A Better World

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I'm not much or a spiritual person, so this is probably my only religion-based poem I will put on here :] I understand that this is not everyone's view on religion, but it is mine, so do not take any offense to my work. Thank you.

Submitted: July 05, 2011

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Submitted: July 05, 2011



I'm a realistic person

So it's hard for me to believe

That one man contols all.

This, I cannot concieve.

But maybe I don't need to;

Maybe he's just there.

Maybe he's watching though

My life in a stealthy stare.

So maybe I should better myself,

For he might judge my every way.

I've started to become a better person;

I'm improving everyday.

If the ones that I've loved and lost

Are somewhere with him,

There could never even be a cost

If I could just go visit them.

If Heaven is so happy and I am sad,

Just send me there.

Where no one's mad.

Where everyone will care.

© Copyright 2019 Amber Nicole 79. All rights reserved.

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