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Part 4: You're driving me nuts...Amaylo

Submitted: May 10, 2012

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Submitted: May 10, 2012



You're driving me nuts...Amaylo

Now, it had been the third day that we had been chatting with each other for not less than four hours each time; added to it, one hour, that would be the time taken in thinking to upgrade the next chat with her. Ten hours were enough to gain some expertize in professional life and to gain parental wisdom, a guy independent would never push the time beyond a quarter of an hour. Two hours spent with friends at some restaurant. Four hours of sleep would be eaten out by a devil named insomnia. I was thinking I was sleeping less. Now I felt it was lesser.

Day before yesterday I had to request my reliever at office to wait for my arrival which delayed by an hour. Yesterday, I happened to catch a bus which was not of my company that delayed my reach to office by two hours. Today, I lost my three hundred bucks to an auto driver who took me to office at a speed of bullock cart, which made my reliever yell at me for making him continue “my shift” for next three hours. He was pissed off; I was happy.

I was proud of myself, for most of my times were dedicated to Akshatha Netra. Akshatha will be happy to learn of having a friend so committed to her. She will respect me and will like me more than before. The prospective might be, of her being more and more fond of me. I wanted her to be fond of me. I wouldn’t miss a single chance that would impress her.

I decided to tell Amaylo my dedication towards her as if she would be delighted to see the time calculations I had made to show my time consumption showing Amaylo vs. sleep in my busy days. I waited, and when waiting seemed burden I skimmed over our previous chat. Then it happened; Again.

It seemed as if every part in me grew its little hearts in them that led me to act crazily. Brain started sensing a soul before me.

Soul of Amaylo to meet me

Each of her acts that I could see was becoming my acts by instinct. Eyes, cheeks and lips were playing football on my face, twisting, and turning swelling and shrinking my expressions like some puppet show for some paid entertainment. In a sort of meditating sitting posture before my laptop, a smile expanded my lips as far as It could be stretched and my cold, stone like eyes would suddenly roll up- down–up-down-up -up as if it was a toyed eye of some robot; Then stopping the roll of my robotic eyes, I would laugh out randomly and gradually, i would suppress it to a smile… carefully; The suppressing smile would bring a swell to my cheeks; Unhappy that cheeks did not swell more, I would suppress my smile more in an attempt to swell my cheeks more; And the swollen cheeks would be seen through the slope of my rounded nose. Being little tired after these painful expressions, my smile would fall and from nowhere lips would pout and then I would rest my hands on my chin and drum my temples; sometimes I would look at the roof, sometimes look onto the floor. It was as if I was I playing the role of emoticons and trying to possess them all in me. Legs would start dancing for some music being played for my ears when I make a right shot of her look in me. Eyebrows would wrinkle in defeat for bad shot to gain some more expertize. Hands would sometimes rub my forehead, sometimes rest on my cheeks, and sometimes scratch my little beard hanging on to my chin. It was as if every part in me were struggling in their own way to bring the best of Amaylo in me.Amaylo smiling at me. After sometime I realized it was i smiling like her. I was becoming more like her… or perhaps… emoticons of her.


Enter Amaylo

Amaylo’s arrival had always been like a super speed space ship. First she would wait for me to write something and once that was done she would write, write and write almost at speed of 120 words per minute, detailed summary of her first interesting hour. Then she would ask me how I was ,and without me answering ,she would describe more detailed summary of her second interesting hour and then she would first plead guilty, for she did not listen to me and when I say that was alright she would blame me silly for being dumb while talking to an angel.

In whatever way I try to beat her smartness, eventually, I would find myself in a loop of defeat. As if she just had to retain the"words for the words” from her brains, she would always be ready to play any challenge thrown at her. Nothing decent would ever bore her and she simply disliked indecency.

Next day, I was going to pay home a visit. And it was for a week. I wondered if after seven days she would even remember me. And when I told her about my visit, she seemed disappointed, for she could not find anyone better to put up a fight and happy because I seemed happy. I asked her to keep in touch with me on Facebook and not to let go a single day without writing mails to me.

“Update me everything about you I mean everything on FB… for the next seven days” she said.

Just three days, we have met Amaylo, and I see I’m slowly getting myself addicted to you. My thoughts are weeding out every moment that has no you in it and then they are refreshing. And they are all being pulled to one particular point which is becoming a world to me. Our tiny little world where lives, you, me, and the funny people we always talk about. Every moment I’m determined to prove you as just my chat-friend and each time you are tempting me to break my own stubbornness. Surely you are not just a chat-friend. I never have waited for an arrival of any such friends, but I do it for you. I wait for you to come online to blend your feelings with mine. Every time we depart, I look forward to know the time of your next visit. I skip few of my routines so that I can spend more and more time with you. Understanding you brings joyful moments in me. I have never seen you lively till today but I need no real you to see you. Your words speak for you. I have always felt you are the happiest woman I have ever known in my life. And I sometimes I feel, people in sorrow just need a touch of you to live happily thereafter. You possess a magic attitude to spread happiness around you. Every time I look at you, I see myself secretly imitating you; and each time I catch myself doing it I pull you more and more close to me. I admire the way you are with me; I admire the way you are with people. I admire the human-touch attitude of you. I know it very well that we are never going to meet each other in this life but I’m not sad for it because i have felt your presence with me all the time…in my thoughts…in my dreams. I have always wanted a friend who would know everything about me and with each of our meeting I’m getting more and more of a feeling that you are my that “secret friend” I have been looking for all the time.

You were far apart to be seen but close enough to be felt.

We both agreed that we were going to miss each other very badly and miss loads of fun.

We wished our good luck to each other.

That evening we both shared a sad emoticonsad

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