sigh as the memories come flooding to my mind. I open my eyes and almost scream.

“What the hell are you doing here?!?!?” I yell at the intruder as I jump to my feet.

“Coming to find you,” Sasuke said as if it were obvious.

“Why, I thought you didn’t care if I left?”  I reply coldly.

I feel snakes crawl up my legs. Before I realize what is going on Sasuke has me pinned to the tree.

“Because…” he whispers in my ear.

As he brings his head around, his lips meet mine. My eyes open as wide as dinner plates my anger melts away instantly. My eyes flutter shut. My lips return the passionate kiss.

“… I love you,” he says as soon as we allow the other to breathe. “I can’t live without you.”

“I can’t live without you either Sasuke. I love you.” I whisper back.

I wonder why I was going to leave as his lips reconnect with mine in a passionate kiss.

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